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The Revenant knight is a type of Revenant found in the Wilderness, and is the undead version of Saradomin knights. It has the 2nd highest combat level of all revenants, and is the strongest monster in free-to-play. Revenant knights are far more dangerous than their combat levels suggest, almost equivalent to a player with the same combat level. They have the ability to freeze the player from movement, block the player from teleporting, and hit extremely high for their combat level. Also, they can restore their hitpoints and cure themselves from poison a limited amount of times. They can also go through doors (unless they are following a player).

Their combat level represents the old maximum player combat level of 126, which is still the maximum level in free-to-play worlds. Wilderness level restrictions will apply if you are a low level. The lowest level you can be to be attacked by it is 78 on free to play. Their max hit is 30, but they only hit up to 27 with melee, and are far more likely to hit 30's with ranged or magic. Altogether, if not swiftly defeated, the knight will have between 345 and 357 hitpoints.

They also have very high defence and attack. Like the revenant orks they can be a nuisance for players hunting lower levelled revenants, players fighting greater demons and green dragons and for players doing Treasure Trails since their heavy damage and ability to poison can send you back to your respawn point very quickly. Before the release of Summoning and the revenant dragon, the revenant knight was the most powerful revenant in the game.

Like the orks, they are a very common revenant, and they have been known to travel in packs of 2 or more (usually with other knights or with Revenant orks).They are most commonly found at the same locations as Revenant orks such as the Demonic Ruins, west of the Mage Arena, Rogues' Castle, north of the Lava Maze, the Hobgoblin Mine, the eastern edge east of the Clan Wars arena, the Western Ruins, the Chaos Ridge north of Bandit Camp, north of the Forgotten Cemetery, the Moss Giants by the Canoe station, east of the Deserted Keep, and the Dark Warriors' Fortress, and the green dragons east of Clan Wars. There have been reports of one travelling near the Fist of Guthix area.

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