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The Revenant imp is the lowest level Revenant in the Wilderness, but despite its low level, it is far more dangerous than its combat level suggests. It is more powerful than a player with the same combat level. It has the ability to freeze you to the spot, block you from teleporting, and deal a significant amount of damage in combat with melee, ranged, and magic. It can also restore hitpoints rapidly and cure itself from poison. Regardless of its low combat level, these monsters can hit up to 9, and often. It can also heal quickly, meaning that if you do not manage to deal damage quickly, it will soon return to almost full health again. It is advisable to be at least level 30 before engaging this monster in battle to effectively kill it off as you can get into trouble easy, as with any revenant. It is also advised to bring similar levelled friends if you are intentionally trying to find it. Your level cannot, however, be significantly higher, as the Wilderness level restrictions on combat will prevent you from attacking it (and prevent it from doing the same to you), unless you venture farther into the Wilderness. It is also commonly seen at the south-eastern area of the Wilderness near the green dragons, and near the Varrock Wilderness Ditch usually in groups of three, and it's easy for a new player to get killed, since they hit a max of 9.

Other common areas include the Mage of Zamorak and the Dark Warriors' Fortress, and the Western ruins. You cannot fight this monster if you are higher than level 55 in non-member worlds, or 63 in member worlds.

Also, the examine for a revenant imp is slightly different from other revenants. It's examine says the essence of an imp slain during the god wars, not a ghost slain during the god wars.



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