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Revenant Goblins are a type of revenant. Slain minions of Bandos during the God Wars, they are more dangerous than their combat level suggests, more than a player with the same combat level. It has the ability to freeze you from movement, block you from teleporting, as well as dealing a significant amount of damage in combat with melee, ranged, and magic. It can also restore hitpoints rapidly and cure itself from poison. Regardless of its low combat level, these monsters can hit around 15, but its rare it does better than 10, and its melee attack is extremely innaccurate and weak, usually hitting up to 5 maximum. This monster can also walk through closed doors.

High levelled players are unable to attack this creature in high levels of wilderness; they will get the message, "Your combat level is too high compared to this creature." Fortunately, they won't attack you either. If you exceed level 85 in non-members, or level 93 in members, you'll never get to fight it.

Revenant goblins are known to sometimes travel in packs of up to 4, and also with different combat levels, making it easy for a low level person to get killed.

Every so often 4-6 revenant goblins will spawn from the chaos temple.

They are commonly found in the towers of the Dark Warriors' Fortress, the Graveyard of Shadows, near Fist of Guthix, near the Ice Plateau, the Lava Maze, the Bandit Camp, and the Green dragons east of Clan Wars.


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