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The Revenant dragon is the strongest Revenant. It is possibly the undead version of a white dragon slain during the God Wars or the two cut off heads of the three headed green dragon from Learning the Ropes. Revenant dragons are far more dangerous than their combat levels suggest, more so than other monsters of a comparable combat level. They are, however, weaker than a player of similar level.

They have the ability to freeze a player, block a player from being able to teleport, and respond rapidly to a player's protection prayer. They can also inflict heavy damage (comparable to a similarly levelled player killer) from any corner of the combat triangle. Their maximum hits are 30 with melee, 32 with magic, and 41 with ranged. Furthermore, as with all revenants, revenant dragons can restore their hitpoints rapidly and cure themselves from poison. They can also inflict poison, starting at 8 damage. However, unlike most revenants, revenant dragons can poison players anywhere within the Wilderness, instead of only in levels 50+.

Players should note that an anti-dragon shield is not needed when fighting these, as they are classified as ghosts, not dragons, and therefore don't use dragonfire. Revenant dragons are somewhat rare, but they can be found at the same locations as revenant dark beasts. Despite their rarity, they can be found near the Mage of Zamorak; the sulphur vents just south-east of the Mage Arena; the Western Ruins; the area between Clan Wars and the Demonic Ruins; near the Scorpion Pit; the woods south-east of Clan Wars; outside the King Black Dragon Lair; and near the Air Obelisk. Revenant dragons do not drop draconic visages.

A player is defeated by a revenant dragon.



  • Wilderness: Commonly seen with the Mage of Zamorak (level 4-5) (the one that teleports you to the Abyss)



  • Revenant Dragons were not a part of the original set introduced on 10 December 2007; they were added to the game on 15 January 2008 when the maximum combat level was raised to 138.
  • Revenant Dragons, along with revenant dark beasts, are the only revenants to currently not have corresponding NPCs in the God Wars Dungeon, although their examine text suggests that they were involved.
  • The existence of the Revenant Dragons means that at some point these dragons were involved in the God Wars; however, it is not known which side they fought for, or if they fought on any side at all but rather somehow got swept up in the destruction or tried hunting weakened soldiers involved and got killed.
  • Revenant Dragons have 2 heads, which does not resemble any modern dragon. This may be a further indication that they might be the fabled White Dragons from the Third Age.

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