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An ork stuck in the boundaries of Stealing Creation.

The Revenant ork is a type of revenant that appears to be the undead version of an Ork. Like most revenants, the Revenant ork is much more dangerous than most monsters the same combat level. As Jagex intended, it seems to be almost as difficult as a human player the same combat level.

Revenant Orks can hit very high using all 3 corners of the combat triangle. Ranged attacks are their strongest weapon; although somewhat inaccurate, they can hit a maximum of 27 from a very long distance, and can occasionally freeze their target for 5 seconds. They can deal up to 25 damage with equally long range magic attacks, which can also prevent a player from teleporting away for up to 5 minutes. Maximum melee damage is 25, and some Revenant orks attacks can also poison players, starting at 7 damage. This is believed to happen more frequently in deep wilderness. They are also a huge annoyance to players killing green dragons, as they hit high and teleblock.

On the flip side, revenants can rapidly restore their own hitpoints, and cure themselves of poison a limited number of times.



Random locations in the Wilderness. They are one of the most common revenants, and in P2P worlds can commonly be found with Revenant knights.

They are commonly found everywhere in the Wilderness, including the Chaos altar in the semi-low wilderness, Red Dragon Isle, Dark Warriors' Fortress, and the Free-to-Play section of the Frozen Waste Plateau, and can be an annoyance to Revenant hunters hunting lower levelled Revenants, players killing Green dragons west of Dark Warriors' Fortress or east of Clan wars, and players doing Treasure Trails, or fighting Greater demons at the Demonic ruins. They have even been spotted in the Deserted Keep and near the entrance to the Fist of Guthix, which is generally devoid of revenants. They also appear in the Green dragon pit at level 10 Wilderness.

In P2P, Revenant orks have been known to travel in packs of 2 or more. These packs usually contain revenant knights, which can be dangerous to players, especially in a Multi-combat area and level 50+ Wilderness.

In F2P however, teams of orks are rare unless in very busy worlds or patrol junctions (untrue packs). In such worlds they usually hunt in duos.

Fighting Revenant Orks: Tactics, Techniques & Procedures

Players fighting a Revenant ork.

Revenant orks can be dangerous to players with a combat level of 90 and below, and are relatively challenging opponents to players of higher levels as well. For most players, defeating one will require a stock of good food, good tactics, and varying amounts of luck.

It is advised to have a high combat level (preferably 95+ pures; 105+ balanced), if players wish to solo one. Defeating them below these levels is certainly possible, although somewhat difficult. In general however, the farther a player is below these levels, the more luck and/or expensive equipment they will want on their side.

As one might expect from "Lanchester square" combat calculations, single Revenant orks are vulnerable to group attacks. A well-equipped team of level 60-70 players could certainly beat a single Revenant ork, as long as no other revenants interfere. Since a group of level 70 players would have to be in at least level 35 Wilderness in order to even attack the creature (Ork Level 105 - 35 Wilderness = 70), however, the possibility of interference should not be discounted. It is also important to remember that some relatively common encounter areas, like the Green Dragon valley in the eastern Wilderness, are NOT multi-combat areas. It should be noted that the higher leveled the teams players, the less of them will be needed to kill the ork.

Specific tactics and techniques follow.

  • It is strongly recommended that players do not use Protect from Magic prayers against Revenant Orks, unless you're caught in a situation where the chance discouraging teleblocking magic attacks is worth the combat disadvantage. They will just switch to ranged, hit you both harder and more often, and occasionally freeze you in the bargain. Protect from Ranged is debatably, the best prayer to use against them (when attacking), as it preserves their ability to keep attacking and removes their highest-damage attack.
  • If fighting revenants in a group, it is a good idea make sure that each member has a bit of extra food they can give to another in emergencies. If the mission area or tactics dictate, at least 2 members should have anti-poison potions for similar purposes.
  • If players are not confident in their ability to solo the creature, and are training on Green Dragons in the eastern wilderness near Clan Wars, the best option is to flee, drawing the evil spirit into the western hills toward Clan Wars, where multi-combat wilderness begins. Once the ork has followed you there, any players following the creature can gang up on it, and will generally snuff it in short order. This allows everyone to get back to dragon hunting quickly, and gives waiting players something to do.
  • If a player is fighting a Revenant Ork by him/herself, they should take note that the ork heals around 16-18 hitpoints once they are driven down to around 1/3 of their total or below. They will continue to heal until they have 50% of full hit points again, or have run out of "healing surges". When the ork is healing, it cannot attack, and will not do so until it reaches 50% hit points again. Solo killers are advised to turn off defensive prayers and activate offensive prayers during this time, in order to maximise their damage done.
  • Unless players are attacking it in a large group, or have extreme confidence in their ability to win, a swift method of escape is vital. If the battle goes against the player, and the player is out of food, the extreme range of the ork's attacks can leave the player dead before he/she can escape.
  • An escape alternative is to run once the player out of food, and at less than 50-67% hit points. The flip side is that it means fewer clear victories. It may also leave players vulnerable to revenants or other monsters, before they can fully escape from the Wilderness.
  • A Forinthry bracelet can be used to negate the effects of a teleblock and allow teleportation (provided that the teleport works in that level of Wilderness).


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