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Return of the Daleks
Series: Doctor Who Magazine back-up comics stories
Main Character: Fourth Doctor (introduction only)
Enemy: Daleks
Setting: Anhaut
Author: Steve Moore
Editor: Dez Skinn
Artist: Paul Neary and David Lloyd
Colourist: Paul Vyse (DWCC Issue 23 and 24)
Published In: Doctor Who Weekly Issues 1-4
Publication: 17th October 1979
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: B&W 4 parts / 16 pages
Previous Story:
Following Story: Throwback: The Soul of a Cyberman



Drawing on an 800 year old tale from Anhaut's past, Glax decides to retell the legend of the Daleks' defeat by General Nor-Din and revive a flagging hologram-movie industry. Drawn by the film's publicity, the Daleks are smuggled to Anhaust by the female Kuay to exact their revenge. Glax and the film's hero, Hok Nepo, take Riders into the deserts of Vaksh seeking a clue to the Daleks' earlier defeat, but are followed by Kuay (a Dalek slave). In a concealed weapons chamber, the image of Nor-Din is about to reveal how to destroy the Daleks but is destroyed by Kuay, who summons her masters. The Daleks release Kuay from their control before arriving. Turning against her masters, Kuay uses the Dalek implant to activate Nor-Din's weapon, a crystal helmet which attacks the Daleks' minds by magnifying the desire to win from the mind essence of a thousand men. In doing so, Kuay sacrifices her own life and the Daleks are defeated once more.


  • Glax
  • General Nor-Din
  • Kuay
  • Hok Nepo

Original Print Details
(Publication with page count and closing captions)

  1. DWM Issue 1 (4 pages)
  2. DWM Issue 2 (4 pages) Next week: The Daleks Attack!
  3. DWM Issue 3 (4 pages) To be continued
  4. DWM Issue 4 (4 pages)



  • Part One of this back-up strip is introduced by the Fourth Doctor.
  • The final two pages were printed in reverse order in some editions when first published in Doctor Who Weekly.


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