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Return Anna's locket
location: The Den
given by: Anna's Ghost
reward: 850 xp, +28 karma


The Den (West Side), Starting the Quest

The story-teller The Great Ananias (at the south of this map) will drive you to this quest. He'll tell you about a "Ghost princess story", her wandering soul haunting the near room at "the witchs hour" (midnight, 00:00). Talk to Anna's ghost and ask her what is wrong, you should hear her say something about a lost locket.

The Den (East Side), Retrieving Information

Go to Mom's Diner place, to the south east (below the slavers' guild.) Talk to Mom, ask her about the haunted house. She should tell you that 3 years ago a J-something was living there, and left the place without giving reasons.

The Den (West Side), Recovering the Locket

There are 3 "thugs" next to the exit grid to the East Den, the top-most one is Joey, and he happens to have the locket. Talk to him, and ask him about it, you can:

  • Steal it.
  • Use the Trade button to get it.
  • Persuade him to give it to you.
  • Buy it from him.
  • Kill him and take it.

Then head to Anna and give her the locket. She will turn into a pile of bones, which you now need to bury. Search the shelves in the room, you will find a shovel.

The Den (East Side), May She Rest in Peace

At the graveyard in the central area, look at the headstones and search for the Anna Winslow's tomb (located to the south east). Equip the shovel, use it to open the grave, place the bones from your inventory into the grave, and use the shovel to cover the grave. Quest completed.


  • (250 + 600) Exp.
  • (3 + 25) karma.
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