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Retrieve Parts/Gain Access to Vault 15
location: NCR/Vault 15
given by: Tandi
reward: $500/$6000, increase reputation in NCR and Vault 15
related: Complete Deal with NCR, Rescue Chrissy, Kill Darion, Give Spy Holodisk to authority in NCR

The New California Republic needs some pre-war computer parts from Vault 15 which they originated from. However, some squatters has moved into the area directly over the vault and set up a small shanty town. For some reason they rejected any diplomatic talks with the NCR and denied them access to the vault.

If the Chosen One goes around NCR asking for a job he/she would be told to get an audiences with president Tandi at the Hall of Congress. Tandi would offer the Chosen One $500 for getting the computer parts and you can use this opportunity to find out more about the canon events of the Vault Dweller's adventures in Shady Sands and the inner politics of NCR.

Once you travel to Vault 15 you will find out that the squatters are not very friendly. You can get access to the vault by either completing the Rescue Chrissy quest and gain their trust or simply kill Zeke and loot the card key from his body. If you rescue Chrissy you will discovered that the people living in the vault are the New Khans raiders lead by Darion. He and his man were seeking revenge on Tandi and Shady Sands by blocking NCR's access to their place of origin and using squatters as cover.

Once access has been gained to Vault 15 the computer parts will be on the 3rd floor in the 2nd room to the right with the lockers lining the walls. At this point you can return to Tandi and get your $500 award. But to get a higher award and a good ending for both NCR and the squatters you will have to persuade Zeke to let the vault be annex by NCR and free the squatters by killing Darion.

If you complete this quest by both getting the computer parts and completing the deal with NCR Tandi would be very impressed and award you with $5000 instead of just $500. If you discovered Vault 13 before you return to her you have the option of telling her about your discovery. However she wouldn't believe your story of talking deathclaws and tell you to stop wasting her time.

Once this quest is completed Tandi wouldn't talk to you anymore.

Warning! If you retrieve the computer parts from Vault 15 without completing the deal with NCR first you won't be able to get the good ending for both the NCR and Vault 15 since you can no longer talk to Tandi.


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