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Resting is used to heal in a safe place without the need to use Stimpaks or healing skills. The player is unable to rest if there are enemies nearby, the player is being irradiated, or if the bed is owned.


Fallout and Fallout 2

In Fallout and Fallout 2, you can rest in any place, as long as you're not in combat, using the Pip-Boy 2000 alarm clock function.

Fallout 3

Beds are used to heal completely by sleeping. You can not sleep in an owned bed (if the owner dies the bed won't revert to an unowned state). Many places have unowned beds for player to use freely. Sleeping for any amount of time in a bed will heal your health and any crippled limbs, but will not get rid of any rads you have accumulated. You will not recover health from selecting to sleep but then canceling.

If you wish to pass a period of time but there is no bed nearby, you can wait for up to 24 hours. This allows you to use shops that are closed at certain times or pass in-game time for any other reason. Health is not restored as it would in sleep, and if there are enemies nearby, or are being irradiated, you will not be allowed to wait.


Well Rested

Main article: Well Rested

If you sleep in a bed you own or rent (such as in your Megaton house, Tenpenny Tower Suite, Kenny's Cave, or a rented room) you will become "well rested" and gain a 10% bonus to experience gained for 12 hours.

Free Locations

  • Probably the quickest way to a free bed is to quick travel to Big Town. There is a free bed just a couple of steps away from the point you arrive near the Guards chair at the entrance.
  • Grayditch; quick travel there and you will find free beds in both Brandice's house right next to where you arrive and in Wilks' house right across the street.
  • Residence area of Vault 106, after you kill the insane survivors.
  • Arefu, In the last house, named the West Residence.
  • Inside the Jury Street Metro Station, initially guarded by 3 raiders.
  • At the Super Duper Mart, in the ladies room & near the pharmacy, initially guarded by 2 groups of raiders (one roaming, one local). Also expect some action when you fast travel to the location, just run inside if you are too damaged and sleep first.
  • With The Family in the Meresti Metro Station, upstairs. Watch out for the mines on the way in.
  • Just south of Dukov's Place, in the little raider camp. Initially guarded by 2 raiders. Some strong but stupid Super Mutants nearby.
  • The houses in Minefield can be unlocked which contain many beds inside, it may be desirable to get rid of all mines and the sniper (Arkansas) though.
  • In your Megaton house, after you complete The Power of the Atom by disarming the bomb. If you detonate the bomb, the house is (obviously) destroyed.
  • In your Tenpenny Tower Suite, after you complete The Power of the Atom by detonating the bomb. If you disarm the bomb, you will never receive the key to the suite.
  • Springvale School, directly in front of you as soon as you enter; it has a corpse and some bits of victims lying around it, but it is still usable. Fast traveling to the location will place you directly in front of the door you use to reach the bed. Note that you'll have to clear the raiders from that floor first, but once this is done, it should no longer be a problem.
  • Having trouble in the downtown DC area? Super Mutants and Talon Company whittled down your health? Look around for any residence- usually there is one, and it will have a bed inside. Since it is a new map area, you can duck in out of a firefight and sleep with no interruptions.
  • There are two cots and non-respawning footlockers in Rivet City's common room, on the Midship Deck.
  • The article Fallout 3 player housing also provides numerous locations with "free beds".


Sleeping in these will provide you with the "Well Rested" bonus.


The Point Lookout add-on provides an additional Well Rested bed in Kenny's Cave, provided you pass a speech check, have the Child at Heart perk, or retrieve Kenny's special Teddy bear.

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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy VI Enemy
Japanese ねむり
Romaji Nemuri
SNES Name Sleep
PS Name Sleep
GBA Name Rest

The Rest is part of the third tier of the final boss of Final Fantasy VI, along with Lady.


Rest only casts spells that inflict damage to everyone in battle so that Lady will be fully healed each time it attacks. It will use Meteor or White Wind every odd turn, and its physical attacks every even turn. When it gets low on HP, it starts using Trine, which is very dangerous. It inflicts Silence on the entire party (and Blind, but the Evade bug keeps this from doing anything in most versions of the game). This is very dangerous, so you may have to heal with an Echo Screen. It can also counter with Trine and the dangerous Meteor spell. When it dies, it uses Repose, which inflicts Instant Death and ignores immunity. Fenrir can help get around this, as can Reraise and high MBlock. Fenrir is recommended, though.

Related Enemies

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This article is about the feature, for the potion see Guthix Rest
A Player restoring run energy by resting whilst listening to music.
The run button glows when resting.

The Rest feature allows players to regenerate their energy more quickly. At any time, players can right-click the run button next to the minimap and select "Rest" from the menu. While resting, players sit down in a relaxed, almost yoga/meditation-like stance, and energy and Hitpoints will regenerate far quicker (for agility level 1, run energy will regenerate at 2.8 Energy per second when resting as an alternative to 0.44 energy per second when not) . (Hitpoints will regenerate twice per minute, alternating between 20 and 40 seconds between each hitpoint gained, as opposed to the normal 1 hitpoint per minute) . Two glitches came along with this update, one is where if a player rested while wearing a santa costume top, their legs would become half invisible. The other is if you rested anywhere, then rapidly clicked on any quest journal, and once the quest journal started flashing clicked on any emote, you would lose connection.

You are not able to rest while you are poisoned, diseased, while being attacked or while in form of a monkey, or a penguin. Additionally, the resting ability does not give you immunity to the attacks of other players or NPCs.

This feature was released in the run energy upgrade of 9 June 2009[1].



Players sitting around a fire.

Within the first few minutes of the introduction of rest, players had started to make campfires, at which several players crowd around a fire and have a chat; this is most notable around the Grand Exchange and Lumbridge. There is usually a designated fire lighter who lights the fires after the logs become ashes. Resting near a fire gives no additional benefits over resting anywhere else, except for the companionship and conversation with others who join you.

Resting Parties

The day after the rest option was released, "resting parties" popped up all around Runescape. They were most common around Varrock and the Grand Exchange, where players would advertise for others to join them in a resting party. Large groups of players would sit in the same area and talk, often while simultaneously making Youtube videos. After resting was a few days old and the novelty had worn off, these resting parties became much more scarce, and about a month after rest's release, they have all but disappeared.


The button originally appeared in the 25 March 2009 system update along with an option to Turn run mode on/off. When selected, the message "Coming Soon..." appeared in the text box.

Jagex stated on the RuneScape Forums that the rest option would not be linked to fatigue or sleeping bags.[2]

On the 19 March 2009, Jagex created a RuneScape account on Facebook. One of the pictures added shows a player battling Chronozon, and a message in the chat box that reads, 'You feel much better after a quick rest,' undoubtedly a reference to the rest feature. This shows the Rest button will have some kind of restoring properties.[3]

On 1 April 2009 the "Rest" option was removed. That same day in the RuneScape Forums, Mod Ash posted "The Rest option is coming soon. I'm not sure exactly when. Until it does finally come, there's no real need to leave it sitting there doing nothing." [4] (some players vehemently believed it was an April Fools joke, and arguments raged on, for days afterwards)

On 23 April, Jagex released a development diary stating that the "rest" feature was a mistake. The diary also states that the rest feature will centre on "buskers", musician NPCs who play their instruments.[5]

On 9 June 2009, the rest option was released.


Main article: Musician
Concept image of the Musician.
The run button whilst listening to a Musician.

When listening to a Musician, energy and Hitpoints will regenerate even more quickly (for agility level 1, resting near a musician regenerates energy at 3.8 energy per second instead of 2.8 when resting normally or 0.44 when not resting at all). If the player toggles the run option on or off whilst resting, the in-game music will switch to a different track.

There are a total of 27 (15 members only ) musicians found in the following locations:

Members Only Musicians

  • In the north west corner of Sophanem (west of the sword shop).
  • North of the bank in Shantay Pass.
  • In Mort'ton Swamp, west and over the river from the Mage Training Arena.
  • East of Fenkenstrain's castle, near the well.
  • At the North-West corner of the main section Karamja, next to the general store.
  • Just South-west of Shilo village.
  • Just above the Catherby fishing spots.
  • On the path west from Sinclair mansion south of the river.
  • East of the Fremennik province, north of the Golden Apple Tree.
  • Just south of the fishing guild.
  • In the Port Khazard area, between the Tower of Life and the Fight Arena.
  • Just West of Yanille.
  • Just East of Eagle Peak.
  • Very near Isafdar.
  • Near the entrance to the palace of Miscellania.

Free-to-Play Musicians

  • North of Al Kharid near the gem trader.
  • East of the Red Dragon Isle, in the Wilderness.
  • Just off the South East corner of the Forgotten Cemetery in the Wilderness.
  • In the Stealing Creation lobby.
  • Near the Northern entrance to the Al Kharid desert.
  • East of Varrock, off the north fork from the Eastern entrance.
  • Between Varrock and the Barbarian Village, just South of Juliet's house (as in Romeo and Juliet).
  • In Lumbridge, just north of the castle near the river.
  • In Draynor outside Ned's house.
  • North of Port Sarim, by the cross roads.
  • Just North of Falador, at the T-junction.
  • At the Southern entrance of the Monastery east of the Ice mountain.

Rest feature glitch

Main article: Rest feature glitch
A player floating when resting.
A glitch when talking to the musician near the Digsite. The musician's face does not appear.

The rest update, while extremely popular, had many unexpected side effects and caused crippling glitches to the game for the first day after its release, causing angry reactions by players who found that the glitches interfered with their gameplay. The following is a list of some of these glitches:

  • Many players found that they could not use the Grand Exchange unless they clicked "Use Desk" or "Exchange Desk". This also led to players not being able to access their bank accounts using the Grand Exchange bankers. There were also reports of glitched bankers, bank chests, and bank booths across RuneScape. This was caused by the fact that the desk was in the way, giving players the message "I can't reach that!".
  • Monsters that are normally aggressive to players in one way or another were unable to retaliate against the player. This caused many people to congregate at the God Wars Dungeon, and the Corporeal Beast lair, in an hopeful attempt to get a valuable drop without being hit for damage. This, to many players' disappointment, was fixed in less than half an hour after the update was released. Still, players who took advantage of this bug to gain valuable items get to keep them and cannot be punished by Jagex as they did not have to do anything against the rules to profit from it, aside from bug exploitation, which is against the rules.
  • Also, players could not talk to most bankers (chest style banks eg. Castle Wars or Trouble Brewing seemed to be exempt from the bug). An attempt to do so would result in the message "Nothing interesting happens." This is known as the "Proximity bug".
  • Players were unable to cast Magic combat spells (for example fire strike), without going toe-to-toe with the target. There was also another problem where some monsters that attack using magic were unable to attack, including monsters from the TzHaar Fight Caves, although the glitch did not last long enough for anyone to achieve a fire cape.
  • Furthermore, a huge array of other bugs were reported at the same time, such as glitched houses doors turned into walls (effectively losing access, unless in building mode and glitched Firemaking(once a fire was lit the player did not automatically move west one space), amongst others.
  • During the Cold War quest, Larry would refuse to shrink players, stating "There is not enough room for the spell to work." This was fixed shortly after.
  • Performing Around the World in Eggty Days will make the player stand up and have the animation perform, thus receiving the message: "Emotes aren't very restful"
A floating commorb glitch
  • If you are wearing a white apron and you listen to a musician and look at your back, you can see the apron through your body.
  • Ever since the release of runetek 5, females were able to use all rest positions.


A player Resting whilst using the Equipment Screen
  • While in rest, players may check their equipment in the rest position, but Jagex quickly said that it was not a glitch and it simply was for players to check their stats and get run up.
  • Upon the release of resting, several glitches occurred, causing mass panic and forum stress. One example was in the skill Firemaking. The Player did not move west of the fire after lighting one, but simply stood on their fire, causing a huge delay in levelling the skill. On June 10th, after 6 updates in the same day, most resting glitches were fixed.
The three positions for resting.
  • Resting has three positions. Originally, both male and female characters had the crossed-leg seated positions. Jagex later changed the seated position of the female characters so that their legs were straight in front of them, rather than crossed underneath.
  • There is a glitch where a player wearing a trimmed Cape of Accomplishment will sit and upon speaking their words will be higher than other players. As well as if a player were to unequip all items.
  • You can't rest as a penguin or any kind of non-human form, except when wielding gorilla greegree.
  • After the rest update, the prices of energy potions, super energy potions, as well as other items that restore run energy crashed in price. This is because players can use rest to recover energy instead of wasting money on those items. However, these items still have one advantage. They can be used to recover run energy while the player is in combat, such as running away from revenants or Pkers.
  • If you rest with a cape on, it looks like the cape is holding your entire body in mid-air. The bottom of the cape may also appear to be slightly translucent, allowing you to see the ground through your cape.
  • One can operate the Demonic sigil in rest and not stand until they finish with the ritual.
  • It used to be possible to rest while banking by resting in front of a bank window, and then right-clicking and selecting bank or quick-bank. The person wouldn't stop resting until they close their bank account. This was removed when the Runetek5 Engine was introduced.
  • It was also possible to rest and then use the cabbage port of the explorer's ring 3 to gain run energy at rest speed during the teleport. This has been removed with banking while resting when the Runetek5 Engine was introduced.
  • If you try to do an emote while resting a message will come up saying "Emotes are not very restfull.".
  • A player can perform the enhanced Excalibur special while resting - they will temporarily stand to perform the emote, then go back to resting afterward.
  • If you sit within one or two squares of Ali the Snake Charmer in southern Pollnivneach, you will restore run energy as if you are listening to a Musician. The run icon near the minimap will also display the image of listening to a Musician.
  • There was a hidden update to rest on October 7 2009 that allowed players to change worn items while sitting down.(before players would stand upon doing so)(this will not work when equipping a skillcape)
  • If you're resting and click the run option, nothing happens, and the rest option turns grey.
  • It takes 35 seconds for energy to recharge from 0 to 100 while resting.
  • You can take damage while resting under certain conditions, such as in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves without a light source.
  • When using the cart system in Keldagrim and trying to rest while in the cart, the message "You cannot rest while in this form" appears.


  1. ^ Mod Fetzki (2009-06-09). Run energy upgrade. RuneScape News List. Jagex Ltd. Retrieved on 2009-06-09. “You can now sit down and rest anywhere by right-clicking on the run button, which will recharge your run energy (and Hitpoints) much faster (the musicians located at various places around Gielinor provide even faster recharge rates).”
  2. ^ Jagex's thread regarding the rest option.
  3. ^ Picture from Jagex's Facebook account.
  4. ^ Jagex mod post regarding the rest option.
  5. ^ Development Diary regarding the rest option.

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City of Heroes

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Inherent powers are permanent powers that a Hero or Villain automatically has without having to select them during training. There are Inherent powers that are Archetype-specific, Origin-specific, and open to all characters. Not all Inherent powers are available at level 1.

Origin-Specific Powers

Every character receives a minor ranged attack power that depends on his or her origin. For more information, see Origin Powers.

Archetype-Specific Powers

The following inherent powers are specific to the archetypes available in City of Heroes and City of Villains.

Image:Inherent_BlasterDesperation.png Assassination

A Stalker does his best work when attacking from ambush. When properly 'Hidden', a Stalker can pull off critical hits with his attacks, and even land a massive 'Assassin's Strike' with an assassin's power. Assassin Strikes made from hide will Demoralize the Stalker's foes leaving them with a reduced chance to hit and has a chance to terrorize them. Additionally, a Stalker has a 10 percent base chance to critically hit, which is increased by an additional 3 percent per member in your party, against non-player enemies. Stalkers have a chance to land a critical hit against players if they are Held or Slept.

Type Archetype-Specific (Stalker)
Effects Always criticals from Hide
20% chance of critical on Held or Slept opponents

Image:InherentPeacebringer CombatFlight.png Combat Flight

For hovering and aerial combat. This power is much slower than Energy Flight, but provides some Defense, offers good air control, costs little Endurance, and has none of the penalties associated with Energy Flight. Switch to this mode when fighting other flying foes. Also See: Hover

Level Gained Security Level 10
Type Archetype-Specific (Peacebringer)
Effects Self: Fly, + Defense

Image:Inherent_BlasterDesperation.png Conditioning

Soldiers of Arachnos undergo intense physical training before leaving "boot camp." Those that survive have greater than average healing rates and tire less quickly than others.

The increase in Regeneration and Recovery are not bonuses but are higher base values than other Archetypes.

Level Gained Threat Level 1
Type Archetype-Specific (Soldiers of Arachnos)
Effects Self: Increased Regeneration (0.50%) and Recovery (1.75%)

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Containment

Controllers are the masters at locking down and controlling their opponents. Few can escape their will. Controllers do extra damage to any target that is already Held, Immobilized, Slept, or Disoriented.

Type Archetype-Specific (Controller)
Effects Self: Critical Damage (Special)

Image:InherentPeacebringer_InterSpacialLink.png Cosmic Balance

Kheldians naturally thrive off the energy and essence of their teammates. Peacebringers' metamorphic nature allows them to bring balance to their team. Your Damage will increase for each nearby Tanker, Mastermind, Corruptor or Defender teammate. Your Damage Resistance will increase for each nearby Scrapper, Brute, Stalker or Blaster teammate. Finally each nearby Controller or Dominator teammate will grant you limited protection from Control effects. You cannot put Enhancements in this power.

Type Archetype-Specific (Peacebringer)
Effects Auto: Special

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Critical Hit

The Scrapper is a fierce melee combatant. In hand to hand, no other hero can compare. All Scrapper melee attacks have a chance to land a Critical Hit for up to double damage. The higher the rank of the target, the greater the chance for a successful Critical Hit.

The standard chance of a Critical Hit is 5% against players, pets, and critters of Minion rank and below, and 10% against critters above Minion.

Type Archetype-Specific (Scrapper)
Effects Critical Damage

Image:InherentPeacebringer_InterSpacialLink.png Dark Sustenance

Kheldians naturally thrive off the energy and essence of their teammates. Warshades' absorbing nature allows them to draw on the power of their teammates' power to increase their own. Your Damage Resistance will increase for each nearby Tanker, Mastermind, Corruptor or Defender teammate. Your Damage will increase for each nearby Scrapper, Stalker, Brute or Blaster teammate. Finally each nearby Controller or Dominator teammate will grant you limited Protection from Control effects. You cannot put Enhancements in this power.

Type Archetype-Specific (Warshade)
Effects Auto: Special

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Defiance

Main article: Defiance

Blasters’ earliest abilities come so naturally to them, that they are accessible even in states that normally prevent them from using powers, such as being Held, Slept or Stunned. Additionally, each time the Blaster attacks with a primary or secondary power, they gain a stacking damage bonus for the next several seconds. The amount of the damage bonus and its duration is dependent on the exact power used, with single target abilities generally giving the largest bonus.

The current version of Defiance was released on December 11, 2007. Prior to that, it worked differently. See the main article for more details.

Image:Inherent BuffEffects.png Domination

Nothing delights a Dominator more than inflicting pain. When a Dominator attacks, his sadistic nature grows. When your Domination bar is over 90% you can activate this power to unleash his true potential. Your control powers will typically last 50% longer and will more easily Dominate stronger opponents. Additionally, you will fully recharge your Endurance. Domination lasts for 90 seconds and recharges in 200 seconds. The recharge can be reduced by self and ally buffs, but cannot be slotted with enhancements.

Domination protects the villain from Knockback/Knockup, Repel, Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Fear, and Confuse effects, and can be activated even while suffering from them to break the villain free.

Domination doubles the magnitude of the villain's own Disorient, Hold, Sleep, Immobilize, Fear, and Confuse effects for their normal durations, then keeps them going at normal magnitude for half that amount of time longer. Debuffs and other secondary effects are not improved.

A Dominator's Domination level is shown by an orange bar between Endurance and Experience Points. It rises each time he attacks. It rises faster if the Dominator has more teammates. This is a mild effect with one or two teammates, but on a large team Domination can be brought from 0 to over 90% with fewer than ten attacks. The Domination level falls very slowly when not used. It's automatically reduced to zero 90 seconds after Domination is activated.

Type Archetype-Specific (Dominator)
Effects Self: Critical Control

Image:InherentPeacebringer EnergyFlight.png Energy Flight

Energy Flight allows you to travel long distances quickly. If you attack a target while this power is on, your Flight speed will be temporarily reduced. Your Energy Flight speed increases with your Level. Also See: Fly

Level Gained Security Level 1
Type Archetype-Specific (Peacebringer)
Effects Toggle: Self Fly

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Fury

As a Brute engages in combat, it unleashes his Fury. The longer he remains in combat, attacking and being attacked, the more damage he deals.

A Brute's Fury level is shown by an orange bar between Endurance and Experience Points. It rises each time he makes an attack or is attacked himself (regardless of hit or miss). The speed at which it rises is directly proportional to the recklessness of the Brute.

Type Archetype-Specific (Brute)
Effects Self: +Damage (Special)

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Gauntlet

Although many try, few can withstand the irresistible force of the Tanker. Each time a Tanker attacks, he enrages the target, and those around him, enticing them to attack the Tanker. Each punch continues to provoke your enemies and allows the Tanker to do what he does best.

Gauntlet -- also referred to as "Punch-voke" -- causes the Tanker's AoE attacks and auras to taunt every PvE enemy they affect. Their single-target attacks taunt the enemy hit and up to four more around it. Gauntlet has reduced chances of affecting exceptionally high-rank foes like Giant Monsters, and even worse chances of affecting other players in PvP.

Brutes possess a smaller version of this power, occasionally labeled "Poke-voke". The Brute's Gauntlet doesn't apply in PvP, and their single-target attacks only taunt the one target hit.

Type Archetype-Specific (Tanker)
Effects Taunt

Image:Inherent BlasterDesperation.png Scourge

The Corruptor is a dastardly villain indeed. As a Corruptor's foe health wanes, the Corruptor can start to land Scourge hits with his attack powers for up to double damage. The weaker the target is, the greater chance the Corruptor has of landing Scourge. Once a foe is weak enough, there is no escaping the Corruptor's wrath. A Corruptor shows no mercy.

Scourge offers no chance of critical damage until the target has less than 50% health. The chance then smoothly increases to 100% once the target has only 10% or less of its health remaining. These percentages are based on the target's base health -- targets with large health boosts from powers can effectively delay the point at which Scourge damage starts being possible.

Type Archetype-Specific (Corruptor)
Effects Critical Damage

Image:InherentWarshade ShadowRecall.png Shadow Recall

You can Teleport one of your teammates to yourself. The target must be a teammate and can be selected from the Team Window. You can also rescue a fallen teammate who may be in a hostile location, as long as he is on the same map. Range is not infinite, but extremely long and can be enhanced. This power can be interrupted. Also See: Recall Friend

Level Gained Security Level 10
Type Archetype-Specific (Warshade)
Effects Zone Range Teleport Teammate

Image:InherentWarshade ShadowStep.png Shadow Step

You can Teleport long distances. Shadow Step has no recharge time, and can be reactivated without pause as long as you have Endurance. Also See: Teleport

Level Gained Security Level 1
Type Archetype-Specific (Warshade)
Effects Self Teleport

Image:InherentPeacebringer_InterSpacialLink.png Supremacy

A good Mastermind knows how to manage his Henchmen. The Mastermind imparts a bonus to his Henchmen's Accuracy and Damage only if he is nearby and has line of sight.

Supremacy gives +25% Damage and +10% ToHit. It has a radius of 60'.

Type Archetype-Specific (Mastermind)
Effects PBAoE, Henchmen bonus, +ToHit, +Damage

Image:InherentPeacebringer_InterSpacialLink.png Vigilance

The Defender primary focus is to protect the team. When his allies are in danger, the Defender is able to look deep within him or herself and rise to the occasion. As a Defender's teammates are in danger of being defeated, the Defender gains an Endurance discount and can activate their powers at a reduced cost. The more teammates in trouble, the greater the discount.

Vigilance was introduced on September 20, 2005. As a Defender's teammates lose health, the Defender gains an Endurance discount. This power does not need to be activated. The more injured the Defender's teammates are, on average, and the larger his team is, the greater the discount Vigilance provides. The Defender's own health does not affect Vigilance, nor do teammates who are on other maps or who are too far away.

Vigilance can be monitored as "Endurance Discount" in the Combat Attributes window. The formula for calculating your total discount is Cost/(1 + bonus). So a 100% discount would halve the cost of powers. A simple chart can be found here. There is debate on what the maximum amount of discount Vigilance will accrue [source].

Type Archetype-Specific (Defender)
Effects Endurance Discount

Booster Pack Powers

Image:CyborgSelfDestruct.png Self Destruction

Some situations call for the ultimate sacrifice...self-destruction. This causes damage to those around you and sends your character to the hospital.

Self Destruction is not affected by enhancements or any buff except Knockback, ToHit, and Accuracy. It should be noted that its recharge is not affected by buffs. It is permanent, available at character creation, and does not have usage charges.

Recharge Very Long (60min)
Effects PBAoE 40ft
Extreme damage
Self defeat

City of Heroes Collector DVD/Hero Kit Bonus Power

Image:Inherent Sprint.png Prestige Power Slide

Forms a frictionless field of energy beneath the user that allows rapid transit while remaining close to the ground. This power is mechanically identical to Sprint.

Effects Boost Run Speed
Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost
Enhance Running Speed
Enhance Jump
Set Categories Leaping

City of Heroes pre-order Bonus Power

Image:Inherent Sprint.png Prestige Power Rush/Dash/Quick/Surge

Creates an effect behind the user while they use enhanced speed. The exact effect depends on the power. All are mechanically identical to Sprint, Slide, and each other.

Effects Boost Run Speed
Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost
Enhance Running Speed
Enhance Jump
Set Categories Leaping

Convention Costume Powers

Image:Temporary ResonanceDisrupter.png Freakshow Boss Costume

Freakshow Boss Costume
Need description

Effects Costume change
Incompatible with stealth toggles

Image:Temporary ResonanceDisrupter.png PPD Hardsuit Costume

PPD Hardsuit Costume
Need description

Effects Costume change
Incompatible with stealth toggles

Image:Temporary ResonanceDisrupter.png Carnival Harlequin Costume

Carnival Harlequin Costume
Need description

Effects Costume change
Incompatible with stealth toggles

Good vs. Evil Bonus Powers

Image:Flight JumpJet.png Jump Pack

This Jump Pack grants you the ability to not only jump great distances, but also jump and gain altitude in mid air! The Jump Pack will automatically shut down after 30 seconds of continuous use.

Effects Self Toggle

Image:Teleportation Pocket D.png Pocket D VIP Pass

You've been given a VIP Pass to Pocket D. It will allow you to access Pocket D from anywhere. It is usable once every 30 minutes.

The pass has a very long interrupt time before it operates.

Effects Teleport to Pocket D

Universal Inherent Powers

Image:Inherent_Brawl.png Brawl

When all else fails, you have only your two fists to depend on.

Damage Minor
Recharge Fast
Effects Foe Minor Smashing Damage
Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost
Increase Attack Rate
Enhance Damage
Enhance Accuracy
Set Categories Melee Damage

Image:Inherent_Rest.png Rest

Activate Rest to heal Hit Points and recover Endurance. While Resting you cannot attack, and you are extremely vulnerable to attack and damage. Activation of Rest can be interrupted, and the power must be active for a few seconds before you start to recuperate.

Heroes and Villains receive this ability on advancing to Security/Threat Level 2.

Minimum Level 2
Effects Self Heal Recover
Enhancements Enhance Endurance Modification
Increase Attack Rate
Enhance Heal
Reduce Interrupt Time
Set Categories None

Image:Inherent_Sprint.png Sprint

Sprint allows you to run slightly faster than normal, while slightly draining your Endurance. You may have to Toggle this off in combat to conserve Endurance.

Effects Boost Run Seed
Enhancements Reduce Endurance Cost
Enhance Running Speed
Enhance Jump
Set Categories Leaping

Veteran Reward Powers

Veteran Rewards powers are additional inherent powers that a player may claim once his or her account has been active for a certain length of time. For more information, see Veteran Reward Powers.

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