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Respect encompasses two different gang-based systems in Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


In GTA 2, respect is a fundamental aspect of the gang system, determining which gangs the player may work with and how gang-members may react to the player. A phrase in the game, "Respect is Everything", expresses the importance of respect in gameplay.

The game's HUD displays a respect meter for each of the current district's three gangs. These all begin at a neutral level. The gang's "respect" for the player will increase or decrease with the player's actions:

  • When the player completes one of its missions or kills members of opposing gangs, respect from a gang will rise.
  • When the player fails one of its missions or kills its members, respect from a gang will drop.

Gangs with a negative respect level will be hostile toward the player, firing at the player upon entering their territories. In addition, gangs that view the player unfavorably do not trust the player, and refuse to associate themselves. Missions will not be available from gangs with negative respect.

GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, respect, or "street cred" is an element indicating how inclined your gang is to help you. The more respect you have, the more gang members you can recruit to tend to your personal interests. Raising your respect is straight-forward; doing missions and murdering rival gang members and police officers are the most common ways. Respect also affects Sex Appeal.

Up to seven gang members can be recruited. This will not happen until you have roughly 80% of your respect meter full.

Respect No. of Gang Members
>1% 2
>10% 3
>20% 4
>40% 5
>60% 6
>80% 7

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The Report Abuse screen.
Every RuneScape player is entitled to the respect of the other members of the player community.

File:Respect.PNGRespect is one of the three categories of the Rules of RuneScape, which also include Honour and Security. Rules in this category state that being unrespectful to other members of the player community is deemed unacceptable by Jagex. Disobeying the Respect rule includes the following:[1]


Unacceptable behaviour

There's no need to report anyone for using the term 'noob', it simply means 'new player'.

Seriously offensive language includes racism and chat of a sexual nature.

You don't need to report players for using abbreviations such as 'lmao', 'wtf', 'gtfo'.

You shouldn't report any chat that has been starred out (like this: ****), as the censor has prevented anything that may have been offensive from being seen.

Solicitation includes asking for a boyfriend or girlfriend in-game.

Disruptive behaviour includes flooding the chat window with lines of unnecessary chat, but only if you feel it's impairing your gameplay.

Beware of context when reporting players for real-life threats: they could be talking about in-game combat!

Report Abuse Help - respect

Inappropriate language or behaviour

You must not use any language that could be considered offensive, racist, obscene or otherwise inappropriate.[2]

Misuse of the forums

Main article: Forum Code of Conduct

You shouldn't misuse the RuneScape Forums. The Forum Code of Conduct clearly details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour for Jagex.[3] More information can be found in the RuneScape Game Guide.

What is NOT allowed

  • The Jagex Forum Code of Conduct details exactly what is and what is not acceptable behaviour within the Jagex forums. There are also stickies at the top of each forum with explanations of aspects of the forum rules.[3]
    • It is a breach of the rules to post anything promoting a website in the forums or in the game. As such, if you do post the URL for your own clan site, you could be banned. Remember that this rule is there to make it impossible for people to send players to scam sites.

Why this rule exists

This rule is in place to maintain a fun and friendly atmosphere within the forums. The main purpose of the forums is for players to help each other. This could be by chatting or trading, but always in a safe and secure environment.
Jagex, [4]

See also

External links

  • Rules of RuneScape, Respect at the Game Guide
  • Inappropriate language or behaviour at the Game Guide
  • Misuse of the forums at the Game Guide


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SWG Wiki

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Niko Brehe

You've made your way to Niko in Short Walk. He tells you that a rival gang has stolen some items from Jabba and he wants you to not only retrieve his possessions, but to teach them a lesson.

Level: 10


Mos Eisley has a cold form of justice. If you are the boss, you make the justice. Jabba is boss here and his justice is harsh. Don't expect to cross him and live. These gangers are lucky; Jabba didn't want to torture them.

Recommended combat levels: 10 and higher

The following article contains "spoiler" information and may interfere with your game enjoyment.
Do not read this article if you wish to figure out its subject on your own.

Conversation with Niko

Niko: Jabba says you're good muscle. Well I need a rival gang roughed up. Think you can do that?
PC: What did they do?
Niko: They killed one of Jabba's couriers and stole some valuable Old Republic coins. Jabba wants them back.
PC: What about the gangers that have them?
Niko: Jabba wants them dead as an example to any other upstart gangs.
PC: You want me to kill them in cold blood?
Niko: It won't be cold, pal. I can tell you that.
PC: I'll see if I can get your coins back.
Niko: Yea, coins. Just make sure those gangers are dead.

Kill Swoop Gangers to Recover Jabba's Coins

You are provided with the waypoint of 3183, -4786. The location is just outside the Mos Eisley walls. When you get there, the area is littered with aggressive CL 6-9 Swoop Gang members. You need to kill them until you find all 5 of Jabba's coins. Not every NPC kill will give you a coin.

Return Coins to Niko

Niko: Here's your money. Bib wants you to talk to Dunir about doing a delivery for him.
PC: Deliveries? What am I suppose to deliver?
Niko: A package for Dunir. That's all you need to worry about.
PC: So what if I refuse?
Niko: I let the local authorities know you were the one that killed those gangers. Then all you have to worry about is dodging the law and Jabba's hitmen.
PC: This deal is getting worse all the time.
Niko: It's better than being dead. Here's where you can find Dunir.
PC: Got it.
Niko: Bye.

Niko has given you the quest, Find Dunir.

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