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For the Torchwood episode, see Reset (Torchwood story).

Reset was a drug that was being tested by the Pharm on volunteer trial subjects, who were not informed of its true nature. It can cure virtually every known disease by "resetting" the human body back to its "factory setting". However, this is due to the fact that the drug contains the parasitic mayfly in its larval stage, and the larvae need a completely healthy host in which to gestate. The mayflies cannibalize their larval siblings until only the strongest is left. The remaining mayfly then emerges from its host, killing him or her in the process. Should the host die prior to maturation, the surviving larvae have a short time in which they may leave the body and seek out a new host. To conceal the truth about the drug, the Pharm hired a professional killer to assassinate the trial subjects before the mayflies could emerge. The Pharm hoped to perfect a safe form of the drug through experimentation and thus earn a Nobel Prize, but never got the chance as their operation was shut down by Torchwood 3. (TW: Reset)

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Dofus Wiki

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Changing your constitution allows you to reallocate all or part of your characteristic points under some conditions.

Otomai will only allow you to change your constitution if you have obtained certain quest items by completing dungeons on Otomai Island and have completed certain quests assigned by NPCs on the island. The dungeons items and quests you will need will vary with your level.

Warning: Read below to learn more about how your characteristic points are returned.

Colleagues you must help

Quest by Lv. 30-60 Lv. 61-80 Lv. 81-100 Lv 101-140 Lv. 141+
Professor Kalkulus
Stella Stukup
Polka Merer
Doctor Nah
Speet Fyer
Flip Flap
Doctor Morose
Miss Lousy Piggy
Crocodyl Dandy

Necessary ingredients

Ingredient Lv. 30-60 Lv. 61-80 Lv. 81-100 Lv 101-140 Lv. 141+
Great Coralator Relic
(Grotto Hesque)
Gourlo the Terrible Relic
(Otomai's Ark)
Greater Bherb Relic
(Bherb's Gully)
Tynril Relic
(Tynril Lab)
Kimbo Relic
(Kimbo's Canopy)


After meeting these conditions, Otomai will respond:

If you take the first potion, all of your characteristics will be reset to 0 and you'll be able to re-allocate the characteristic points that you earned by leveling your character, but all the characteristic points earned by characteristic scrolls will be lost. If you take the second potion, all of your characteristics will be reset to 101 (if above) and you'll be able to re-allocate the corresponding characteristic points (see soft caps for the correspondence). In every case, you will also lose one set of the relics from the dungeons run above.


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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Return (リターン, Ritaan), also known Reset, is a Time Magic spell from Final Fantasy V. It is a Level 4 Time Mage spell that costs only 1 MP.

Using the Return/Reset spell during battle will cause the battle to reset. It may be useful during fights when a strategy goes awry. Some enemies are known to use Return/Reset, such as Omniscient. Additionally, casting Return/Reset in a battle begun with an ambush attack will generally reset it to a condition more favorable to the player.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, Ultima's second form has access to the Return spell under the Divine Providence ability set, which reverts the targets' CT count to 0.

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From Lostpedia

Juliet detonates Jughead with unknown results. ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")
The reset was a theory posed by Daniel Faraday to prevent the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 and subsequent events by detonating Jughead in 1977, resulting in the destruction of the pocket of electromagnetism under the Swan. Faraday's plan was proven partially successful when Juliet Burke detonated Jughead. While an alternate timeline in which the plane did not crash was created when the bomb detonated, the on-Island survivors were unaware of the change, and were simply transported into 2007.


Daniel Faraday examines Jughead for the first time ("Jughead")
As a result of temporal displacement, several survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 were transported to 1974, during the days of the DHARMA Initiative. Daniel Faraday, a physics professor, travelled to Ann Arbor, Michigan with a group of DHARMA scientists. There, Faraday researched time travel, eventually coming to the conclusion that the manipulation of people (whom Daniel called variables) could indeed change the course of fate. Having previously seen a hydrogen bomb on the Island, Faraday reasoned that it could be used to cause such a change. Returning to the Island in 1977, he began to work at putting this plan into motion. ("The Variable")
Daniel explains his plan to Jack and Kate ("The Variable")

Reuniting with Jack Shephard and Kate Austen, he informed them of his plan. He traveled with them to the Hostiles' camp to locate the bomb, but was shot to death by Eloise Hawking, his mother, before he could execute his plan. ("The Variable") Jack and Kate were captured by the Others, and Jack informed Eloise (who was convinced by their veracity by Daniel's journal) of their plan. Eloise agreed to aid them with the plan, heartened by the possibility that she could undo her murder of her future son. Though Charles Widmore was opposed to Eloise taking Jack and Kate to the bomb, she did anyway, accompanied by Richard Alpert and Erik. Sayid joined the group after shooting Erik, who was threatening Kate, who then left to join Sawyer and Juliet on the submarine. Richard then led the survivors through an underwater path into the Tunnels, where the bomb was being housed. ("Follow the Leader")

Sayid removes Jughead's core ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")
Meanwhile, on the submarine, Kate convinced Sawyer and Juliet that Jack's plan needed to be stopped. The three escaped the submarine and traveled back to the Island, with intentions to stop their fellow survivors.

Jack and Sayid, in the tunnels, removed the hydrogen bomb's core, which was all that was necessary for detonation. Storing the core in his backpack, Sayid asserted that he would be able to modify the bomb's core so that it would detonate on impact. They then left the tunnels with the help of Richard and Eloise, though Richard knocked Eloise unconscious to prevent her from accompanying the survivors any further, telling Sayid and Jack that they were on their own.

Exiting the tunnels through the basement of a house in the Barracks, Jack and Sayid donned DHARMA uniforms to fit in, and attempted to calmly leave. However, they were spotted by Roger Linus, who recognized Sayid as the man who shot his son Ben. He shot Sayid in the stomach, engaging a gunfight which was ended when Hurley, Jin, and Miles rescued Jack and Sayid in a DHARMA bus. They escaped into the woods, but were stopped a little while later by Sawyer, Juliet, and Kate, who wanted to end their plan. Sawyer and Jack engaged in a fistfight, though Juliet eventually broke up the fight by deciding that Jack's plan needed to happen.

Jack prepares to drop Jughead into the Swan well ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")
The survivors arrived at the Swan site, and, after a brief gunfight, were able to throw the bomb's core into the well drilled by the DHARMA crew. However, the bomb did not detonate, anticlimactically leaving only silence for the waiting survivors. However, after a few moments of stillness, the electromagnetism in the well began to strongly pull everything metallic down the well, including some chains which wrapped around Juliet's legs as they went, dragging her down into the well also.

Though she was dragged to the bottom, the fall only knocked her unconscious, and she was able to wake up after a few moments. Mortally wounded, she noticed the bomb's core on the ground next to her. Picking up a rock, she began to hit the core with hopes of detonating it, eventually doing so after eight hits. A bright white light erupted from this detonation, creating an alternate timeline but leaving the survivors' current timeline also untouched (though the survivors were sent forward into 2007). ("The Incident, Parts 1 & 2")

Effects of the reset

In the reset's alternate timeline, the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 never happened

In the alternate timeline, the detonation of the Jughead completely submerged the Island, making it so that Oceanic Flight 815 never crashed on the Island, also making it possible for Desmond Hume to be on the plane due to the fact that he never crashed on the Island either. Oceanic Flight 815 reached its destination in Los Angeles. Various aspects of the survivors' pasts in the alternate universe were changed as well, such as Hurley's winning the lottery but not having bad luck as a result (which implies that Hurley's bad luck was somehow caused by the Island). ("LA X, Parts 1 & 2")

Other possibilities

Though the bomb was implied to have detonated in the final moments of "The Incident, Parts 1 & 2", the detonation does not have to imply a reset. As suggested by Miles, the detonation of the bomb may have actually caused the Incident instead of preventing it. This suggestion is taken into account by some logical theories in Jughead's theory page.

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