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Massacre of New Coral City


Duel on Mon Calamari

Mission to Mon Calamari

Second Imperial Civil War


Liberation of Rogue Squadron members


137 ABY


Imperial prison, Mon Calamari


Imperial Knights victory



"If it was up to me, you could all rot in here, and your Admiral die in space... but I'll defer to Master Sinde's wisdom…"
Sigel Dare

The Rescue on Mon Calamari was a short but pivotal event during the Second Imperial Civil War which paved the way for a potential alliance between the Galactic Alliance Remnant and Roan Fel's Empire-in-exile.

The rescue

Following the Battle of Mon Calamari and the hijacking of the prototype Advanced Star Destroyer Imperious, Emperor Fel ordered Imperial Knights Treis Sinde and Sigel Dare to warn Admiral Gar Stazi that the Star Destroyer had been sabotaged. Both Imperial Knights had placed three explosives within in the starship in order to destroy it but were unaware of Stazi's plans. The two Knights contacted Rogue Squadron pilot Monia Gahan and warned her of their potential danger.

Gahan refused to leave Mon Calamari without her fellow Rogues, who had been captured by Imperial forces and convinced Dare and Sinde to help her rescue their comrades.

The two Knights and the young Mon Calamari attacked the prison in which the Rogues were held and quickly managed to rescue the prisoners, among them the Klatooinian Ronto, who were surprised of the way in which the Imperial Knights eliminated the stormtroopers guarding the prison.


After the breakout, the Rogues and Knights attempted to escape the planet, but met Sith resistance in the form of Darth Azard. Treis Sinde dueled the Sith Lord in order to give the others time to escape and was forced to remain on the planet.


  • Star Wars Legacy 22: The Wrath of the Dragon

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