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Rescue from Paradise

The captives
location: Little Lamplight
Paradise Falls
given by: Mayor MacCready, Sammy
reward: Entry to Little Lamplight, option of accessing Vault 87's door manned by Joseph.
previous: Picking up the Trail
leads to: Finding the Garden of Eden
related: Strictly Business
base id: 00014E8D
Rescue from Paradise

requirements: Complete Rescue from Paradise
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Bronze

Rescue from Paradise is a Fallout 3 quest. It is also an Xbox 360/PC achievement and a PlayStation 3 Trophy.


Where To Receive the Quest

Note: If you manage to get into Little Lamplight with a high Speech skill or the Child at Heart speech check before accepting the rescue quest, you will not be able to get the "Rescue from Paradise" quest from Little Lamplight. If you wish to initiate the quest here, use the non-Speech dialogue option first, then immediately speak to MacCready again, taking the Speech option to get in. You can also use Speech to get into Little Lamplight and later rescue the kids from Paradise Falls, getting the trophy or achievement that way. You can also get the quest by talking to Sammy in front of Paradise Falls. You can do this before you have been to Little Lamplight or after you used the speech check to get in. It doesn't matter how you entered into Little Lamplight to speak to him.

Your alternative would be to force your way through Paradise Falls (just go in guns blazing, you won't lose any Karma killing Slavers) and find Sammy usually hiding between a couple of cars near the main door to Paradise Falls. Talking to him and agreeing to help will activate the "Rescue from Paradise" quest.

You can also just talk to Eulogy Jones and buy the kids. You can also use your speech to set the price of 2000 caps down to 1200 caps. When you have bought the kids, they are standing at the front gate. Get over to them and talk to the kid named Sammy. He has doubts about what you are doing, but can be convinced that you are saving them. Then get out of the front gate, talk to Sammy again to end the quest.


Little Lamplight

To go through the Little Lamplight cavern without the Child at Heart perk or a sufficiently high speech level, you have to speak with Mayor MacCready and agree to complete the Rescue from Paradise quest that he assigns you. Two residents of the town, Sammy and Squirrel, have been kidnapped by slavers from Paradise Falls and MacCready demands their return.

Paradise Falls

If you don't visit Little Lamplight first, you have the option to simply walk into Paradise Falls and talk to Eulogy Jones. He will tell you he has children for sale as slaves and that you should walk over to the pens and browse for ones you want. Upon doing so, Sammy will ask you to save his friend Squirrel and himself. Alternatively, if you decide to kill all of the slavers, the option to save the children in this quest becomes available as well. Interacting with one of the children gives you the quest. Alternatively, if you become hostile to Paradise Falls Sammy may run up to you outside and ask you to rescue his friends

Much more simply, you can tell Eulogy you're looking to buy slaves, then mention the kids, and he'll offer all three for 2000 caps (you can speech check it down to 1200). Simply buy them, go back to the exit, talk to the kids (they'll be convinced you're no good, but it won't matter) then leave and talk to them again. They'll run off to Little Lamplight, you'll both obtain and complete the quest, get the achievement, and it will all be done hassle free.

Big Town

When talking to the residents of Big Town about their two main problems, asking about the slavers can add this quest to your Quest Log. (Confirmed on XBOX 360)

How to Complete the Quest

Pre-Requisite Quests

When you arrive at Paradise Falls, Grouse (the gate guard) asks you to capture slaves in order to gain entrance to Paradise Falls. If you agree, he will give you the Mesmetron and the locations of four "VIP" slaves that he wants you to find -- beginning the Strictly Business quest. Instead, if your speech is high enough, you can simply talk your way into paying 500 caps for immediate access, or if your karma is low enough you can be let in free of charge. There is also the option of forcing your way in through superior firepower, but it should be noted that interacting with Grouse and completing the Strictly Business quest is an Xbox 360, PC achievement and a PS3 trophy.

Saving Sammy and Squirrel

When you get inside Paradise Falls you have to go to the slave cage at the back of the area and talk to the kids through the wire gate. They tell you that you must unlock the gate to the slave pen in order to rescue them. This can be accomplished either by tampering with the terminal in Eulogy's Pad (requires 50 Science) or rewiring a cable junction box near the bar (the area with the sign labeled Food) (requires Repair 40) or by obtaining the Paradise Falls Box Key which is located on a small round table near the heart-shaped bed in Eulogy's Pad, or from pickpocketing Forty. Once this is completed, Squirrel tells you that the guard Forty needs to be distracted so they can make a run for it. The player has the option of talking to Forty and convincing him to walk away, or just killing him instead (which turns the entire camp hostile). You can also mez Forty causing the slave camp to turn against him but you being safe. Stuffing a grenade in his pants will turn the camp against you! Alternatively, you can talk to Crimson and either convince or pay her to seduce Forty. You can also convince Forty that he is not being paid enough through a speech challenge which will cause him to talk to Eulogy Jones and be away from the slave pen.

Saving Penny

Once this is completed, Squirrel will tell you that their friend Penny won't leave until her friend Rory is released from The Box. However, it is also possible to convince Sammy and Squirrel to abandon her if your Speech is high enough. This act grants negative karma. You may meet the kids outside at this point and finish the quest for full xp (900) and positive karma. You may also make a speech check to tell Penny to leave without him (75% chance at speech skill 100). At this point, the player can lie to Penny and tell her Rory is safe, tell her that "friends leave you sometimes," or find the key to the box and save Rory. Penny says you can pickpocket Forty or find it in Eulogy's Pad. Once you retrieve the key, you have to save Rory and tell her he made it or if he died you can tell her that he died with no Karma loss . Once the kids have escaped, Sammy tells you to meet him southwest of here. Speak to them again and they say that they are returning to Lamplight Cavern and will make sure that MacCready allows the Lone Wanderer to pass through.

Saving Rory

Once you open the box, you will notice that Rory is not a child, and realize that he won't fit through the sewer pipe drainage grate like Penny, Sammy and Squirrel. You'll need to sneak him out through the front door.

You don't have to get Rory out of the town. You can get him out of The Box, tell him to follow you, immediately go back to Penny and tell her you've rescued him. As he tries to escape he will die, but Penny is already rescued.

It's possible to "rescue" Rory without turning the town hostile, as long as he does all the fighting. First, steal the ammunition (including grenades) from all the outdoor slavers, and collect all the melee weapons laying around. Next, you will have to give Rory a weapon and ammo. He is hopeless with energy weapons, but can handle a Combat Shotgun rather well. You will have to plant (reverse-pickpocket) it on him, and he will turn hostile if he catches you. He can use Stimpaks as well, so plant a couple on him. Don't give him anything too rare or expensive, as you will likely not be able to retrieve it. Now, when you tell Rory to run, he will be armed and the slavers will not. This gives him a fighting chance, although he still tends to freeze up and get beaten to death. Once he reaches the door to the outside, he is home free; Grouse and the other outdoor guard will not attack him. However you should be aware that Ymir and Jotun are armed with Super Sledges and can easily kill Rory. This is why it is recommended to sneak Rory out at night, so that many of the slavers will be asleep.

It should also be noted that when you pickpocket their ammo, then leave the area and then return, the Slavers will put away their weapons and assume an Unarmed fighting stance. This way, you can Pickpocket their weapons, leaving them Unarmed as you escape with Rory Maclaren. This is especially useful if you steal the Minigun from the sentry in the middle of Paradise Falls. After some time has passed, the Slavers will restock their arms, then you can pickpocket their ammo and weapons again. This is a good source of caps, weapons, and ammo. A high sneak skill makes the "harvest" easier.

Another method is the running of the bulls strategy, where you get to Rory to follow you, and release the other 3 prisoners willing to escape from the pen simultaneously. With luck, You and Rory can make it to the gate while the other prisoners take the brunt of the enemy fire. This can be used in conjunction with looting of the slavers of their ammo.

If you're interested in actually saving Rory through cleansing the town, it is necessary to release him from the box before killing all of the slavers, or else, when you open The Box, he will be dead, though intact. The best method seems to be to free him at midnight from The Box, lead him to the far back corner of the now open Childrens' pen once they have run away, and have him wait there while you decimate the slavers of Paradise Falls. (Even having him wait in the open Box seems to work fairly well.) Then, simply lead him to the gate. There will be about 10 slavers awake at that time of night, depending on the difficulty level, and this will obviously turn the city hostile towards the player. It does not appear to be necessary to kill the two guards at the entrance to Paradise falls, as Rory talks to you at the town exit, at the end of which you gain Karma.

As an alternative to those strategies which require you to kill the slavers of Paradise Falls and to those strategies which just leave Rory there, there is a third option. Once you have opened the box and gone through the initial dialogue, simply tell him that he's "on his own" or something to that effect. He'll be upset and start running toward the exit on his own rather than following you there. Immediately bring up the "Wait" feature. Wait about an hour or two, and he'll be transported out of Paradise Falls. The Slavers will still be acting as they were. The key to making sure this works is ensuring that you "Wait" before Rory can enter into any sort of combat. You miss out on the karma for personally escorting him to the door, but he will still show up at Moriarty's. This technique can also be used to assist the slaves you may have captured during Strictly Business without murdering the Slavers, as well.

Yet another method is giving him a flamer with around 50 fuel. Steal all the ammo from the slavers and wait for midnight. Rory makes quick work of the slavers with the flamer.

There is no reward besides Karma for saving Rory. He gains no new dialogue in his new home in Moriarty's Saloon.

The last option, is to wait until night time, and go into stealth/sneak (invisible) mode if possible and pick pocket all the guards ammo, then, set down mines (plasma is successful) in the guards path, got to get Rory and make sure he is ok whilst he is shooting at the guards, then head for the door and he will be safe.

(PC) A bloodless, less time consuming, and less troublesome option to save Rory is to type in kill from the console (press ~ and click on Rory and press enter once you've typed in kill) and drag his heavy body in front of the gate (don't go in the gate because you can't drag bodies through doors at least not to my knowledge.). Then after his body has been dragged wait for the Slavers to be out of sight and revive Rory by pressing ~ and selecting him once again and typing in resurrect and talk to him. He will then say Thank you and that he'll talk to Penny once he gets the chance, you then get your Karma boost and he will escape through the doors then make it out without any slavers blasting his head open.

Buy Their Freedom

If you have enough bottle caps and a high enough Speech Skill, you can simply buy the children from Eulogy Jones. He demands 500 bottle caps each for Sammy and Penny, and 1000 bottle caps for Squirrel. However, with a successful Speech challenge you can buy all three children for 1200 bottle caps total. You can then meet the children at the front gate to Paradise Falls and simply escort them outside. Speaking with Sammy will successfully end the Quest.

Kill All the Slavers

Shooting all of the Slavers will complete the quest. Rather messy way to do it, but it works. Note that if you kill the 3 guards standing in front (Grouse, the Random Slaver, and Forty) the first time you encounter Paradise Falls, Sammy will not go inside and return to the cage. You can still carry on and kill the remaining Slavers inside, but to finish the quest, you can merely find Sammy where you first saw him, by the burnt-out car next to the gate.


  • It is possible to complete the mission and get the achievement by just storming Paradise Falls and rescuing the children. This can be done without getting the mission from Mayor MacCready
  • It appears that you can use the Mesmetron on the Brahmin located in the slave pen which will cause it to start running through the city. If the gate to the pen is open, it will run back in automatically, otherwise it will run around the town causing the slavers to move from their assigned posts. Perhaps it's possible to herd them into the slave pen so that Rory can be moved out with out being shot by the guards, or Dogmeat could be of use in herding the Brahmin to chase down the slavers.
  • It is possible to mezz one or more of the slavers so that they will go crazy and shoot at their comrades. If you mezz one just inside the front door and have a stealth-boy, it's possible to get up and mezz the minigunner. At this point, you can hide and begin mopping up the survivors.
  • An additional alternative if you only want to free the kids is to mezz Forty, hide behind something to make sure he doesn't see you, and allow his fellow slavers to kill him. This way, theres already 2 or 3 dead slavers, and Forty is taken care of.
  • If your speech skill is high enough or you have the Child at Heart perk, you can bypass this quest entirely by convincing Mayor MacCready that you're OK. **NOTE**: As with all speech attempts, you can save before attempting and then re-load the save until you become successful.
  • You unfortunately can not keep the kids and they automatically leave when you leave Paradise Falls.
  • For those who must successfully save Rory: Disable him through the console, walk to the entrance and re-enable him.
  • Completing this quest before leading Rory to the front gate will invalidate the ability to save him and, thus, the karma reward. Every time he is spoken to after the quest is over, he says, "Hey, talk fast, I hate it when I talk to customers," and only a "I have to go now" dialog choice is available. This can occur if you have him wait while you go and speak to Sammy (and completing the quest).
  • Rory will head Southwest out of Paradise Falls (and most likely get killed in the process by random encounters). Following Rory will not lead you to the kids.
  • Sammy or Squirrel will tell you to meet them Southwest of Paradise Falls. Sammy, Squirrel (and Penny, if rescued) will be on the southwest SIDE of Paradise Falls near the drain cover on the wasteland map. Your mapmarker may not update to show where they are. Set your quest to another, then choose Rescue From Paradise again to correct this.
  • Once you rescue and meet up with the kids outside Paradise Falls, you may need to talk to each one to have them start running toward Little Lamplight. (Xbox 360)


  • If you tell Squirrel that you have distracted the guards, then you go past their cage and into their sleeping quarters, then exit and get killed by slavers, you will load back inside the cage before you have told them it is safe to leave.
  • If you enslaved Arkansas, disarming his collar and freeing him will cause him to produce a sniper rifle out of thin air (even if you took it from him when you enslaved him) and say he's going to join the Temple of the Union. Immediately afterward, he will kill Flak, Susan Lancaster, and all Slaves and Slavers he comes in contact with (i.e. everyone in Paradise Falls aside from the Lone Wanderer).
  • There is a bug where if you kill Forty near the cages, it doesn't count as him being distracted. Multiple users have reported can fix this by dragging him away.
  • There is a bug that causes Rory to freeze upon exiting Paradise Falls and/or follow the user everywhere he goes. To solve this, stand by the Paradise Falls exit and simply wait for Rory to get out of sneak mode and talk to you. If successful, he will then wander off by himself.
  • It appears that if you are particularly unfortunate while killing everyone in the town, some of the slavers will vanish upon death, preventing the player from looting them.
  • There is a bug that causes Rory to sink into the ground upon reload if asked to wait.
  • There is a bug that occasionally prevents the player from interacting with Sammy. If you cannot talk to Sammy right away, wait a little bit then walk forward and try again.
  • There is a bug that allows the user to complete this quest twice to get twice the amount of EXP. One user reported completing the quest by killing all the slavers and freeing the children -- with the full experience and achievement being acquired. Later in the game, upon attempting to gain access to Little Lamplight during the quest "Picking Up The Trail, Mayor MacCready mistakenly resumed the script that demands the user rescue the kids from Paradise Falls before he could pass through Lamplight Caverns. Afterward, the slavers and Penny had returned to Paradise Falls (Sammy and Squirrel weren't there and Rory was still dead in The Box). After speaking to the kids (who all appeared outside), additional EXP and access to Lamplight Caverns.
  • If you are successful with the speech challenge to get past mayor MacCready, then the quest will still be completed by freeing the children slaves, regardless if you have the quest.
  • When I went to Little Lamplight and, having gotten the Child at Heart perk and having passed the speech check, I wandered to the Lincoln Memorial, whereupon I suddenly passed the quest and couldn't go into Vault 87 because I couldn't speak to anyone about fixing the terminal or opening the back gate.
  • Shrapnel will appear in the box if you enslaved Flak during the Strictly Business quest.
  • Another bug is that after convincing Forty to talk to Eulogy about a raise, he will enter Eulogy's Pad, but Eulogy, as well as Crimson and Clover, will disappear entirely.
  • However, Eulogy, Crimson, and Clover have been found in Cutter's clinic. After talking to Eulogy he mentions having to go talk to Forty. (Discovered 360, needs further investigation)
  • In the German version Susan Lancaster is speaking English after enslaving her.
  • After freeing Red, if you decided to kill everybody in Paradise Falls she can be seen wandering around the Slave Pen. When interacting with her you can ask her to "Tell you the history of this place." She will still talk as though she was in Big Town.
  • Sometimes, the special VIPs you rescue from Paradise stick with their "You saved me" speech, preventing you from speaking with them in the future.
  • Susan Lancaster will disappear from the game if you complete Tenpenny Tower (quest) by letting the Ghouls in before rescuing her from her holding cell.
  • A few people reported not receiving the achievement by simply buying the children from Eulogy, thus, an alternative method is advised if achievements are your goal.
  • If you have evil karma, and use it to get in to paradise falls, there is a chance that if you speak to Forty again regarding the VIP slaves, and try to enter Paradise falls, he will become hostile and attack you, making Dogmeat attack him, therefore all of the slavers will become hostile. (there is roughly a 40% chance of this)
  • Sometimes, if you rescue the children, Penny will remain in the slave pen and acts as if she is in Little Lamplight if spoken to.
  • On the 360 in one instance, one player had talked to the children and agreed to activate the computer in the dept. store. The wire box near the food place was repaired. Instead of continuing with the plan, the children were bought for the 1200 caps. After exiting Paradise Falls and talking to Sammy, Sammy rushes off the Little Lamplight while Squirrel and Penny continued to follow the PC. Unknown what happens after fast-travel away from Paradise Falls (needs check on 360).
  • Occasionally, after buying the kids from Eulogy, if you fast travel with the kids to Little Lamp Light Sammy will be missing. However, you can still talk to either Penny or Squirrel to complete the quest.
  • There is a bug when have reached the point where you have to convince Penny to leave, she will run with Sammy and Squirrel, without even talked to her. Then the slavers become hostile.
  • There is a bug where the slavers are trying to escape but the brahnim prevents the slaves from leaving. (360)
  • Sometimes when Sammy goes to retrieve Squirrel the trigger fails and they both just stand in the back of the cage.
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