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Rescue Tandi from the Raiders

Tandi, daughter of Aradesh
location: Shady Sands/Khan Base
given by: Aradesh
reward: 500 XP
500 caps
related: Stop the Radscorpions Quest

After the Stop the Radscorpions quest and exploring Vault 15, Aradesh of Shady Sands asks you to save his daughter Tandi from the raiders nearby called the Khans.

If you talk to Razlo before you leave, he will sympathetically give you 2 Stimpaks.


  • Kill them all and break her out
  • Fight Garl in unarmed combat for her
  • Buy her from Garl
  • Intimidate Garl for her release
  • Quietly kill the two guards in back and pick the lock on Tandi's cell.
  • This one doesn't work 100% of the time, but sometimes when you enter the Raiders area, the raiders will think you are Garl's father who Garl apparently killed to take control of the Khans. You can try and bluff Garl with this ruse and demand Tandi's release. This ending has been confirmed by a player with 10 Strength and Endurance while wearing a leather jacket, and by another player without a leather jacket and with only 4 ST and 4 EN, but with 10 Luck and arriving at night. It remains unclear what triggers this alternative.

The first and second entail a lot of risk, the second especially if you are still a low level. Garl is a highly competent brawler and of a level much higher than his men.

Tandi can be used as a party member if you never take her back to Shady Sands, but she is undoubtedly the weakest one you can get. If you do bring her back to the village though you will recieve 500 experience and 500 Bottle caps once you talk to Aradesh.


If the Vault Dweller selects the dialogue option "If you're not going to tell me how much you'll give me, I'm not going to take the job." when talking to Seth about Tandi's kidnapping, Seth will yell "You Bastard!" and become hostile (along with nearby guards and Katrina). Fortunately, you can just walk North to the World Map and reenter Shady Sands at another location. The quest can still be completed through Aradesh and the reward still obtained. However, upon re initiating dialogue with Seth he will repeat "You Bastard!" and engage in combat again.

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