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A hoversled, or repulsor sled, was any type of hovering repulsorcraft vehicle used for the transportation of personnel and equipment, similar in design to a speeder bike, but optimized for carrying large quantities of cargo rather than an emphasis on speed.


Jabba the Hutt's repulsor sled for easy travel

Hoversleds were commonly used commercially and were also used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Empire.

Other variants, known as repulsorsleds, were often used by Hutts, as some members of the species had considerable difficulty moving around unaided. Older Hutts, such as Aruk, would increasingly rely on their repulsorsleds as they grew increasingly corpulent. One Hutt used such a vehicle to transport himself and several slaves purchased from Clan Secura, including young Aayla Secura.

Usually, battle droids rode on hoversleds when being transported to the battlefield

Another variant of hoversleds, gravsleds were simple, flat vehicles used to move containers of spice in the slave-labor spice-processing plants of Nar Shaddaa prior to the Clone Wars.

Among the advantages of hoversleds over traditional sleds were that they encountered no resistance from the ground friction and could transport cargo easily, safely, and inexpensively over short distances.




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