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The flag of the Republic of Ireland.

Ireland is a country on Earth and a member of the United Nations. It is located in North-West Europe, and is the 3rd Largest Island in Europe. Its largest cities include Cork, Dublin, and Belfast. SSgt Nolan Byrne was a descendant of Ireland. [1].


  1. Halo: Contact Harvest, page 12; "Staff Sergeant Byrne's big Irish brogue filled the COM."

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Ice Hockey

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An Ice Hockey Wiki article.

Flag and abbrev. Flag of Ireland IRE
Continent Europe
Leader Brian Cowen (Taoiseach)
Population 4,460,000 (est. of 2009)
Registered players 411
National team Irish National Team
National federation Irish Ice Hockey Association
IIHF ranking 42nd (-2)
Top league Irish Ice Hockey League (IIHL)
Current champion Dundalk Bulls

The Republic of Ireland, usually simply referred to as Ireland, is a country of northwestern Europe, bordered to the north by Northern Ireland and to the east, across the Irish Sea, by the main land of Great Britain. It is home to 4,460,000 people.



Ice hockey in Ireland is not very deep in term of divisions. For the moment, the IIHL stands as the top level, fed by a Development Division. There is no promotion and relegation between the two leagues.

Irish hockey scheme
Elite Irish Ice Hockey League
Second Irish Ice Hockey Association Development Division

History of Irish hockey

Ice hockey in Ireland is a relatively recent thing. The first recorded match dates back only to 1983, where the Dublin Stags defeated the Liverpool Leopards 3-2; the match was played at the Dolphins Barn Ice Rink[1]. Since then, the sport has progressed, until the country was accepted into the International Ice Hockey Federation in 1997. The Irish National Team made its debuts at the U18 and U20 level.

Locally, the sport kept developing, with the cities of Dublin, Belfast and Coleraine being a place where the sport was played at a high level, until came a slump in 1999-2000, when both ice rinks in Dublin closed down, seriously compromising the development of the sport, especially the junior development. Players had to go once a week to Belfast to have a chance to train. This situation was short lived however, as the Dublin City Council, with the help of the Irish Ice Hockey Association, ran an outdoor rink during the festive season.

2004 was an important year for Irish hockey, as for the first time, the IIHA iced a senior national team at the 2004 DIII World Championships, held in Reykjavik, Iceland. Since then, Ireland regularly iced a senior team, which kept improving. In 2007, the World Championship Division III were held in Dundalk, Ireland at the Dundalk Ice Dome. The event proved to be a real success, and in the wake of this success, the Irish Ice Hockey League was created for the 2007-08 season.

Several Irish players (six in total) have played in the National Hockey League. Those players, born in Ireland (or in Northern Ireland), have however all moved to North America at a young age and learned their hockey there. They are Bobby Kirk, Jim McFadden, Sammy McManus, Sid Finney, Owen Nolan and Jack Riley (b. 1910). Of them, Nolan is by far the most prominent player born in Ireland.


Ever since the Irish National Team was created in 2004, the team kept steadily improving. Even at its very beginnings, the team didn't fare too badly. While they struggled to beat anyone (except the Armenian National Team, whom they beat by large margins in their first two seasons), they nevertheless provided with a decent opposition and the team rarely got thrashed as is not so rarely the case in the lower levels of the World Championships - in fact, in their first tournament, they finished with an even 23-23 goals for-goals against ratio, while in their second, they had a positive ratio with 32 goals for and 20 against (thanks in good part to a 23-1 win over Armenia).

The team's efforts were crowned in 2007 when Ireland was promoted to the division II following a solid second place at the 2007 DIII World Championship held at home, in Dundalk, Ireland, at the Dundalk Ice Dome. Their performance at the 2008 DII World Championship was not as good, with Ireland losing all six games and finishing with only 8 goals for and 57 against, a performance that promptly sent them back to the third division. Still, Ireland had demonstrated it was a promising nation.

Some great Irish players

Main cities and towns



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From Lostpedia

This article solely relates to the nation of the Republic of Ireland. For information regarding the UK domain of Northern Ireland, see United Kingdom

Broadcast by
Thursdays at 9.55pm
Series Known As

The series is broadcast in English and without open subtitles in Ireland. (Subtitles for the deaf are available, in English, on teletext p888.)



  • Thursday nights, at 9.55pm on RTÉ2.
  • Broadcasts of the end of the first series were shown in two hour slots, i.e. two episodes at a time.
  • Episodes of Lost on Irish television are within the range of non-digital antennae in Wales, North-western England, and Northern Ireland.
  • Fans in Ireland have a choice of watching Lost on either RTÉ TWO or Sky One. RTÉ have, for the past three seasons, been one of the first European broadcasters to air the series.
  • Season 3 began broadcasting on RTÉ 2 on the 31st of October 2006, likely as a response to Sky One's acquisition of the UK rights and subsequent announcement that they would begin screening season 3 in November of 2006. Sky One is available to satellite and cable subscribers in the Republic of Ireland, and so screening Season 3 before RTÉ would most likely result in a huge drop in ratings for the channel.
  • However, as of the return of Season 3 of Lost to USA screens on 7th February 2007, Sky One started to broadcast the Sunday after the episode was broadcast in North America. RTÉ still kept their slot on Monday nights, and so broadcast after Sky One. This has had an effect on ratings, "Not in Portland" was in 5th position in the Irish ratings, way down on usual.
  • Season 4 started airing on FEB 4 2008 At 10.00pm
  • Season 5 will begin broadcast in Ireland on Sunday 25th January 2009 at 21:00 on RTÉ 2. This is the first time the show has been broadcast on a Sunday as apposed to a Monday, as previously done by RTÉ 2, allowing it to go head to head with Sky One.
  • Season 6 will began broadcast on Feb 4th 2010 on RTÉ 2 ahead of SKY again.


  • Five of the six numbers were drawn in the November 19, 2005 national lottery in Ireland.
    • The sixth number drawn was 24, as opposed to 42.
    • Matching five numbers paid out €341, won by 298 people.

Irish Cast

Fionnula Flanagan, who plays Eloise Hawking, is from Dublin.


Season 1

Date Episode Title Rating TV Chart Position
23/05/05 "Pilot, Part 1" 414,000 #1
23/05/05 "Pilot, Part 2" 329,000 #3
30/05/05 "Tabula Rasa" 350,000 #1
06/06/05 "Walkabout" 242,000 #5
13/06/05 "White Rabbit" 245,000 #3
20/06/05 "House of the Rising Sun" 290,000 #2
27/06/05 "The Moth" 244,000 #2
04/07/05 "Confidence Man" 250,000 #2
11/07/05 "Solitary" 269,000 #2
18/07/05 "Raised by Another" 269,000 #3
25/07/05 "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" 271,000 #3
01/08/05 "Whatever the Case May Be" 213,000 #4
08/08/05 "Hearts and Minds" 293,000 #3
15/08/05 "Special" 256,000 #2
22/08/05 "Homecoming" 269,000 #5
22/08/05 "Outlaws" 296,000 #3
29/08/05 "...In Translation" 206,000 #8
29/08/05 "Numbers" 277,000 #2
05/09/05 "Deus Ex Machina" 287,000 #5
05/09/05 "Do No Harm" 326,000 #3
12/09/05 "Lost: the Journey" 348,000 #2
12/09/05 "The Greater Good" 429,000 #1
19/09/05 "Born to Run" 365,000 #3
19/09/05 "Exodus, Part 1" 427,000 #2
26/09/05 "Exodus, Part 2" 369,000 #3
26/09/05 "Exodus, Part 3" 433,000 #1

Total TV Chart Positions:

  • 1st four times
  • 2nd eight times
  • 3rd nine times
  • 4th once
  • 5th three times
  • 8th once

Season 2

Date Episode Title Rating TV Chart Position
06/02/06 "Destination Lost" 378,000 #2
06/02/06 "Man of Science, Man of Faith" 471,000 #1
13/02/06 "Adrift" 332,000 #2
20/02/06 "Orientation" 386,000 #3
27/02/06 "Everybody Hates Hugo" 394,000 #1
13/03/06 "...And Found" 344,000 #2
20/03/06 "Abandoned" 352,000 #3
27/03/06 "The Other 48 Days" 482,000 #1
03/04/06 "Collision" 397,000 #2
10/04/06 "What Kate Did" 386,000 #3
17/04/05 "Lost Revelation" 281,000 #7
17/04/06 "The 23rd Psalm" 373,000 #4
24/04/06 "The Hunting Party" 355,000 #3
01/05/06 "Fire + Water" 347,000 #4
08/05/06 "The Long Con" 326,000 #4
15/05/06 "One of Them" 312,000 #5
22/05/06 "Maternity Leave" 305,000 #3
29/05/06 "The Whole Truth" 263,000 #3
05/06/06 "Lockdown" 277,000 #5
12/06/06 "Dave" 326,000 #4
19/06/06 "S.O.S." 347,000 #4
26/06/06 "Two for the Road" 313,000 #5
03/07/07 "?" 334,000 #5
10/07/07 "Three Minutes" 313,000 #2
17/07/06 "Live Together, Die Alone": Part One" 332,000 #2
24/07/06 "Live Together, Die Alone": Part Two" 374,000 #2

Overall Season TV Chart Positions:

  • 1st three times
  • 2nd seven times
  • 3rd six times
  • 4th five times
  • 5th four times
  • 7th once

Season 3

These ratings were originally posted at's Lost forum by SoSueMe.
Date Episode Title Rating TV Chart Position
30/10/06 "Lost: A Tale of Survival" 187,000 #14
31/10/06 "A Tale of Two Cities" 313,000 #2
07/11/06 "The Glass Ballerina" 354,000 #2
14/11/06 "Further Instructions" 361,000 #3
21/11/06 "Every Man for Himself" 345,000 #3
28/11/06 "The Cost of Living" " 294,000 #4
05/12/06 "I Do" 335,000 #2
12/02/07 "Not in Portland" 292,000 #5
19/02/07 "Flashes Before Your Eyes" 278,000 #7
26/02/07 "Stranger in a Strange Land" 239,000 #12
05/03/07 "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead" 280,000 #11
12/03/07 "Enter 77" 268,000 #8
19/03/07 "Par Avion" 204,000 #14
26/03/07 "The Man from Tallahassee" 255,000 #6
02/04/07 "Exposé" 285,000 #5
09/04/07 "Left Behind" 258,000 #9
16/04/07 "One of Us" 288,000 #5
23/04/07 "Catch-22" 276,000 #7

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Up to date as of February 02, 2010

This article uses material from the "Republic of Ireland" article on the Recipes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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