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A map of Cuba.

The Republic of Cuba is country on Earth located in the Caribbean Sea.[1] Its capital is Havana and its total area is 110,861 square kilometers.

Human-Covenant War

Cuba was the location of a battle between UNSC and Covenant forces during the Battle of Earth. On November 3, 2552, at 1350 hours, three Spartan-IIsFred, Will, and Linda — were sent to retake Havana’s Centennial Orbital Elevator and ran into strong Covenant resistance at the base of the elevator. The Spartan's successfully fought off the Covenant invaders, but later detonated a nuclear warhead on the elevator, destroying it and possibly scattering radioactive material over Havana. Havana's current status is unknown, but it was under Covenant control at its last mentioning. [2]

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