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The Republic of Bajor was the formal name of the Bajoran state after the Cardassian Withdrawal. It was established in 2369, and soon after, its provisional government offered the United Federation of Planets the right to administrate a Cardassian space station, the former Terok Nor, as a Starfleet starbase. The capital city of the Republic was Ashalla.

The name "Republic of Bajor" comes from Star Trek: Star Charts, which lists the Bajoran state's formal name as being the "Third Republic of Bajor." The population figure also comes from this volume.



Less than six months after its establishment, the Republic of Bajor suffered an attempted coup when an extremist faction known as the Alliance for Global Unity, or the Circle, attempting to seize power. General Krim Aldos, commander of the Bajoran Militia, was a member of the Circle and allowed it to march on Ashalla. Aldos was later exonerated for his actions when he turned upon the Circle when their Cardassian connections became clear. Krim later became the Republic of Bajor's first Federation Councillor (DS9 episodes: "The Circle," "The Siege;" and novella: Bajor: Fragments and Omens.)

The Republic of Bajor applied for Federation Membership; it was on the cusp of joining the UFP just six months prior to the outbreak of the Dominion War when it recinded its petition on the advice of Starfleet Captain Benjamin Sisko, who many Bajorans believed to be the Emissary of the Prophets. Under the leadership of First Minister Shakaar Edon, the Republic remained officially neutral throughout the Dominion War, though allowed itself a de facto alliance with the Federation. It maintained neutrality in part by allowing both the Dominion and the Federation to control Starbase Deep Space 9/Terok Nor during the war, and both before and after the war retained jurisdiction over the Bajoran Wormhole.

In 2376, the Republic of Bajor's petition was reopened, and it was accepted as a Federation Member. On the eve of the signing ceremony, Shakaar was assassinated by a Trill operative who had come to believe that Shakaar had been infested by a Parasite. After the Parasite crisis was resolved, First Minister Asarem Wadeen presided over the ceremony inducting Bajor into the Federation on 29 September 2376. (DS9 novels: Mission: Gamma, Unity)


The Bajoran Provisional Government was the forming political body that was created after the Cardassian Withdrawal from Bajor which replaced the Bajoran Cooperative Government. This, in turn, would be replaced by the Chamber of Ministers with the First Minister of the Republic of Bajor serving as the head of the government.



Diplomatic Relations


The military of the Republic consists of the Bajoran Militia while Bajoran Intelligence handles covert information matters.



Its not known what happened to the other colonies that were taken by the Bajorans such as B'hal Ta but presumably they were incorporated as part of the Republic.


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