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Republic rocket-jumper
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11,000 BBY

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"Ok boys, we're only 2 miles above the city."
"Two miles, is that all? Damn. One time on Cyborrea, we had to jump from sixteen miles up! No air, full space gear…
―Two Republic rocket-jumpers as their detail deploys over Iziz

A Republic rocket-jumper, a member of what was formally known as the Rocket-jumper Elite Advance Unit, was an elite soldier equipped with a rocket pack, used by the Galactic Republic millennia before the rise of the Empire. They were organized as a part of the Republic Army.




Rocket-jumpers were tasked with holding and pressing forward the Army's front line as slower troops, artillery and craft arrived, and with engaging in special-forces missions, such as reconnaissance, rescues and other tactics requiring speed and skill.

While highly disciplined in combat, rocket-jumpers had a reputation for bizarre behavior when not on duty, presumably a result of their esprit de corps and the intense danger of their role. They were expected to succeed or die trying on the battlefield. Due to their high level of discipline, they refused to fail or surrender under any circumstances, putting their mission objectives before any and everything else.

They were equipped with a Zim Systems ROCKET rocket pack, armor, and a pulse-wave rifle.


Republic rocket-jumpers drop down over Iziz during the Second Battle of Onderon.

Senator Netus served with them prior to his service as Minister of Defense. Very few members of the Republic military ever became part of this elite and renowned force. Each year, only 8% of candidates were selected for rocket-jumper training.

The troopers participated in numerous conflicts over the years, from the Second Herglic Feud to the Waymancy Storm and into the Gank Massacres. During the Great Droid Revolution, they were defeated by Juggernaut war droids in a battle over Monument Plaza on Coruscant.

They were also deployed in support of the Beast Riders during the Second Battle of Onderon and served in the Quesaya Border Conflict. They were carried aboard rocket-jumper troopships.

By the time of the Clone Wars, they were mostly-forgotten after being decommissioned by the Republic during its reformation and reassignment of its military, but its legacy lived on in the form of the Clone Jet Troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Airtroopers of the Galactic Empire.



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