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The Republic Military was the Army, Naval and Starfighter forces of the ancient Galactic Republic. The Navy and Starfighter Corps remained largely unchanged, but the Army went through a few changes in certain eras. The Military was lead by the Minister and Ministry of Defense, while Republic Officers, soldiers, crewmen, pilots, and marines made up the military. The Republic Senate Guardsmen, like their cerulean successors, were not part of the Military. It was dissolved during the Ruusan Reformation and replaced by the Republic Armed Forces during the Clone Wars.


The Ruusan Reformation

After the Seventh Battle of Ruusan and the death of Lord Hoth, the chancellor made many changes to the Republic in order to prevent any further war. These changes included the dissolving of the Republic Military and giving planetary governments the permission to possess small defensive forces. The chancellor also made laws against the creation of large armies or large stockpiles of weapons paving the way to the Clone Wars.

The Clone Wars

Main article: Republic Armed Forces

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems posed a threat to the Republic, the issue of recreating the Grand Army of the Republic came up. When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was voted emergency powers by the Senate he called of the vote and bought the Grand Army of clone troopers from the Kaminoans. Chancellor Palpatine deployed one hundred ninety-two thousand cloned soldiers on Geonosis, thus starting the Clone Wars.



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