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Republic-class Star Destroyer
Production information

Rendili StarDrive[1]

Product line

Star Destroyers[2]


Republic-class Star Destroyer


1.94 billion credits

Technical specifications

1,250 meters[1]

Hyperdrive rating
  • Class 2.0[1]
  • Class 10 Backup[1]
Hyperdrive system


Power output

Peak: ~9,28 × 1024 W[5] (20% more power than the ISD-I)[1]


Starfighters (36)[1]

Minimum crew



3,200 troops[1]

Cargo capacity

11,000 metric tons[1]


2 years[1]


New Republic era[2]


New Republic[2]

The Republic-class Star Destroyer was Walex Blissex's follow-up design to his Victory-class Star Destroyer.[1]



It was manufactured by Rendili StarDrive for the New Republic. The Republic-class was smaller than Lira Blissex's Imperial-class Star Destroyer, but was a much more efficient design.[1]

Although the Republic was only half the cost of an Imperial and required a mere one-fifth the crew, it boasted 20 percent more firepower than an Imperial I model. However, it was still outmatched by the Imperial II-class and the various Super Star Destroyers.[1]

Armament consisted of 40 heavy turbolaser batteries, 40 heavy turbolaser cannons, 20 ion cannons, and 10 tractor beam projectors. The Republic was also equipped with a Class 2 hyperdrive, the same as was found on the Imperial.[1]

The Republic-class was only 1,250 meters long, significantly smaller than the 1,600-meter-long Imperial-class. Because the smaller ship retained a similar level of weaponry, it had to sacrifice cargo space and endurance. The Republic only held enough consumables to operate without resupply for 2 years, one-third the running time of the Imperial.[1]

Only a single regiment of 3,200 ground troops could be carried aboard, as well as a single standard New Republic wing of 36 fighters (half the size of an Imperial wing). Republic-class ships usually carried long-range starfighters, rather than short-range fighters such as Defender and K-wing starfighters.[1]


The Republic-class was one of the early warship models developed for the New Republic's standardization programs. Hampered by a resurgence in fighting due to the Thrawn campaign in 9 ABY and the return of Emperor Palpatine the following year, production on the Republic-class and other vessels was eventually restarted at a smaller level and the new ships were dispersed throughout the fleet.[1]

The Republic-class Star Destroyer was not incorporated into the New Class Modernization Program, which chose instead to develop its largest ships from Republic Engineering Corporation's Nebula-class Star Destroyer hull-design. Despite this, by the time of the Black Fleet Crisis, the New Republic had managed to build a considerable number of Republics.[2]

Behind the scenes

The only official image of the Republic-class Star Destroyer is found in Cracken's Threat Dossier. The ship has many round features, a striking deviation from standard Star Destroyer designs. Some fans believe that the ship's features indicate a Mon Calamari influence in its design, and some have speculated that the New Republic did not want its namesake ship class to resemble other Star Destroyers, long-standing symbols of Imperial power, for political reasons.

It should be noted that the odd appearance of the ship may be due to the angle at which it is presented in the above image, judging by how it curves at certain points, when placed flat and perpendicular to the viewer it may appear to be a more gently rounded and inflated dagger shape with it curving inwards towards hangar bays and supply ports instead of just cutting in towards them like on the Venator-class Star Destroyer.



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