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Series: Voyager (Marvel), No. 3
Writer(s): Laurie S. Sutton
Penciller(s): Jesus Redondo
Inker(s): Sergio Melia
Colorist(s): John Kalisz
Letterer(s): Chris Eliopoulos & Virtual Calligraphy
Editor(s): Bobbie Chase
Publication information
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Published: January 1997
Pages: 22
Date: 2372

The Doctor with delusions of grandeur… or the holodeck on the fritz?"Repercussions" was the third issue of Marvel Comics' 1996 series of Star Trek: Voyager comics. The issue consisted of a 22 page story written by Laurie S. Sutton. The art was pencilled by Jesus Redondo and inked by Sergio Melia, with Bobbie Chase credited as editor.



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Kathryn JanewayThe DoctorTom ParisHarry KimB'Elanna TorresChakotayTuvokNeelixKes • Acrux • Nagrom • Josh Rand • unnamed USS Voyager personnel
Referenced only 
Prince Beowulf • Grendel • Wealhtheow • Helen of Troy

Starships and vehicles

USS Voyager (Intrepid-class cruiser)


Shipboard locations

USS Voyager 
holodeckbridge • corridor • transporter roomengineering

Planetary locations

Referenced only 
EnglandDenmark • Sweden • Ilium • Troy

Planets and planetoids

Referenced only 

Stars and systems

Referenced only 
Sol (Sol system)

Stellar locations

the galaxyDelta Quadrant
Referenced only 
Alpha Quadrant

Races and cultures

Human (Helmings) • hologramVulcanKlingonTalaxianTrabeOcampa

States and organizations


Technology and weapons

holodeckhologram • holographic projector • phaserphaser pistolswordbioneural gel packtransportercomputer • mnemonic pathway

Ranks and titles

captainensigncommanding officerlieutenantlieutenant junior gradesecurity chiefsecuritychief engineerflight controlleroperations managerchief medical officerdoctor • earl • prince • queenlieutenant commanderexecutive officer

Other references

space • energy • matteruniforminsigniarank • title • rank insignia • Starfleet uniformhumanoidBeowulfarmorhelmethorse • lamb • lion • rabbit • tiger • literature • dimension • Br'er Rabbit • intruder alert • cell • diagnostic program • hyronalinion stormionradiation • radiation poisoning • meadtechnology


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#2: Under Ion Skies
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#4: Homeostasis, Part One

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