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"The only thing better than a big blaster, apparently, is one that shoots faster."
―Anonymous remark on the Mandalorian Heavy Repeater

Repeating blasters, or Repeaters, were blaster or projectile weapons that could fire many rounds in a short time intervals. They were a somewhat larger version of the DC-15 blaster rifles used by the Clone troopers in the Clone Wars

Several variants existed, but these weapons could generally be divided into two major categories: personal repeating blasters, and mounted repeating blasters, it was normally mounted on a tripod and is portable. It has also been mounted on ships such as the T-16 Skyhopper, but this is not common.


Mounted repeating blasters

A rebel soldier uses a Medium repeating blaster cannon during the Battle of Hoth.

Also called "heavy repeating blasters", these were blaster-based range weapons with a rapid-fire discharge, commonly mounted on sturdy tripod bases for stability.

The heavy repeating blaster was developed to protect outposts against invasions. These tripod-mounted blasters proved effective at cutting down lines of approaching infantry units, despite the fact that they were stationary weapons. During the time of the Clone Wars, and the Galactic Civil War, the E-Web, and its variants, were the most popular repeating blasters. The name E-Web was derived from the official designation of any repeating blaster: 'Emplacement Weapon, Heavy Blaster'.


Types of mounted repeating blaster

Personal repeating blasters

Canderous Ordo, with his prototype repeating blaster

These repeaters were light enough to be carried by individuals and fired quickly without a mount, such as a tripod, but were heavy enough to be unwieldy for those not trained in their use. The largest of these were even called "heavy repeating blasters", but this was only in comparison with more lightweight models; all personal weapons were a step down from the heavier emplacement guns.

Due to their unique nature, personal repeaters were generally wielded by elite branches of soldiers; stormtrooper lieutenants, for example, would be more likely to carry them than the stormtroopers they commanded would.

During, and directly after the Mandalorian Wars, personal repeaters were among the favorite weapons of Mandalorians. Canderous Ordo himself was known to have wielded a prototype "heavy" repeating blaster that never made it to general production.

Types of personal repeating blaster


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