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New Reno

map marker: New Reno
sections: Virgin Street
Second Street
West Side
East Side
Commercial Row
leaders: John Bishop
Louis Salvatore
Big Jesus Mordino
Orville Wright
merchants: Renesco
Jagged Jimmy J
factions: Mordinos, Bishops, Wrights, Salvatores

A large city in Fallout 2, New Reno is known for its casinos, such as the Shark Club and the Desperado. It is home to, among many other things, the Golden Globes studio, the Jungle Gym and the Cat's Paw brothel. There is also a substantial weapons outfit called New Reno Arms. The town is currently run by four different families, the Mordinos, the Bishops, the Wrights, and the Salvatores, all of which are willing to make the Chosen One a Made Man in exchange for a little help.

Reno was spared the atomic fire of the Great War, but with the destruction of the rest of the United States, law and order broke down as mobster families ascended to power. To this day, New Reno has no official government or police force. However, aside from their internecine conflicts, the families generally keep order and make the city safe for tourists from the wastes, sending any troublemakers who disrupt the tourist trade to Golgotha, a burial site near New Reno. The tourists are glad to partake of the gambling, prostitution, and drugs (particularly Jet, which was developed near New Reno in the Stables by boy-genius Myron) offered by the city's mobsters. Jet is distributed from family supported dealers and independent ones alike such as Jagged Jimmy J. New Reno, lead by the Mordino family, is scheming to take over Redding, primarily by addicting Redding's miners to Jet en masse. New Reno also acts as a major trading partner in the Big Circle trading Brahmin, as well as trading routes between The Den for slaves and chemicals from Vault City caravans. Both these trades are overseen by the head of the Slavers Guild, Metzger.

Unfinished stuff

Unfinished stuff present at Fallout 2 files, but not present in the game: Fallout 2 Restoration Project changes

  • New characters:
  • The ability to tell jokes as a male or dance as a female at the Shark Club
  • An extended way of getting into the Stables as a woman - before if player went to the Stables as a hooker she would just be dropped off at the main gate and nothing really new happened,
  • Unlocked voice dialogue for Myron regarding the location of the EPA.
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Locations in Fallout 2
New Reno

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Final Fantasy

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"Looks like today we're clockin' out early."

Reno (レノ, Reno) is a prominent member of the Turks who appears in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, and always accompanied by fellow Turk, Rude. In battle, he wields an Electro-Mag Rod, a nightstick with a taser on one end. Reno also has a penchant for gossiping and is a competent helicopter pilot. In recent projects, Reno is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara in the Japanese version, with Quinton Flynn providing the voice in the English version.


Appearance and personality

Reno has a lanky physique, unkempt red hair terminating in a long ponytail (though the ponytail was absent during Before Crisis and the first half of Crisis Core), and two symmetrical red marks on his cheek bones (apparently tattoos). He wears goggles, pushed up onto his forehead, an unbuttoned suit jacket, and an untucked dress shirt. He is cocky, cynical, and somewhat lazy. Despite his appearance and attitude, Reno is regarded to be a relatively prominent worker; while second in command he takes his job with pride and obtains skills that allow him to surpass many of his fellow Turks. He works hard and dedicates his life to Shinra and as a Turk he does as he is told without hesitation. He possesses a rebellious temperament and his actions are in turn quite sadistic, which can be contradictory to his laid back personality.

Reno possesses a distinct speech pattern in Japanese, speaking in a drawling, slangy manner and, most notoriously, ending most of his sentences with zo to (ぞ, と), yo to (よ, と), or simply to (と). Tifa Lockhart receives a phone call near the beginning of Advent Children, and, although the caller's voice is not heard, the audience understands that it is from Reno, as Tifa jokingly replies, "Oboeteru, zo to" ("I remember you, yo"; "Yeah, I remember you" in the English dub). The official page for the film also makes a nod to this. Speech patterns such as Reno's are impossible to translate directly into English and can only be approximated by attempting to capture the same "feeling" as the original, which the English translation of the game and the movie did not attempt to do.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Reno appears as an unplayable character in Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-, he retains his nightstick taser, and his talent in piloting helicopters.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

"Sector 8 is Turks jurisdiction, slick."
—Reno to Zack Fair

When Genesis Rhapsodos' clones begin to launch an attack on Midgar, Zack Fair makes his way to Sector 8. Upon arriving at LOVELESS Avenue, he finds Cissnei taking on a Genesis Clone. Zack is then stopped by Reno who tells him that Sector 8 is the Turks' turf. Rude also backs up Reno and states that there will be no need to worry about her. Tseng, arriving around the same time as Zack, asks for a status report on Midgar from the two. Reno claims that monsters are crawling all over Midgar, and Rude states that even SOLDIER has been called out. Soon after, they make their way to the other areas of Midgar.

Reno, as seen in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-.

Aside from a Digital Mind Wave flashback scene occuring randomly during the "Lucky Stars" and "Air Strike" Limit's, Reno is not seen again until the end chapter before the final battle. Flying in Reno's helicopter in the musty desert skies of the outskirts of Midgar, they both attempt to find both Zack Fair and Cloud Strife. Reno tells Rude that he thinks that in this wasteland, it would be impossible to locate the targets. Rude on the other hand has a different opinion, and states to his partner that they always get their job done. Before he is able to complete his sentence, Reno says it before him, because they are Turks. Rude begins to speculate that Tseng has something to give to Zack, and so Reno tells him that it was because of a failed postman's job that took a year to deliver the letters Aerith Gainsborough had been sending. Cissnei's voice is heard on the helicopter's radio, and asks if there had been anything. Both of them tell her that there is nothing, and she, too, tells them the same. Telling them their next set of coordinates, they all report out, and head for their designated locations.

Zack and Cloud are found by Shinra infantrymen, and Zack is ultimately killed.

Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-

Reno as seen in Last Order.

Reno made a cameo appearance in Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-, he is seen communicating with the Turks, presumably also searching for Cloud and Zack.

Final Fantasy VII

Reno's battle model.

Reno is first encountered when he comes to the slums church with soldiers in an attempt to capture Aeris. Not long after, he sets the bombs that blows up the Sector 7 pillar, but not without fighting Cloud, Barret, and Tifa, which leaves him temporarily incapacitated. He later confronts them outside of Gongaga Village with his long-time partner, Rude, to settle the score, but once again has to back down. Despite this rivalry, he is not beyond teaming up with Cloud and the others in Wutai, where both parties had a bone to pick with Don Corneo, who had taken Elena and Yuffie Kisaragi hostage. He and Rude can also be found observing the Sunken Gelnika, and fight Cloud and his party once more.

He is encountered one last time when the Turks are in the subway tunnels of Midgar, Reno says that he is "not really up for" fighting, even though he and the others were ordered to terminate the protagonists; the player has the option of not fighting them.

Advent Children/Advent Children Complete

Reno as seen in Advent Children.

Along with Rude, Reno has a prominent role in Advent Children. Reno makes his entrance flying the Shinra helicopter over the Northern Cave, where the Turks are in search of Jenova's head. He escapes when Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo interrupt their investigation. He is then seen attacking Cloud when he first arrives at the Healin Lodge, although this seems a bit half-hearted; consistent with his attitude at the end of the game, Reno possesses no true hostility towards his former enemies. He and Rude are on the same side as the protagonists and join the fight against Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo. He is then seen near the opening of a tunnel with Rude, explosives in hand with Rude, having a light-hearted conversation, despite the fact they may be caught in the explosion. As soon as Cloud rushes by on his motorcycle, Reno drops the bomb he was holding with a smile. Loz, Yazoo, Rude, and himself are all caught in the explosion and implied to have died. However, this is shown to not be the case as both Loz and Yazoo shot Cloud near the end of the film, albeit mortally wounded. Reno and Rude are also shown to have survived as they are seen with the surviving members of Shinra, taking witness to Rufus’ Geostigma disappearing.

Reno is shown to be a fearsome fighter by attacking Yazoo without warning. However, they primarily serve as the comic relief, exemplified by the cartoon violence during the same fight in Edge (such as Reno accidentally hitting Rude with his weapon). Interestingly, Reno's design overhaul for the film eliminates the somewhat sly and shady air he had in the original game. He still acts in a somewhat sly manner, however he is far more lighthearted and playful in the movie than he was in the game.


Main article: Turks:Reno

Reno can be fought four times during the course of Final Fantasy VII. However, only two of these fights are set, the others are the player's choice as they can choose to fight Reno or not. In Before Crisis he is fought in the Training Mode.


  • Reno shares a lot of similarities with Axel from the Kingdom Hearts. They both have spiky red hair, facial markings, and similar personalities. Both have the same voice actors in the English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese versions (Quinton Flynn in English, Jean Christophe Parquier in French, Víctor Martínez in Spanish, Philipp Brammer in German, and Keiji Fujiwara in Japanese). It is also speculated by fans that with these similarities, Axel is the "Nobody" of Reno (though this is later disproven in 358/2 Days where his original name is revealed and Birth By Sleep where his whole self appears). The similarities, however, are intentional; Tetsuya Nomura has commented that he wanted to experiment by placing a familiar character in a new environment and role.
  • Reno is apparently quite nimble, at least during Advent Children, where he is seen scuttling up the side of a building almost as fast as he can run, and later climbs the canvas sheeting around a skeletal building without any real handholds.

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