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Series: The Original Series, No. 55
Author(s): Gene DeWeese
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - June 1991
Pages: 276
ISBN: ISBN 067165814X
Date: 2269



From the back cover: For nearly a hundred years, the planet Chrellkan IV has enjoyed a peaceful relationship with the colony on the third planet of its star system. However, relations between the two worlds take a deadly turn as rebel colonists on Chrellkan III and turn against their mother world.

To prevent the conflict from escalating into full-scale war, Starfleet orders Captain Kirk and the Enterprise to moderate the dispute. On arrival, Kirk sends Spock and McCoy to investigate the rebel's claims. But seconds after beaming down, the two officers are taken hostage and then - according to sensors - killed. Devastated by his loss, Kirk must try to learn the truth behind the mysterious rebellion that has claimed the lives of his two closest friends.

Kirk's investigation leads him to uncover a dangerous plot against the Federation - a plot driven by revenge that may take the Federation's highest law, the Prime Directive, an instrument of violence and destruction.




James T. KirkLeonard H. McCoySpock • Jason Carmody • Brittany Mendez

Starships and vehicles

USS ChafeeUSS El DoradoUSS EnterpriseUSS Exeter


Chrellkan IIIChrellkan IV

Governments and organization



Prime Directive
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Guild Wars

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Species: Human
Profession: Elementalist Image:Elementalist-icon.png
Level(s): 3 (22)



Renegades inhabit the area of Regent Valley near Fort Ranik. They are usually found in the company of Renegade Elementalists and will rush in to attack.


Skills used

Normal Mode

  • None

Hard Mode

Items dropped

See also

Renegade Elementalist

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The Renegade was an independent freighter that used to trade with Dorin gas. The captain of the ship used to sell Dorin gas to Kon Uuln and other Kel Dor living outside Dorin.

There was an occasion where the captain delayed for a long time, and Uuln suddenly had less than two days of breathable atmosphere at home, plus one more day if the family used their masks. He tried to contact Dorin and ask for help, but Dorin could not provide him with atmosphere in less than four days.

Hopeless, Uuln looked for some friends of him that could help, asking them to find the captain and its cargo. The friends discovered that the Renegade was on planet, but her cargo hold was empty. The captain was missing. There were different options: The captain could have been kidnapped and the cargo stolen; a usurer with whom the captain was indebted could have taken both the captain and the cargo; one of Uuln's enemies could have bribed the captain to "disappear" until it was too late; or an oppressive, pro-Human government or faction could have arrested the captain with false charges to eliminate aliens in the planet.


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