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Series: New Frontier, No. 10
Miniseries: Excalibur, No. 2
Author(s): Peter David
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - September 2000
Pages: 270
ISBN: ISBN 0671042394
Date: 2376

Back Cover Text: The ship is only a memory, but the drama unfolds....

The U.S.S. Excalibur has been obliterated. Its captain, Mackenzie Calhoun is gone. Now the surviving crew members are dispersed throughout the galaxy, seeking to forge new lives in the wake of the Excalibur's destruction. For Dr. Selar, the ship's former medical officer, that means facing a very personal crisis.

Following the birth of her child, the Vulcan doctor returned to her homeworld, determined to raise the child exclusively in the way of logic. But the child's father, the Hermat Lieutenant Commander Burgoyne, has hir own views regarding their offspring's future, and s/he intends to fight for hir paternal rights, even if it means appealing to the highest authorities of two worlds!

Elsewhere in the Alpha Quadrant, Lieutenant Robin Lefler and her enigmatic mother travel to the pleasure planet Risa where they encounter a genuine Starfleet legend....




Robin LeflerSlonSoleta

Starships and vehicles


Alpha QuadrantRisa

Species and cultures

Governments and organizations



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Star Trek: Renaissance was a fan fiction series set in the 25th century aboard the USS Enterprise-G.

Set 25 years after the end of the Dominion War, Star Trek: Renaissance followed the crew of the USS Enterprise-G as it sought out new worlds, new life, new civilizations... and tried to pull a splintering Alpha Quadrant back together.

For Captain Neil Cross and the crew of the NCC-1701-G, the Federation's darkest hour has arrived and the responsibility falls to them to defend the Federation from all enemies, foreign...and domestic.

As of 2007, this series is considered closed. It ran for four seasons (2001-2004).



Note: No Spoilers

Star Trek: Renaissance holds two themes which most seasonal arcs tend to center around.

First is the tendency for dark stories, with personal tragedies. Most of the Enterprise crew either have tragic histories or their story aboard the Enterprise is tragic (or in many cases, both). Neil Cross is a man with a dark history and a checkered reputation...yet in the face of such adversity, he attempts to maintain his own fragile hope that all things will turn out for the best. Similar stories exist through the main cast of Renaissance.

The second theme is the incorporation of politically based story lines. The leaders of Starfleet stand at a delicate threshold, trying to figure what is needed to defend the Federation, and what measures reach beyond the scope of their authority. Similarly, our characters must continually attempt to walk the line of being keepers of the peace or enforcing the peace. All too often, it seems that lives are lost needlessly in the name of defending the Federation.

The show is a unique blend of these two elements, as the dark state of the Federation mirrors the struggles in the character's lives.

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Recurring characters

Additional Enterprise-G crew

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