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Remedy in Final Fantasy VII

The Remedy (万能薬, Bannōyaku), also known as Cureall, is a recurring item from the Final Fantasy series. It heals all status ailments for one character with the exception of KO, and in some cases, Curse. A similar item called Unicorn, or Unicorn Horn, acts like a Remedy, though it acts much more as an item version of Esuna, and is usually in the early installments that did not have a Remedy, though it was also in Final Fantasy IV with Remedy.



Final Fantasy II

The Unicorn Horn acts as a Remedy in this game, casting Basuna. It can only be won from enemies or found in some treasure chests throughout the game.

Final Fantasy III

The Angel's Sigh acts as a Remedy, casting Esuna when used. It is also only found by finding it or winning/stealing from enemies.

Final Fantasy IV

Remedy as seen in Final Fantasy IV

Originally translated as Heal, it cures all negative statuses except Doom. The Unicorn Horn acts as a semi-Remedy by removing Sleep, Hold, Berserk, and Confusion statuses on the entire party.

Also Known As Heal
Effect Removes all negative statuses except Doom
Buy In Dwarven Castle onwards
Find In Troia Castle (x2), Eblan Cave, Sylph Cave, Kokkol's Forge, Cave of Trials (x3)
Steal From N/A
Won From Sand Worm, Fangshell, Electrofish, Devil's Castanet, Flood Worm, Treant, Mortblossom Blood Flower, Mammon, Malboro, Great Malboro, Chaotic Knight, Worst Malboro
Cost 5000

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Both Remedy and Unicorn Horn reappear in the game, being obtained in various ways. The Unicorn Horn, however, still cannot be bought.

Final Fantasy VI

Should players wager Remedy in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum to fight against Typhon, an Elixir will be granted.

Effect Cures all negative statuses except Zombie.
Buy In WOB Albrook onwards
Find In [WoB] Maranda, [WoB] Magitek Factory in Vector, [WoR] South Figaro - Box (if you did not get the Soft in the WoB), [WoB] Cave to Sealed Gate, [WoR] Jidoor (Owzer's House), [WoR] Doma Castle
Steal From Osteosaur, FossilFang, Trilium, Hoover, Crawler, Crawly, Over Grunk, Cephaler, Nohrabbit
Won From Rider, Mad Oscar, Chitonid, Mandrake, Rizopas
Morph From Over-Mind, Osteosaur, FossilFang, Mover, Trilium, Nightshade, TumbleWeed, Bloompire, Ing, Mad Oscar, PowerDemon, Displayer, Over Grunk, Zombone, Exoray, Crusher, Uroburos, Evil Oscar, Allo Ver, Black Drgn, Karkass, Mandrake, L.50 Magic
Cost 1000

Final Fantasy VII

Effect Cures all negative statuses except KO, Slow, Stop and Death Sentence
Buy In N/A
Find In Northern Crater
Steal From Parasite, Soldier: 2nd, Under Lizard, Velcher Task
Won From Gargoyle, Jayjujayme, Parasite, Under Lizard
Morph From Gagihandi, Needle Kiss, Parasite, Touch Me, Toxic Frog, Under Lizard, Bagyrisk, Zenene, Velcher Task
Cost N/A

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Remedy cures all negative status effects and are very common. They cost 200 Gil and are dropped or stolen from many different enemies and are found in chests.

Final Fantasy VIII

A stronger incarnation called Remedy+ is not purchasable. It can only be obtained through Alexanders Med Lv Up ability by refining 10 Remedies into 1 Remedy+.

Effect Removes all negative statuses.
Buy In All shops
Find In Balamb Garden - Galbadia Attack (SeeD in Training Center), Balamb Garden - Galbadia Attack (SeeD in Library, without Zell in party)
Steal From Guard, Paratrooper
Won From Gesper, Guard, Paratrooper, Wedge (2nd round)
Cost 1000

Final Fantasy IX

Remedy cures various status effects, and also one of the items to synthesize the Garnet in the Combination Shop, a summoning Jewel. It can be bought later in the game for 350 Gil.

Effect Cures all negative statuses.
Buy In Fossil Roo onwards
Find In Alexandria (Disc 1), Alexandria (Disc 3), Lindblum (Disc 3), Cleyra's Trunk, Cleyra (x2), Condie Petie Mountain Path, Iifa Tree, Oeilvert, Terra
Steal From Chimera, Black Waltz No. 1, Nova Dragon
Won From Kraken (Crystal World), Tiamat (Crystal World), Type B
Cost 300

Final Fantasy X

Effect Cures all negative statuses except Curse.
Buy In Fahrenheit, after gaining full control of it
Find In S.S. Liki - Cabin, Kilika Woods, Djose Temple, Thunder Plains: North, Macalania Woods: North, Macalania: Hall (x2), Sanubia Desert: Oasis (x4)
Steal From Ragora, Ochu, Sandragora, YAT-99, YKT-63, Malboro, Grat, Mandragora, Great Malboro, Malboro Menace
Won From N/A
Bribe Lord Ochu, Ragora, Ochu, Sandragora, Grat
Other Gift - 1 = Besaid: Dock
Gift - 1 = Mi'ihen Highroad
Prize - 2 = Blitzball - League Prize - 2nd Place
Prize - 2 = Blitzball - League Prize - Most Goals
Prize - 1 = Blitzball - Tournament Prize - First Place
Gift - 1 = Mushroom Rock (Entrance)

Gift - 1 = Mushroom Rock: Valley
Prize - 1 = Home: Second option on third row

Cost 1500

Final Fantasy X-2

An Alchemist can use Remedies for free using their Stash ability. They can also be used through the Mix ability.

Effect Cures all negative statuses.
Buy In N/A
Find In (Chapter 1) Celsius, Zanarkand
(Chapter 2) Celsius, Zanarkand, Bevelle
(Chapter 3) Celsius, Bevelle, Zanarkand, Djose/Front area
(Chapter 4) Celsius
(Chapter 5) Celsius, Kilika/Village, Mi´Hen-Highroad, Djose/Front area, Thunder Plains, Bevelle
Steal From Boris, Agama, Shantak, Bully Cap, Purpurea, Gecko, Drowsy Ochu, Skink, Kukulcan, Tomb, Flailing Ochu, Archeotyhris, Cephalotus, Grim Gaze, Malboro, Jahi, Aka Manah, Dolmen, Epitaph, Hexapod
Won From Agama, Gecko, Purpurea, Drowsy Ochu, Skink, Vertigo, Flailing Ochu, Archeotyhris, Ronso Youth, Tomb, Leucophylla, Vespa, Assassin Bee, Cephalotus, Malboro, Grim Gaze, Aka Manah, Big Bully Cap, Drowsy Ochu, Epitaph, Great Malboro, Elder Zurvan, Mushroom Cloud
Bribe Ahriman, Purpurea, Fly Eye, Death Dauber, Bully Cap, Gecko, Skink, Vespa, Malboro, Leucophlla, Elder Zurvan
Other N/A
Cost N/A

Final Fantasy XI

Remedy cures almost all status ailments with the exception of Curse or Amnesia. A unit can only use Remedies on him or her self, meaning that it cannot be used be used to cure status effects that prohibit actions entirely such as Petrification or Sleep. If a player suffers paralysis from a Paralyze status effect while using a Remedy, it will be lost like any other item.

Final Fantasy XII

Remedy is an item that can only be bought after the party defeats Judge Bergan, although it can be found in coffers before that. It costs 400 Gil and restores Poison and Silence should no Remedy Lores be mastered. A total of 3 Remedy Lores can be accessed via the License Board, and it restores all negative status ailments once they are all learned, including Stop, Slow and Doom.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Remedy is an enemy skill learned by Bwagi at level 12 and enemy Archers at level 24. It restores lowered stats.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Known as Cureall, it is a small black item that cures all status ailments. It can also be fed to monsters in the Monster Bank to raise their stats.

Curealls are bought for 350 gil at Baguba Port and are not affected by price deflation via liberating territories.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

A tincture that cures what ails you.

Remedy cures all debuffs, but may also by Mirrored by a Ranger to inflict a multitude of debuffs on an opponent. This tactic is particularly effective when paired with a Trickster's Traumatize ability.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Remedy is not a normal item, but a crafting item found in Conall Curach. It can be sold for 250 Gil.

Final Fantasy Adventure

The Unicorn is this game's Remedy, and cannot be bought from any store. It removes all abnormal conditions except Death.

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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

Remedy is an Mini-Con from the Classics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
You can't see me!

This character has no official visual representation whatsoever — yet, at least.

Remedy is a calm, level-headed, medibot, but he has little patience for fools.


Remedy treated Modus Prime after an attack on the Altihex energon refinery, but was unable to save his wounded leader. Grief-stricken over Modus' passing, he allowed Strongarm to inspect the body and ascertain cause of death. He and his team were soon inundated by panic-stricken Mini-Cons fearful of catching the "madness disease" Broadside claimed had afflicted Modus' assailant. The New World


  • In The New World, Remedy is said to belong to a team of Mini-Cons, but neither the team's name nor any of its other members have been revealed.

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