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Relicquest, Part I
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Relicquest, Part III

Issue 8: "Reliquest, Part III - The quest is over... behold The Relic!



Captain's log, stardate 51124.8. Night has fallen on this amazingly lush planet in the reputedly barren Denar system and our unlikely quartet of allies is no closer to having found that ancient relic of untold power than when we began this quest this morning.
First officer's log, supplemental. As if the crew's low morale level isn't bad enough--what with fuel and resources in such short supply, but the prospect of returning to our homes seventy-thousand lightyears away has just gotten much slimmer, now that we've lost all contact with the captain, and are surrounded by three of our greatest enemies. If the Vidiians strike first, they'll attempt to steal our vital organs, hopeing that these spoils can help them battle the "phage" threatening their existence.
A Trabe attack will result in rampant death and destruction. Those unlucky enough to survive will likely be enslaved for the reconstruction of these supremcists lost empire.
And I'm certain the Kazon assault will be as swift as it is savage. Anything to hasten the acquisition of our advanced technology they so covet.
Still, this isn't the first time Voyager has faced such seemingly insurmountages odds. So, if I have any say in the matter... it's not going to be the last!
Operations officer's personnal log, it's been over a day since Lt. Tom Paris and I got thrown into the brig for brawling in the messhall, and neither one of us is any closer to apologizing. Some "friends" we are.




Bonai • Chakotay • Durin • Kathryn JanewayHarry Kim • Kul'lar • Maje • NeelixTom Paris • Teraz • B'Elanna TorresTuvok
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USS Voyager


Alpha QuadrantDelta Quadrant • Denar system

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Maquis • Order • StarfleetUnited Federation of Planets


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