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Icon Image:Release.png
Class No class
Level Any
Element N/A
Type Elementary
Official description This spell allows the caster to repel the players surrounding him.

Spell Information

Also cast by

Learned from

Scroll for spell 'Release'

Spell Properties

Linear Line of Sight Free Squares Boost Range Fatal

Spell Characteristics

Caution: Monsters' elemental/neutral damage is modified by their statistics, which are in majority unknown.

Lvl Effect Crit AP Ra Critical Casts per Cd Caster
Hit Fail Tgt Trn
1 Move back of 1 square AoE: 1 (Cross) 1X - 5 - - 1/100 - - 2 0
2 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 1 (Cross) 1X - 5 - - 1/100 - - 2 0
3 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 1 (Cross) 1X - 4 - - 1/100 - - 2 0
4 Move back of 2 squares AoE: 1 (Cross) 1X - 3 - - 1/100 - - 2 0
5 Move back of 3 squares AoE: 1 (Cross) 1X - 3 - - 1/100 - - 2 0
6 Move back of 4 squares AoE: 1 (Cross) 1X - 3 - - 1/100 - - 2 100


Release is an elementary spell. It repels all adjacent players, similar to the Eniripsa's Frightening Word and Iop's Intimidation. It is especially useful for ranged attackers who need to make a getaway, or summoners with low MP summons that want to give their summons an extra push toward their enemies.

The monster version of the spell has no cooldown.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Release is a job ability command given by a Summoner to his or her avatar in Final Fantasy XI. In Final Fantasy XI, after an avatar or elemental is summoned, it will stay and await instructions by the Summoner. During this time the summoned creature will slowly drain MP from the summoner. The amount of this drain is determined by level and what creature is out. While the creature is out, the summoner will also be unable to rest to recover MP. When a summoner uses release, which is available from level 1, he instructs the summoned creature or elemental to leave.


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From Grand Theft Wiki

Release Gum
Release is a bubblegum that first appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and then again in Grand Theft Auto IV. In GTA Vice City Stories, Release has three different flavours sold in all Verdi Groceries stores but only two are sold in FIDL stores. However, the FIDL store in Washington Beach sell all three flavours. It is also advertised on a billboard outside Fort Baxter Air Base as well as the Vice City Inquirer and in GTA IV, the player can download a Release theme for their phone via The slogans for Release are "You chew, you suck then pow!" and "Shoots a load in your mouth!" The gum is produced by Candy Box.


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From Halopedia, the Halo Wiki

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Halo Wars


Flood-controlled Shield World (Possibly)

  • Flood Biomass
Power-ups on map
Recommended Number of Players

2 players


Release, a multi-player map for Halo Wars, is set in a Flood infested region of an unknown planet.



The Containment Facility has failed, allowing the Flood to infest the facility for "thousands of years" before the events of Halo Wars. The environment is described as Flood-dominated, and undefended scouting parties will quickly be infected. The map has two "control panels" that players can use as biological weapons, unleashing hordes of captive Flood on the enemy for 600 resources. This is an extremely risky move, as the Flood can turn against the player as well,so make sure you have enough troops to manage such a large infestation. [1]

  • The control panel to release the Flood is on the same side as the doorway they will exit from. If you want the Flood to attack the enemy, activate the control panel closest to your opponent's base.
  • Controlling the facility is difficult because in order to use the panel you must use infantry to occupy the controls but along the way a unique flood form launches a green cloud that quickly infects most infantry so vehicles and infantry are normally needed to wield this technique.
  • Activating the controls takes increasing amounts of resources and can be used as many times as desired but with a short wait time between each wave.
  • The first three times it is activated the swarm has more forms and the preexisting forms in greater numbers. The first swarm has infected marines and carrier forms, the second has the same along with thrasher forms, and the third has the same along with many flood swarm forms. Continued releases result in a repeat of the third wave.
  • It is very possible to destroy an enemy base without ever attacking it yourself as the flood often prove difficult for bases to fend off.
  • The most opportune time to use them is early in a battle as infantry are easily infected but vehicles easily combat most flood forms.
  • If your leader is the Arbiter, and you have purchased the Ghastly Vision upgrade, you can use him to sneak past Flood Colonies to the other containment panel, then teleport an infantry unit to him to occupy the unit.


  • Crashed on the southwest side of the map are two never-before seen Flood-infested Covenant ships. One bears a striking resemblance to the Infinite Succor from the Halo Graphic Novel
  • This is the only map that features a Relic, capable of releasing Flood upon the enemy when it is garrisoned with troops.
  • Instead of the presence of Rebel bases and Forerunner forts, Flood Colonies take their place, with the tentacles instead of turrets and Combat Forms on guard.
  • There are various forms of flood that can be released in this map, allowing the player to approach them before the campaign levels containing the Flood.
  • New players might be confused when releasing the Flood, as they might go to the one closest to their base, causing them to attack their own base.




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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tribute (Release in the OCG, formerly Sacrifice) is usually a way of voluntarily sending a card from the field to the Graveyard, often used to activate a card effect or perform a Summon. When you tribute a card it is not considered destroyed. Some examples include:

When Tributing for a card effect, the Tribute(s) are considered Costs, which means players cannot respond to the Tributes with card effects, since paying a Cost has no Spell Speed. This also means that Tributes occur before the activation of the effect that they are being Tributed for.

While Tributing a monster for a Tribute Summon is not technically considered a Cost, the Tributed monster still leaves the field before a player can respond to the action.

The term "Tribute" has recently been changed in the official rulings released by Konami in the Starter Deck 2008 deck and replaced by the term "Release".

Incidentally, while the word "Tribute" is considered proper usage for the context of the game, the words "Tributed" and "Tributing" do not exist in the English language and are in fact incorrect usage by default. As such, "Tributed" and "Tributing" are considered words coined solely for usage in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG), although originally cards read "offer(ed/ing) as a Tribute" instead of "Tribute(ed/ing)". Many players who understand this and opt to not promote bad English in a game supposedly marketed to children prefer to use phrases such as "used as a Tribute" instead of "Tributed," as well as support the change to the term "Release" as "Released" and "Releasing" are actual existing words in the English language.

Facts about TributeRDF feed

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