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Japanese Name Reks
Kana レックス
Romaji Rekkusu
Voice actor(s)
Hideki Tasaka
Voice actor(s)
Yuri Lowenthal
Age 17 (deceased)
Race Hume
Home Royal City of Rabanastre
Revenant Wings Job class
Revenant Wings
Final Fantasy XII Character
"No, sir. I want to fight. For my homeland and for my parents."

Reks is one of the characters of Final Fantasy XII. Vaan's older brother by two years, he fights to protect what little family he has left.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Five years before the events of Final Fantasy XII, Reks lost his family to a plague. Only 14 years old, he had to take care of his younger brother Vaan, with help from Penelo and her family. Always kind to others, he even helped a Seeq named Jovy, who was wrongly accused of being a thief. He is also known to love Galbana Lilies, which are a type of red desert flowers.

Three years after losing his parents, Reks joined the Knights of Dalmasca and fell under the command of Captain Basch. Having been one of the few to survive the initial Archadian assault, he formed part of the detachment sent to stop King Raminas from signing Dalmasca's unconditional surrender at Nalbina Fortress.

Holding back to defend the rear from Imperial forces, Reks became separated from his company. When he did finally reach the throne room, he was distraught to find his slaughtered comrades lying at the feet of their murdered King. Basch then appeared from the shadows and stabbed Reks in the torso, leaving him to witness his confession and subsequent arrest. Though mentally and physically destroyed by the events at Nalbina, Reks was able to corroborate the Empire's version of events to Vaan and Vossler Azelas. As a result, when Basch is eventually found alive he is almost universally mistrusted and hated.

Reks died of his wounds, never knowing that the man truly responsible was Basch's twin brother, Noah, and that the whole scheme had been orchestrated by Vayne Solidor.


  • Magicks: Cure, Thunder
  • Equipment: Mythril Sword, Buckler, Leather Cap, Leather Armor


Level HP MP Strength Magic Vitality Speed
3 112-118 32-35 24 22 23 35
4 129-139 34-39 25 22 24 35
5 148-160 35-42 25 23 24 35
6 168-183 37-45 26 23 24 35
99 4401-5188 233-378 74 67 55 46

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