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For the mercenary group, see Reilly's Rangers.
Reilly's Rangers

Reilly's men on top of the hotel
location: Underworld (The Chop Shop)
Our Lady of Hope Hospital
Statesman Hotel
Ranger Compound
given by: Reilly
reward: Ranger Battle Armor
or Eugene
related: Geomapping with Reilly
base id: 00014EA5
Reilly's Rangers

requirements: Complete Reilly's Rangers
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Bronze

Reilly's Rangers is a Fallout 3 quest. It is also an Xbox 360 and PC achievement and a PS3 trophy.


Obtaining the Quest

This quest can be started by:

  • Finding Reilly in Underworld, the Ghoul City situated in the Museum of History in D.C. (near the Washington Monument). She is lying unconscious in the Underworld hospital, The Chop Shop. You must either convince Doctor Barrows to wake her (Speech skill), or do so yourself (60 Medicine skill). Reilly explains that she was wounded by Super Mutants while trying to ex-filtrate and get help for her team, who are stranded on the roof of the Statesman Hotel. (Speaking to Reilly is the only way to learn about Theo's ammo cache and obtain the code to unlock it.)
  • Traveling to the top of the Statesman Hotel and talking to Butcher there.

The Rangers

Reilly's Rangers are a mercenary group operating in the Capital Wasteland. Their current missions are the ongoing eradication of Super Mutants, and mapping the Wasteland. The five members of Reilly's Rangers are:

  • Reilly: Leader of the Rangers.
  • Donovan: The Rangers' Engineer.
  • Brick: The Rangers' heavy weapons specialist, who uses a unique Minigun named Eugene.
  • Butcher: The Rangers' Medic.
  • Theo: The Rangers' Quartermaster, who was carrying most of the Rangers' ammo when he was killed in action.

Objectives and Walkthrough

  • TIP: Prior to entering, you might want to bring a Fission Battery to save some time once you hit the roof.
  1. Locate the Our Lady of Hope Hospital in Vernon Square.
    1. One of the quickest ways is to fast travel to Chevy Chase East (a metro station north of GNR Studios), enter it, and keep following the arrow until you reach the Vernon Square door. The hospital is to your right. If you have already been to Vernon Square, just fast travel there and head down the road to the South East.
  2. Enter the hospital and cross over to the upper floors of the Statesman Hotel.
    1. Make your way through the hospital, fighting or sneaking past the Super Mutants and Centaurs. First Aid Supply boxes are plentiful, as are Medical Braces and Surgical Tubing. Be on the lookout for traps; there is at least one pressure plate and several tripwire-activated grenade bouquets, set by the Rangers.
    2. Cross over to the Statesman Hotel by walking across the toppled crane, and drop down into the hotel.
  3. Make your way to the roof and meet up with the surviving Rangers.
    1. Proceed through the ruined hotel. There are a few items scattered about, but one is linked to another quest. The holotape labeled, A Note from Little Moonbeam's Father, is very important to Sydney, the relic hunter from the Stealing Independence Quest, it is next to a bed in a room with a fallen wall (see A Note from Little Moonbeam's Father). A Nuka-Cola Quantum and a Grognak the Barbarian are in the bar of the Alfresco Lounge.
    2. In the first stairwell you will find the body of Theo, the Rangers' quartermaster, and a locked ammo box (if you received the quest from Reilly, you will have the code needed to open it).
    3. At intermediate floor, you must go up to the Restaurant level. If you have high enough repair skill you can go via elevator at the center of the map: use repairing on the panel. Or you can go up using the doorway at the North-West corner.
    4. At the Restaurant level to get to the Rangers, you will need to pick an Average lock or, to avoid the lock, turn right, a detour must be taken around the lounge itself, down a collapsed floor into a lower level, up another collapsed floor, through the kitchen and into the lounge itself. In the lounge (the big room) go up at right to the balcony where you find the door to the roof.
  4. Repair the elevator to the ground floor.
    1. As you arrive on the roof, you will hear a final round of explosives taking out the latest wave of Super Mutants. Butcher waves you in, but admits you're stuck there with them unless the elevator can be repaired by Donovan.
    2. You may speak to each team member and, if you wish, offer them ammo (Brick takes 150 5mm rounds, Butcher takes 50 10mm rounds, Donovan takes 50 5.56 rounds), then ask Donovan about the elevator. He will tell you that he needs a fission battery; if you aren't carrying one, Butcher mentions that he saw a broken Protectron in the restaurant below. Once you give the battery to Donovan, he will repair the elevator and the Rangers will leave the roof.
    3. Or you can repair the elevator panel with the battery yourself, with a Repair Skill of 75. (However, this does not remove the battery from your inventory.)
    4. Warning: If this fission battery is lost by any means, the elevator cannot be repaired and the PC will become trapped in the Hotel. Check the notes section on The Statesman Hotel article for an escape method. The fission battery can be very difficult for some to find. The last large room before you reach the roof has a bar area, some pool tables, and a jukebox. This is the same room with the Grognak the Barbarian. In the south west corner of that room (not the entire floor, just the room), there is a door under the stairway. That door goes into a small room with the broken Protectron. There is where you'll find the fission battery.
  5. Exfiltrate with the Rangers and return to the Ranger HQ in Seward Square.
    1. Fight your way out of the Statesman Hotel lobby. Butcher (if he survives) will tell you to drop by Ranger HQ, where you will find Reilly and the surviving team members. If you are unable to fast travel to Ranger HQ, it's likely that Seward Square will be swarming with Super Mutant Brutes, Masters, Centaurs and possibly even a few Super Mutant Overlords. when you exit the Dry Sewers, with a sprinkling of Talon Mercs or Regulators (depending on your Karma), so be prepared.
    2. At the Ranger compound you can obtain a secondary quest from Reilly, where she will pay you for mapping locations throughout the wasteland.
  6. As a reward you will be offered Ranger Battle Armor or one of Brick's minigun, Eugene (see Rewards section).



Official Quest Reward

The official quest reward is either a suit of Ranger Battle Armor or one of Brick's unique miniguns, Eugene. However, players have come up with several creative ways to get their hands on both rewards. (See discussion page.)

Geomapper Module

After rescuing Reilly's Rangers, if you offer to help Reilly with the Rangers' mapping duties, she will give you a Geomapper Module. As long as you have the module in your inventory, it will record every new location you discover. Return to the Compound periodically and speak to Reilly again to receive 30 caps per location. Given the number of locations in the game, this is a great source of income. You can speak to her right away after first receiving the Module and get paid for locations you've already discovered**.

There may be a minor glitch upon talking to Reilly about the Geomapping. She may say that all the locations you mapped before receiving the module were already found, and that you need to find "new" locations to receive any payment. This can be avoided by not trying to 'cash in' right away; leave the Compound and discover at least one location, then return to Reilly, and you will be paid for every location on your map.

Even if Reilly says you need to find "new" locations, you can still receive back payment for all your previous locations after you find one new location. Just go back to Reilly afterward and tell her you have map data to receive your payment.

It is not enough to simply have the locations on your Pip-boy map (as can be gained from the Explorer perk or from Karen Schenzy after the Blood Ties Quest). To gain the caps these locations have to be "discovered" by actually visiting them.'

Ranger Services

Two of the Rangers (provided they survive) also offer services:

  • Butcher will treat your wounds for free, but cannot cure radiation poisoning or clear addictions.
  • Donovan offers to repair your weapons and armor for a fee, but despite Reilly's glowing recommendation his repair ability is actually very low.


  • For strategies, tactics and exploits see discussion page.
  • If you have the Broken Steel add-on, it is advisable to complete this before the player reaches level 20, or the new Super Mutant Overlords will make the quest more difficult to complete.
  • If you revive Reilly yourself, there's a chance that she will stand up in a slumped and tired position and stay that way indefinitely (even after the quest). Dr. Barrows warns that this may happen, saying that if you wake her, she may suffer irreparable damage.
  • If Donovan is killed on the roof in the battle with the Super Mutants, the PC can use Donovan's Wrench to fix the elevator.
  • You may randomly encounter Donovan while traveling through the Capital Wasteland. When you talk to him, he will give you a Mini Nuke and say that Reilly sent him. It's also possible that your random encounter with Donovan will be the discovery of his body, on which you can find his Ranger Armor, a Ranger Battle Helmet, a 10mm pistol, a mini nuke and a few random items.
  • On Reilly's terminal there is a contract note about being paid for each Super Mutant killed and needing body parts as proof. However, this is not a contract from which the player can profit.
  • You will receive positive karma for the completion of this quest.


  • If you have Fawkes, Charon, or Dogmeat in your party when you make initial contact with the Rangers on the roof of the Statesman Hotel, Reilly's Rangers may become hostile to you. This can be avoided if you have the follower wait in the hallway of the previous area, go make initial contact with the Rangers, then return to the prior area and retrieve your follower. (confirmed All Platforms But The Add-on pack ps3 version) The bug will not happen if you have the ps3 add-on pack.
  • The same broken Protectron can be found stuck in the floor after initially going to the rooftop and looking for the fission battery after speaking to the rangers. The Protectron will fall halfway through the floor and will make the noise of metal falling onto the floor repeatedly. If this happens just run towards the noise and then just proceed normally once obtaining it. (confirmed, all platforms)
  • When talking to Reilly in the Rangers HQ, the game may crash, resulting in being returned to the main menu. (confirmed PS3)
  • There is an audio bug which affects all of the Rangers' voices. It will cause dialogue to proceed exceedingly quick making text impossible to read, and audio dialogue will not play at all, leaving the player to respond to dialogue he/she has not been able to ponder. Although the quest can be completed regardless, it is still bothersome, and can hamper understanding of how to proceed. It is unconfirmed whether saving prior and reloading can fix the issue, though attempts have been unsuccessful. (confirmed PS3)
  • Another audio bug shows up, if you melee attack Reilly she will sound as if a male character, having pain. (PS3)
  • Reilly's Rangers may randomly become hostile to the PC upon return to their HQ. (confirmed Xbox 360, PS3)
  • If you have Col. Autumn's Laser Pistol in inventory while performing this quest, it may disappear upon completion of the Quest. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Reilly's Rangers may become hostile towards the PC if you shoot one of the Ranger's corpses should any of them die after the elevator is repaired. (confirmed Xbox 360)
  • Attacking Reilly in Underworld's hospital doesn't turn civilians hostile. In fact, if she is awake when you attack her, civilians will help you kill her (seeing her as an enemy). If she is still in a coma when you kill her, you will take the regular karma loss that would be incurred for killing an innocent, though civilians will still not become hostile. (confirmed PC)
  • If you have killed Allistair Tenpenny and taken his suit, and have it in your inventory upon completion of the quest, it may disappear.
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