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race: Human, Caucasian
affiliation: Reilly's Rangers Mercenary
role: Reilly's Rangers leader
location: Underworld (The Chop Shop)
Ranger Compound
family: Butcher Boyfriend
appearances: Fallout 3
quests: Reilly's Rangers
Geomapping with Reilly
SPECIAL: 5ST, 7PE, 6EN, 4CH, 3IN, 6AG, 4LK
derived stats: Hit Points: 150 → 200 → 250 (Broken Steel only)
tag skills: Big Guns: 70 → 100
Energy Weapons: 72 → 100
Small Guns: 70 → 100
level: 10 → 20 → 30 (Broken Steel only) (1.75 times current player level)
actor: Shari Elliker
base id: 000156F1
ref id: 0002A9FC

Reilly is the leader of a small mercenary band known as Reilly's Rangers.



Growing up in the ruins of Washington D.C. without parents, Reilly encountered a military man who took her in and taught her everything there was to know about combat, tactics and survival . When he died 12 years later, she carried his body all the way to Arlington Cemetery, and gave him the best military burial she could. Four years ago at 26, she founded Reilly's Rangers, and began a massive mapping exercise[1].

Interactions with the player character

Before having completed the Reilly's Rangers quest, she can be found lying unconscious in Underworld's The Chop Shop, where she is recovering from injuries sustained during a massive firefight with Super Mutants in the Vernon Square area. You can heal her if your Medicine skill is 60+, or you can convince Doctor Barrows to wake her up through speech. If you choose to do either, Reilly will wake up and urge you to go help out the rest of her rangers at the Statesman Hotel. This will activate the Reilly's Rangers quest, assuming you hadn't listened to her unit's distress signal through the radio tab in your pipboy while perusing the D.C. ruins. Beginning the quest this way will also add an optional quest objective to pick up some ammunition off of Theo, a ranger who was torn apart in the same firefight that resulted in Reilly becoming bedridden. Reilly will add a note to your pipboy which contains the code to Theo's ammunition box, as well as directions to Our Lady of Hope Hospital.

After completing the quest, Reilly's Rangers, Reilly can be found in the Ranger Compound. Since her return to the compound, her confidence in being a leader has fallen. She doesn't know if she is the right person for the job anymore. You can make her feel more confident and even reduce some of the pressure she's feeling by offering to do some mapping for her. Reilly gratefully accepts on the condition that she pays caps for it. She then gives you a geomapper. Any map markers you then choose to share with Reilly will be paid for. Old locations you have found can be paid for by Reilly as well if you talk to her a first and then a second time. You may choose to come back to the Ranger Compound at any time during the game and share markers with her in exchange for caps.

Reilly is slightly tougher and more skilled than the other members of Reilly's Rangers. Additionally, she will level up with the player, and her combat capacity can be anywhere from that of a Brotherhood of Steel Paladin to that of an elite Enclave Tesla Soldier. However, there is no point in the game in which she participates in combat, unless the player attacks Reilly's Rangers.


Apparel Weapon Other item On death
Ranger Battle Armor 10mm SMG


  • Reilly keeps notes of her teammates in her terminal which are written as reports.
  • According to her computer files she and Butcher are in a relationship.
  • There are a few inconsistencies between Reilly's dialogue and her notes. If you ask about Talon Co. Reilly will tell about an encounter with them in which Brick, the teams Heavy Weapons specialist, ALMOST fought with a detachment of them; where as in her report on Brick, Reilly states that Brick did indeed fire on (and nearly massacre) them. She also states that Theo, the ranger lost in the Statesman Hotel, was a full ranger, where as his contract is marked in her notes as "Probationary". It is possible however, that Theo was promoted after his death and Reilly didn't yet write it in her log.
  • Depending on how you 'wake' her up, Reilly's legs are crippled and can be seen limping if you use your medical skill to wake her up. But she will look like normal if you pass Doctor Barrows speech test to wake her up.


  • Sometimes Reilly, when in Underworld's hospital, gets stuck in a dialogue with no exit options (like "I'll have to go now"). This seems to appear when you listened to her quest suggestion Reilly's Rangers and chose to think about it and return later and leave for other business. (But the quest already appears on your pip boy and when selected, states "Find Reilly in Underworld" in the top left corner although you already met her.) When you in fact return later, be sure to quicksave before talking to her. She's not continuing giving you the quest and password and directions but just injured in hospital. The only options then are asking about her health and suggesting to save her troops herself which both yields a rant about her state and returning to these very two options. No forthcoming here, luckily you did a quicksave, as advised. Now reload the situation before the conversation, the solution is simple: Go ahead with the quest as if you never met Reilly, rescue her troops from the hotel roof and tell them you don't know Reilly. You'll meet her anyway at Ranger Compound afterwards and collect your rewards.
  • It is possible, on rare occasions, that if you kill Reilly before waking her up, the Reilly's Rangers Quest will still tell you to speak to Reilly. (Witnessed Xbox 360, PS3)


Reilly appears only in Fallout 3.

Related quests

Special Items


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