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Yakou Tenma

Main article: Yakou Tenma.

Gekkou Tenma

Gekkou in the chapter 16 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Gekkou Tenma 「天馬月行, Tenma Gekkō」 is Yakou Tenma's older brother, although only slightly older, since they are identical twins. Gekkou wants to stop the RA project.

Gekkou uses an Elf-themed Armament Deck.


Deschutes Lew

Deschutes in chapter 3 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Deschutes Lew 「デシェーツ・ルー, Deshētsu Rū」 Is the first Card Professor whom Yugi defeats. He is named after the Deschutes River and Deschutes County, Oregon. "Deschutes" is also a pre-release codename for the 333MHz P6 Intel Pentium II chip.

Deschutes uses a Wall/Control Deck.


Tilla Mook

Tilla in chapter 4 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Tilla Mook 「ティラ・ムーク ,Tira Mūku」 is the second Card Professor whom Yugi defeats. She is named after Tillamook, Oregon. "Tillamook" is also a pre-release codename for the Embedded 266 MHz Intel Pentium MMX chip.

Tilla uses a Vampire Deck.


Klamath Osler

Klamath in chapter 5 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Klamath Osler 「クラマス・オースラー, Kuramasu Ōsurā」 is the third Card Professor who has such bad luck. Jonouchi defeats him. He is named after Klamath Falls, Oregon. "Klamath" is also a pre-release codename for the 300MHz Intel Pentium II chip.

Klamath uses an Insect Deck.


Kirk Dixon

Kirk in the 6th Chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Kirk Dixon (カーク・ディクソン, Kāku Dikuson) is the fourth Card Professor whom Yugi defeats. "Dixon" is also a pre-release codename for the 333MHz 1.6V Intel Pentium II chip.

Kirk uses a Machiners Deck.


Pete Coppermine

Pete in chapter 7 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Pete Coppermine (ピート・コパーマイン, Pīto Kopāmain) is the fifth Card Professor whom Jonouchi defeats. He is named after the Coppermine River in Oregon. The name of that river was used as a codename for the 866MHz Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FCPGA) Pentium III (P3-850) microprocessor, which was released by Intel.

Pete plays a Mutant-themed Deck.


Maico Katou

Maico in chapter 8 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
An old woman in a wheelchair, Maico Katou (マイコ・カトウ, Maiko Katō) a.k.a. Mrs. Maico (ミセス・マイコ Misesu Maiko) is the sixth Card Professor whom Yugi defeats. "Maico" is an alternate romanization of the name "Maiko", but it also refers to a brand of motorcycle. Kato Engineering is a company associated with motorcycles. The name also originates from the "KatMai" chip.

Maico plays a Forest-themed Deck.


Mendo Cino

Mendo in chapter 12 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Mendo Cino (メンド・シーノ, Mendo Shīno) is the seventh Card Professor whom Jonouchi defeats. "Mendocino" is also a pre-release codename for the 300MHz P6 Intel Pentium II Centrino chip.

Mendo uses a Mantis-themed Insect Deck.


Willa Mette

Willa in chapter 14 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Willa Mette (ウィラ・ミット, Wira Mitto) is the eight Card Professor whom Kaiba defeats. The Willamette is a river in Oregon and a codename for Intel's 1.5 GHz P7 Pentium IV.

Willa plays a Dragon Deck.


Ted Banias

Ted in chapter 16 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Ted Banias (テッド・バニアス, Teddo Baniasu) is the ninth Card Professor of Yu-Gi-Oh! R whom Gekkou defeats. Banias is the codename for Intel's first x86 Pentium M chip.

Ted uses a Beast-Warrior Deck.


Reiko Kitamori

Reiko in chapter 18 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Reiko Kitamori (北森玲子, Kitamori Reiko) is the tenth Card Professor whom Jonouchi defeats. Kitamori means "northwood" in Japanese and is the codename for the 130nm version Intel's Pentium 4 microprocessor.

Reiko uses a Chess-themed Mill Deck.


Depre Scott

Depre in chapter 21 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Depre Scott (デプレ・スコット, Depure Sukotto) is the eleventh Card Professor and another of Pegasus' adopted sons. He is defeated by Little Yugi. Prescott was the codename for the 90nm version of Intel's Pentium 4 microprocessor.

Depre uses a Cosmic-themed Deck.


Richie Merced

Richie in chapter 21 of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Richie Merced (リーチー・マーセーッド, Rīchī Māsēddo) is the twelfth Card Professor and another of Pegasus' adopted sons. He defeats Gekkou, and is later defeated by Keith. Merced was the codename for Itanium, an IA-64 microprocessor developed jointly by Intel and Hewlett-Packard.

Richie uses Cowboy-themed Deck.


Cedar Mill

Cedar's brief apparition in the 32nd chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! R
Cedar Mill (シーダー・ミール, Shīdā Mīru) is the thirteenth Card Professor. Although he's not actually named in the actual manga, dispatched almost offhandedly in a single panel by Yugi's Slifer the Sky Dragon, Cedar is identified in a sketch in the 4th volume of the collected manga. This sketch also identifies Cedar's Deck as a "High-Tech Marionette Deck" 「ハイテックマリオネット」. Cedar Mill is the name of a location in Oregon, as well as the codename for the 65nm version of Intel's Pentium 4 microprocessor.

Masumi Momono

Masumi Momono
Masumi Momono 「百野真澄, Momono Masumi」 appears only in a special chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! R, the Jump Heroes Special. Momono tries to take over the Kame Game Shop owned by Sugoroku Mutou.

Masumi possesses numerous thematic decks (his name translates loosely to "100 fields"), and uses them according to the opponent that he's facing. Since most of Yugi's strongest cards are related to the DARK Attribute, Masumi chooses a Light Deck to duel against him.His codename also is 1.266 GHz Flip Chip Pin Grid Array (FCPGA2) Pentium III (P3-850) microprocessor.


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