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Regulator HQ

Regulator HQ at night
map marker: Regulator HQ
quests: none
cell name: zRegulatorHQInterior
ref id: 0006F183

Regulator HQ is a farmhouse that serves as the headquarters of the Regulators. It is located north of the Wheaton Armory and west of Canterbury Commons.

The coordinates for this location are only given to you once you take the Lawbringer perk. It is impossible to get inside without the Lawbringer perk as the door will be locked and will require a key. Also, the Regulator HQ marker will not appear on your map.

Inside the Regulator HQ, three Regulators can be found along with Sonora Cruz who will take the fingers you can take off the dead bodies of evil NPCs(if you get the killing hit on them and have the lawbringer perk). The bounty on fingers starts at 5 caps per finger, after about 10 fingers the bounty will go up to 10 caps each. The bounty will eventually climb to a max of 20 caps per finger as you turn in more of them. Outside stand three Brahmin which can sometimes be seen being tended to by Sonora.

There is a possible Random Encounter location to the east of here directly underneath the Chinese Army Mobile Command HQ.



It is unconfirmed whether it's a bug or part of the game, but approximately 4 out of 5 times you fast travel to the Regulator HQ (PS3/360), random enemies will spawn that will attack the surrounding Brahmin and possibly the Regulators. These attacks are commonly conducted by Giant Radscorpions, Yao Guai, and Deathclaws (at higher levels).

These attacks may, and most likely will, provoke Sonora Cruz into fleeing and running away. This can happen with her either inside or outside the Regulator HQ. This seriously works against you as Sonora Cruz is the only individual you can turn Fingers to for caps.

  • Tips
    • Do not enter the HQ while you are in combat as this will cause all the Regulators to flee, making Sonora Cruz almost impossible to find.
    • Be aware that if Sonora Cruz does flee, this leaves her open to surrounding enemies, most notably, the Enclave encampment not far from the Regulator HQ.
    • Her Regulator Duster will not protect her from Giant Radscorpions or Enclave Soldiers. If she wanders off, reverse pick-pocketing better armor onto her is advised.
    • Once all threats are suppressed she may still be "fleeing", but talking to her will stand her up again allowing you to push her all the way back to the HQ, should you decide to take the time to do so.
    • If you can't find her, be sure to thoroughly search in ALL directions from the HQ. She has been found to have ran as far off as tenpenny tower.
    • Occasionally, when you fast travel to the HQ, added in with the Radscorpions/Yao Guai that spawn, you may also find a Sentry Bot which can easily take down all the Regulators with its Missile Launcher arm and Gatling Laser. Be advised!
    • Even if Sonora Cruz flees from the HQ, if you are lucky enough to find her, she will still accept Fingers and give you your caps.


  • There is a copy of Guns and Bullets under the bed next to Sonora Cruz.
  • There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum in the room with the tub, in one of the locker's open compartments.
  • Evil and even good PCs that join the Regulators will find Bounty Notices for them inside the inventories of the Regulators, but they will not attack you when you enter the HQ.
  • If you spawn at the Regulator HQ, then stroll over to the Wheaton Armory to observe the scuffle between Enclave troops and Raiders, when you return to Regulator HQ you will always freak out Senora---even if you killed all the bad guys at the Armory. Best bet is to run outside before she does, and not return for a few days (Patched PC version).
  • If you enter the Regulator HQ with Fawkes, the Regulators will flee, but not turn hostile. After a few minutes, they will calm down (PS3/360).
  • Fast travel to the Scrapyard then walk due NE to the shack. This usually prevents enemies from attacking the Regulators, but several Yao Guai may still attack. This attack can be prevented with the Animal Friend perk.
  • On the original Fallout 3 it was almost 100% when fast travelling you would encounter 2 giant rad scorpions, however on GOTY edition it is most likely to be a sentry bot and an albino rad scorpion.
  • If Sonora Cruz has left the HQ and never returns, she can possibly be found south of HQ, opposite the back of the hut and just to the right next to some rocks. She is also sometimes under a nearby collapsed highway.
  • A good tactic to use when losing Sonora is fast travelling to the scrapyard and walking to the HQ, you will usually see a deathclaw or radscorpion killing the brahamin, sometimes they will chase Sonora, catch up kill the enemy and after a while Sonora will stop fleeing. (you don't have to be quick, she cannot die)


  • Sometimes, if you do not see any creatures outside, they will spawn INSIDE the house and kill some Regulators. These creatures include Deathclaws, Sentry Bots, and Giant Radscorpions (If Broken Steel is installed these may be replaced by Albino Radscorpions). If this happens, Sonora will not care and can still receive the fingers you give to her. All the Regulators that died will reappear unharmed the next time you travel there. (PS3/360).
  • When my character jumped from Bad to Good, the regulators still had my characters bounty notice. I had been there a few times, and they did not attack. Then, one time I went in and my followers immediately killed all the Regulators except Sonora.
  • Occasionally after a battle with any wasteland creature, a bug may occur where the player's followers will go berserk and kill all remaining Brahmin or nearby caravan traders despite being neutral to you.
  • As mentioned above all other regulators inside will have a bounty notice with your name on it. This is the case even if your character has never been bad.
  • Sonora Cruz at Regulator HQ sometimes flees into the wilderness after a giant scorpion or Yao Guai attack.

Chinese Army Mobile Command HQ

The Chinese Army Mobile Command HQ is what appears to be a communications centre set up in a ruined trailer. It is not marked on the world or local map, the nearest marked location is the Regulator HQ. Looking due east from the Regulator HQ door a truck and trailer is visible high above toward the end of a ruined section of freeway overpass. Head up to the trailer from the base of the freeway (north east from the Regulator HQ) and travel up until coming to the trailer. In the trailer there is a ham radio, a ruined terminal and some useful loot in three metal boxes and a filing cabinet.

  • There are three metal boxes and a filing cabinet with random loot.
  • On the table with the HAM radio is a Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual; perhaps the only clue to the trailer's original purpose.

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