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"One, two, three, four, five."

Jack recounts the "five" story

Main article: Count to five

"One of us"/"One of them"

  • The title of episode 2x14 "One of Them", referring to Ben as his alias Henry Gale.
  • "There may actually be survivors; and you're one of them." Ben to Ethan and Goodwin immediately after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.
  • "Ben just put his life in the hands of one of them!" Pickett to an unnamed Other during Ben's surgery. ("I Do")
  • "Juliet doesn't care about you, Jack. It doesn't matter what she's done. No matter what you think, she's one of us." Ben to Jack during Juliet's trial. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")
  • "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us." The meaning of Jack's tattoo. ("Stranger in a Strange Land")
  • "We escaped with one of them - a kid named Karl" Kate ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")
  • "The reason they let him stay here is because he is not DHARMA. He is one of them." Sayid, about Mikhail in the Flame ("Enter 77")
  • "If Ben’s so magnificent, then why did he need one of us to save him?" Kate ("Par Avion")
  • The title of episode 3x16 "One of Us", referring to Juliet.
  • "So. You're like one of them, huh?" Hurley to Juliet at the beach camp ("One of Us")
  • "Trust her? She's one of them." Sun about Juliet
  • "I wanna ask you why you're fighting every one of us and sticking up for one of them." Sawyer to Jack about Juliet ("One of Us")
  • "You wanna get off this Island more than anything else in the world. That makes you one of us." Jack to Juliet ("One of Us")
  • "For whatever reason, your path has led you here. And now you're one of us. Welcome, brother." Monk to Desmond after his vow of silence ("Catch-22")
  • "Do not treat me like I'm one of them! Like I don't know who you are, or what you can do!" Miles to Ben whilst trying to extort him for $3.2 million. ("Eggtown")
  • "We don't know. There weren't any witnesses. I can only assume they found out he wasn't one of them." Ben to Juliet after showing her Goodwin's body. ("The Other Woman")
  • "Wait. So... what, he's one of us now?" Claire to Locke about Ben whilst they are discussing what to do about the freighter mercenary team arriving for Ben. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

"On my own"

  • "No, I’m on my own and at least I know that now." - Claire to Charlie when she thinks he is sabotaging her plan for rescue ("Par Avion")
  • "I'm already on my own, Jack." - Juliet, before she "heals" Claire ("One of Us")
  • "No I was never undercover, James. I'm on my own journey now." - Locke to Sawyer ("The Brig")
  • Sawyer: "Either you cooperate and join the party in Dharmaville, or you're on your own." Sayid: "Then I guess I'm on my own." - ("He's Our You")

"Open this damn door!"

"Playing house"

"Running like the devil's chasing you"

"See you in another life"

Nadia giving her photo with the message

"See you on the other side"

"Son of a bitch"


Richard telling Locke that Ben felt threatened because he is special

"Starting over"

"Stay away"

"That was a long time ago"

"That's the spirit"

"That's why the red sox will never win the world series"

"The new sheriff"

  • "Seeing as how you're the new sheriff and all, might as well make it official." - Sawyer to Kate ("White Rabbit")
  • "There's a new sheriff in town, and ya'll better get used to it." - Sawyer ("The Long Con")

"The next level"

"There's a line"

"They're coming"

"Use the five iron"

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