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Regression is the third episode of the first season of Star Trek: Swiftfire.



The Fifth fleet is joined by the Klingon Third Battlegroup in their new home of the Guyra system. The Klingons immediately charge off to face the enemy but after a scrambled message Starfleet lose contact with the Klingon fleet. The USS Swiftfire-A is dispatched to search for them. What they find is that the Klingons won't be going anywhere any time soon.

Memorable quotes

"When was the last time you spent time with a woman?"
"Right now. Unless there is something you’re not telling me."
Commander Susan Core and Captain Jonathan Masters.
"I hope these shields modifications work."
"Don’t worry if they don’t we will be frozen in time and we won’t notice. Or the shields grid will overload and the shuttle will explode."
"What! You don’t say anything about that!"
--Lieutenant Commanders Nikki Whitechapel and Pavlo Celcho
"I wish I stayed on the ship. This has to be the most boring Subspace rip in the universe. It doesn’t appear to do anything. It isn’t growing or shrinking. It isn’t trying to swallow us up in a frenzy of screaming and running in circles. It’s even letting you scan it without any adverse effects."
— Commander Core complaining about a stable subspace tear.
"I think I’m going to suggest you go on a diet, Captain!"
Doctor Carol Murphy as she drags an unconscious Captain Masters.
"I’m a Doctor not a crash test dummy!"
— Doctor Murphy after been thrown around by shockwaves from a destabilising subspace tear.

Background information


268th Tactical Wing; Brand, Cameron; Canberra-class; Dyson, Paul; Elmhurst, Hannah; Fenris, Keith; USS Freedom; Guyra III; Guyra IV; Guyra IV moonbase; Guyra system; Harvey, Victor; USS Hawkins; Jem'Hadar Thirteenth Division; Klingon Third Battlegroup; USS Long; USS Malinche; Muir (Founder); O'Meara, Isabella; Oasis Squadron; Overcome Squadron; USS Perry; USS Phar Lap; Puma Squadron; USS Shokia; USS Socrates; Son'a battle cruiser; USS Sparrow; Static time bubble; subspace tear; transporter wristband; Twenty-Third Order; USS Warwick

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  • "Regression" in PDF format at Star Trek Swiftfire

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