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The Regnancy of the Carnelian Throne was a multispecies interstellar empire that existed in the galaxy.

The history of the Regnancy began with an unidentified species whose king fought numerous battles and revolutions until the fighting came to his own kingdom. After battling the rebels, he wept tears at seeing the carnage that had erupted as his throne was covered with blood making it carnelian in color. Since that time, he devoted his life to the ideals of justice and peace.

Unfortunately, future successors became corrupted by their own power and sought to forcefully subject others making them slaves to the Regnancy. But in time, it would be the slaves that gained true power as it was they who ran the government which ultimately brought about a new change in the state. However, they required an ideal to strive for and after remembering the stories of the Carnelian Throne, the placed the story as well as its ideals as the forefront of their objectives.

The Regnancy's territory eventually bordered that of the United Federation of Planets. Due to a difference in idealogy, Starfleet considered the Regnancy an expansionist imperialist power that sought the acquisition of slave races with those who refused entry into the state as enemies. This was a misconception as the Regnancy believed that those who refused to accept the ideals of the Carnelian Throne as being evil and promoting injustice. This brought about a conflict at Kirisha III with the Federation's Caitian settlers there which erupted in a skirmish when the Manraloth sought the Regnancy's help in tapping into the data archive in a Black hole. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)

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