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Official quest description: Continuing the Plague City series, the Regicide Quest takes you beyond the 'Well of Voyage' to a new realm.

King Lathas will employ you once again, this time for the grim task of deposing his brother.

Once you have traveled to the realm you will find yourself surrounded by new and strange plants, animals and even a new race.

Once there, you will see that everything is not as serene as it first appears.

Release date: 20 September 2004 (Update)
Start: Randomly receive a message from King Lathas' messenger (similar to a random event, but it should not take long)
Difficulty: *****
Length: Long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
Monsters to kill: Tyras Guard (level 110)


This is the whole map of Tirannwn with a useful legend and track. You should refer to the map above for reference to prevent getting lost.

Getting the King's message.

Note: When doing this quest, be careful to make sure you have everything you need before setting out on a trip, as if you reach the Elven lands and realise you have forgotten something, it is a LONG way between the bank and the quest areas, even if you cut out the way back with teleports.

  • After receiving the King's message, go to King Lathas. He will tell you to go through the Underground Pass again to the western Darklands. Note: you will not need to do anything from the underground pass quest again, you just need to go through the dungeon. You will need to shoot the rope to get through the bridge and go through the obstacles. But you do not need to collect the orbs again, neither make the doll again or kill the unicorn, and do not talk to the knights, as they will attack you. In other words, it will be significantly easier to get through than before. To get to the well of voyage, you need to go to the chamber where Iban was (don't worry, he isn't there any more).


Before going into the Pass, make sure you have:

  • 2 Ropes (One for the pass and one for the quest,Also bring 1 more in case you fail crossing in the pass)
  • spade
  • Bow and arrows
  • Antipoison (or Prayer book from Great Brain Robbery Quest with blessed Holy Symbol)
  • Good food (Monkfish+)
  • Weapon to kill a Tyras Guard
  • (Optional) Hatchet and Tinderbox for cooking food as barbarian firemaking does not work here. (Note: there is a fishing Spot at the River near the elf camp, where one can use Bait or Lure fishing along the river, and north-west of the elf camp is a Big Fishing net/harpoon spot for sharks).
  • Pickaxe for mining Limestone (or just bring Limestone. Limestone bricks will not work here)
  • Pestle and mortar
  • If you are using Summer pie and Agility Potion bring these with you.

Once there, you'll meet scouts of his. After that the scout will tell you something. See the separate guide for instructions about how to get through the pass.

Once you're at Iban's temple, go in. Iban will no longer be there, so you can simply climb down the Well of Voyage. You'll find an altar and a summoning obelisk there.


Note: Traps can stop your forward motion. You fall right into them and take damage. However, simply clicking on the other side of the trap and then clicking house options or a skill interface will prevent triggering of the trap. This also works on many plank traps around RuneScape and the Underground Pass.

On the way, you will encounter four different obstacles:

The dense forest

Dense forest You need level 56 Agility to navigate through this. You cannot get through until later in the quest when an Elf Tracker teaches you how. Dense forest cannot be failed and it acts as a shortcut inside the forest. It's also the only way to reach some areas. If your agility is 51-55 and you are using summer pies/agility potions, there a few things that would come in handy:

  • On the way into Tyras's camp, you will need to pot/pie up, but you won't on the way out
  • And you only need the pot/pie for the first of the 3 dense forests, for example, you pot up to 56 and get through the first dense forest. Then your agility goes down to 55. You can still go through the second and third dense forests.
The leaf trap

Leaf trap These look just like trees from above. You will see some leaves on the ground. If you step on them, you'll fall into a pit and lose 15 hp. The trap has two sides: your side and the other side. Click "jump over" on the same side of the trap that you are. Still, You may fail.

The trip wire. Note that there are two.

Tripwire You will see two rocks very close together. There are also four miniature crossbows pointing at them. Move your cursor between the rocks to find a tripwire, then step over. If you trigger the trap, you'll be hit double 5s and get a 2-damage poison condition.

The stick trap

Stick trap You'll see some sticks on the ground in a formation similar to a hurdle. Right-click "pass" on them.You will almost always fail. If you do, you'll lose 8 hp.

In Isafdar

  • Go out the cave. You'll meet with Idris on your way westward, but Morvran and Essylt will quickly shoot him down. They will tell you to talk to Lord Iorwerth, who can be found at the camp in the north west corner of the forest.
  • Make your way through the forest to the north west corner - the Elf Camp. Lord Iorwerth will tell you to talk to his Tracker after you tell him that King Lathas sent you.

Find Tracker

Go south-east of the camp until you find an Elf Tracker. He is due east of Tyras Camp in the map. He won't believe you since you're a human, so return to Lord Iorwerth to get a crystal pendant. Put it on and talk to the Tracker again. He will tell you to find the Tyras Camp.

a great way to kill the guard

Find Tyras Camp

Check the footprints to the west into the dense forest. If you are told that you see no way past then go back to the Elf Tracker and talk to him and he will tell you what you need to know to pass. You can now climb through if you have 56 agility. You need to see the tracks and follow them before you can continue. Examine the forest if you can't find the tracks.

Walk along the path, pass through the trip wire and dense forest and try to pass the dense forest to the Tyras Camp, a level 110 Tyras Guard will attack you, equipped with a steel halberd. He has a very high defence and hitpoints (comparable to Barrows) and can hit a maximum of 15 (sometimes through full Rune), but should be somewhat easy to defeat with Protect from Melee and a decent weapon or magic/Ancients. Be aware that there are not many "safe spots", and most of them his halberd can reach over. You should be able to find a safe spot behind the mushrooms to the west, giving two spaces in between you and the guard.

After you've killed him, continue on to the Tyras Camp. (If you are doing this quest with Summer Pie or Agility Potions and run out you can charter to Tyras Camp even if you didn't talk to Hining) Talk to General Hining. Be sure to grab a barrel while you are in Tyras's Camp.

Please note that you can charter a ship from Port Tyras, just south west of the Tyras Camp, even if you haven't finished the quest.

Back to Elves

Then go back to Lord Iorwerth. He will give you the Big Book O' Bangs. Read it. You need to make an explosive compound.

If you don't have the limestone you may want to mine it now.

Making the naphtha may prone to error and each time you start the process, you need a barrel of coal-tar. Remember to wear gloves or you will take damage. A regen bracelet prevents damage as well. Other bracelets may also prevent damage. A combat bracelet, though, does not.

Then go south of the Elf Tracker until you find a poison waste swamp. Use the barrels on the poison waste to get a Barrel of coal-tar. NOTE: it is common for players to not be able to take the sulphur and tar right away. If this happens to you, try moving around the area, you'll find it sooner or later Break off a chunk of sulphur, which surrounds the area and should catch your eye easily, and grind it with your pestle and mortar to make Ground sulphur.


Making the explosive!

Teleport out of the elf kingdom (or better, take the charter ship out of Port Tyras to save some time later on) and withdraw about 20 coal from the bank. Then go to the Chemist's House near Rimmington, in Biohazard quest. Talk to the Chemist with the Big book of bangs in your inventory.

Add a single piece of coal when the gauges on the display are in this position (not counting the bottom green meter).

First, Use the barrel of coal-tar with the Fractionalizing still.

Then, click the right side of the valve to the right twice, so the tar should be flowing at maximum. You should see the 'pressure' indicator on the left go up. When the indicator reaches the green region, click the right side of the valve on the left once to let out pressure. This should stall the indicator on the left. Now you can start adding coal. This will raise the indicator on the right. If it's below the green region, add more coal. If it's above, don't add coal until it gets lower. The bar on the bottom will start turning green, when it's full you can stop adding coal and close the window on the top right to get your barrel of naphtha.

Take an empty pot with you. While wearing gloves, use a bar of limestone on any furnace in RuneScape. Quicklime should be formed. Use the quicklime with the pestle and mortar to get a Pot of quicklime. If you heat the limestone without wearing gloves, you will take up to 8 damage. Add the pot of quicklime to the naphtha. Then add the ground sulphur, this is the Barrel bomb. Use a strip of cloth on the bomb (if you didn't weave your four balls of wool yet, go to the loom at the farm north of Port Sarim and do so).

The Barrel Bomb exploding at the Tyras Camp.

Back to the Elves again

Remember to take a tinderbox! Using barbarian firemaking will not work. If you forget a tinderbox, the Quartermaster at the Tyras Camp sells one.

Now that you have the barrel bomb, go to the Elven Kingdom through the Underground Pass. If you used the charter ship out of port Tyras you can just use a ship to get here again. Remember to bring a spade, ropes, bow, fire arrows, plank (if you intend on using the Underground Pass) or 3200 coins (1600 with ring of charos), and food. When you are in the elven lands, kill a rabbit in the area in which the Elf tracker is found, to get rabbit meat. Cook it on a fire in the Elven Camp or light one on the ground. Then go to the catapult outside the Tyras Camp. Give the cooked rabbit to the non-armoured Tyras guard near the catapult to distract him. Then use the barrel bomb on the front of the catapult (you do not need to light it first, but you 'do' need a tinderbox in inventory) to initiate a cutscene and destroy the whole camp!

Go back to Lord Iowerth. He will give you a letter to take to King Lathas, then give you access to the overground pass of Arandar. Make sure you have the letter before transporting away—or you will have to run the Underground Pass or charter a ship to get there!

Return in Triumph?

The player is accused of murdering King Tyras.

Take the overpass or teleport away, then go to Ardougne Castle. On the way, an elf named Arianwyn will break the magic seal on the letter and tell the player to read it.

Camelot is doomed.

In the letter, Lord Lowerth told King Lathas that Tyras was killed and that some dark lord could be resurrected to take over Camelot. Arianwyn further revealed the "path" being connected to Zamorak's realm, and recruits the player to their side instead. Even so, Arianwyn tells you to talk to Lathas first for your reward.


Regicide Reward

  • 3 quest points
  • 13750 Agility experience
  • 15000 coins
  • Access to the elven kingdom and the overpass of Arandar
  • Access to Port Tyras by using charter ship
  • Access/ability to wield the Dragon Halberd (buy for 325K from Tyras Camp), with 60 attack and 30 strength.


Music tracks unlocked:


Four Arianwyns
  • The name of the author of the Big Book O' Bangs is "Mel Achy", an anagram of "Alchemy".
  • Since 1 July 2008, after the Runescape HD Graphics Update, some players have had trouble with the Fractionalizing Still at the Rimmington Chemist. Whenever these players attempt to distill the Barrel of Coal-tar, turning valves and adding coal, no progress is made whatsoever. Jagex has yet to fix this bug. Anyone with this problem cannot complete Regicide. However, some players have been able to distill their tar without any problems. Some who couldn't distill their tar while playing in HD were able to do it by playing in the old detail modes.
  • The substance in the barrel bomb has a real life parallel, Greek Fire, which ignites on contact with water and is very hard to put out once it begins to burn.
  • Naphtha was used in Mongol Siege Warfare in the time of Genghis Khan. It is thrown by a catapult and it catches fire when airborne.
  • After completion, reading the quest journal will reveal nothing but simply stating that the player has done the job, similar to Underground Pass
  • Ironically enough, Hostile Spawn, a game on Funorb has a similarly-named level.
  • There is a glitch where 4 Arianwyns may spawn for one single player.
  • The quest description mentions the word serene. This is a reference to the Elf Goddess, Seren.
  • Even if you are in a non-member's world, you can still receive the king's message after completion of Underground Pass.
  • There is a glitch where even after regicide is started, when outside Iban's throne room it appears that he is still there. Upon entering the room, however, it changes to the well of voyage being restored. This has yet to be fixed.
  • Players unlock 10 music tracks throughout the quest, which is the most for any quest.
  • Regicide is the act of killing a monarch, which is done in the quest.
  • If you speak to a Tyras Guard at Port Tyras, their face will be hidden from their helmet. However, talking to a guard at the camp, you can partially see the guard's face.

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