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Auto Regen, also known as Regenerate or Regenerator, is an ability that provides a constant Regen status during battles.




Final Fantasy V

Auto Regen is granted to any character equipped with the Protect Ring.

Final Fantasy VI

The Cure Ring grants Auto Regen to the character it is equipped to.

Final Fantasy IX

Auto-Regen can be learned by all characters . It is learned from the Golem's Flute, Golden Hairpin, Carabini Mail, Brave Suit, Light Robe, Glutton's Robe, Angel Earrings, and Maiden Prayer.

Final Fantasy X

Auto Regen can be customized into armor by using 80 Healing Springs.

Final Fantasy X-2

Auto Regen is an ability learned by the Berserker Dressphere. The Recovery Bracer accessory also has this effect.

Final Fantasy XI

Auto-Regen is a trait for White Mages and may be gained by Blue Mages via combining certain Blue Magic. It restores 1 HP per tick. Additional effects may be gained through equipment too.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Regenerate is a Reaction ability the White Mage class learns for 400 JP. Whenever a unit suffers an HP damage from an attack, the unit will automatically cast Regen on themselves. The Chaos Blade Knight Sword gives Auto Regen instantly to its user, as does the Accessory Chantage.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Auto Regen is available to Hunters, Gadgeteers, and Snipers as a Reaction Ability. It grants the unit the Regen status upon being hit.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Regenerate is available to Hunters, Tinkers, and Snipers as a Reaction Ability. It has the same effects as Final Fantasy Tactics Advance's Auto Regen.

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Production information




Technical specifications


  • Weight : 20.1 kilograms (44.3 pounds)[1]



The Regenerator is a piece of Equipment used in Halo 3.[2] In terms of function, it may be related to the Sterile Field Generator. It is the counterpart to another piece of equipment, the Power Drain.



A Regenerator in action.

The Regenerator functions just like the Bubble Shield although it emits a small, green field of energy which restores a player's shield as well as those of anybody near you, including enemies, for fifteen seconds. There is, however, a small delay before beginning the recharge, which means the player is still vulnerable. Although you may be healed quickly and may have a better chance at surviving a one-on-one battle, you can still get killed with a headshot (with a Sniper Rifle) or close range with a Shotgun.

It also is less effective if many enemies are firing at you. It is the exact opposite of the Power Drain and when it is used in the same area as a Power Drain, the Power Drain overpowers the Regenerator. Other ways in which the Regenerator is different from the Power Drain is that the Regenerator remains rooted in the same spot where it is deployed while the Power Drain can move around if the player kicks into it.


  • Using the Regenerator in conjunction with short range weapons leaves you almost invincible, though you will still be vulnerable to snipers.
  • When you are being attacked with grenades, a Regenerator leaves you very hard to kill. Some players believe they could survive a grenade spammer with a Regenerator, however, if two frag grenades are thrown in succession, they are enough to kill a player while standing inside a Regenerator's field.
  • Another tactic is a grenade followed with a quick headshot on a normally-shielded oppponent.
  • In campaign, if a Brute throws a Regenerator, do not run into it, as it heals him too. All in all, do not run into an enemy's Regenerator just because it exists.
  • When using the Regenerator to quickly recover from an instant shield dropping blow, if in teams, it is best to drop the Regenerator and have somebody drop a Bubble Shield. But if in Free For All, it would be smart to drop it in a hard to reach place, like one of the Shotgun corners in The Pit.
  • When in a Regenerator with an opponent, melee, don't shoot; it is a much more effective way to take down your opponents, unless you have a weapon such as a Shotgun, Sniper, or a Mauler (one-shot kill, or close to a one-shot kill).
  • Throwing a Regenerator inside a Bubble Shield while camping is a way to survive the grenade that is often dropped after a player's death.
  • Regenerators have magnetic properties when thrown into a Man Cannon as a player uses the opposing one, such as on Narrows. When thrown, the player's movement will follow the movement of the Regenerator.
  • A regenerator does not recharge an Overshield; only the normal shielding.
  • Try using the Regenerator against enemy players on Narrows by throwing it in a Man Cannon (see trivia).


  • Regenerators have magnetic abilities on Narrow's Man Cannons, so if a person jumps on one, and another player on the other side throws a Regenerator onto their man cannon, the player's movement will be reversed and he will land back were he came from.
  • Brutes have a tendency to throw out Regenerators to help repair their Power Armor. They also throw Regenerators out to protect their Chieftains.
  • If you stand near a Regenerator, you will hear a pulsating sound, much like a heartbeat.
  • In Forge, if you fix the respawn rate of the Regenerator to instant respawn, and if you keep deploying them, you will get practically unlimited health.
  • The Regenerator does not make you invincible, just more difficult to kill. You can still be killed by one-hit kill weapons (Rocket Launcher, Spartan Laser, Plasma Grenades, Sniper Rifles etc.), assassinations, quick melees, and being overwhelmed by automatic or Battle Rifle fire. The Regenerator does not immediately begin to regenerate shields, giving your opponent a small window of opportunity to kill you if your shields are still low.
  • The top green part of the Regenerator spins around 360 degrees.
  • If you stick a Spike Grenade to the top green part of a Regenerator, it will spin around with it before exploding.
  • It should be noted that the Regenerator only speeds up the shield recharging time, and not the health recharging time.
  • Players can sustain two or even three melees while within the healing effect of the Regenerator.
  • When playing on maps or areas with low levels of light, the Regenerator can occasionally obscure your vision, leaving you open to enemy attacks.
  • If you continuously shoot a player standing in the Regenerator's field with a weak weapon like the Magnum, you can occasionally hear the Spartans or Elites yelling in pain, even though the projectiles are only hitting their shields.
  • If you throw a Regenerator and a Power Drain together, your shields will drop, even if the Regenerator is closer. This is because the effect of the Power Drain will overwhelm the effect of a Regenerator.
  • If you hit the core of a Regenerator with a Power Drain the Regenerator will explode.


List of Equipment in Halo 3
Auto Turret - Bubble Shield - Cloaking - Deployable Cover - Flare - Invincibility - Portable Gravity Lift - Power Drain - Radar Jammer - Regenerator - Trip Mine


  2. Halo 3

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City of Heroes

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You have shown tenaciousness in taking down the leadership of the Trolls... over and over again.

How to Get

Defeat 100 Troll Bosses.

In CoV, Trolls are relatively rare, only showing up in the Skyway City Mayhem Mission and Rogue Isle Protector missions done from level 10-20. They are never found outside of missions.

Gladiator Badge Unlocked

When you obtain this badge, you unlock the Caliban Gladiator Badge.

See Also

External Links

  • Regenerator Badge at City Info Tracker
  • Regenerator Badge at

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