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Regen as seen in Final Fantasy VII.

Regen (リジェネ, Rijene) is a recurring status that constantly restores HP at a set interval. Characters afflicted by Regen gradually recover HP over time, however, it has the exact opposite effect if the character is undead, where it gradually reduces one's HP, as if poisoned. This also applies to enemies, meaning that casting Regen on an Undead will cause it to lose HP. In other cases, Regen does not work at all against an Undead. Regen is the opposite of Seizure. There are very few methods of applying Regen to a character. The most common is through the spell of the same name, Regen.




Final Fantasy IV

Regen can only be achieved through Fusoya's command Regen, which paralyzes Fusoya while he generates a constant Regen effect on the party for a period of time.

Final Fantasy V

Regen is achieved through the spell Regen, the accessory Protect Ring, or through the Mix ability Water of Life (through combining a Potion and Hi-Potion). There is no visible indication of the status in effect, except for the occasional healing.

Final Fantasy VI

Regen status is achieved through the spell Regen, or by a character equipping the Angel Ring or Miracle Shoes Relics. The amount of HP recovered through Regen is as follows.

math (if this value is greater than 255 it is set to 255)

HP gained through Regen occurs approximately every 8.5 seconds.

Final Fantasy VII

Regen can be first used as the third advancement of the Restore materia. This is the only way of granting the status to the party in the game. A character under Regen status will glow an orange color until the status wears off. (Note: During the "charge up" animation of a spell, Regen still runs, as well as throughout Limit Break animations. This is useful when you need some time to let Regen take affect.)

Unlike most games with Regen status, which restore 1/32 of a character's max HP every 4 seconds, Regen in this game causes HP to continuously rise until the effects wear off. This effectively negates weaker enemy attacks, as the character will regenerate too fast for the damage to register.

Final Fantasy VIII

Regen can only be achieved through the spell Regen or through Quistis Trepe's Limit Break, Mighty Guard. Regen will restore 5% Max HP every 80 x BattleSpeed ticks, resulting in the status restoring 80% Max HP (16 times per cast). The status lasts for around 21.3 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX

The spell Regen, the Flair ability Aura, the Dragon ability Reis's Wind, and ability Auto-Regen are the only ways for the party to gain Regen status.

Final Fantasy X

The spell Regen, the item Healing Spring, the Mix abilities Super Mighty G and Hyper Mighty G, and the auto-abilities SOS Regen and Auto-Regen grants Regen status to party members.

Final Fantasy X-2

Game Element Type Effect
Regen White Magic Grants Regen, restoring HP over time.
Mighty Guard+ Item Reels Grants Regen, Protect, and Shell to party.
Moogle Regen Yuna's Mascot Grants Regen and Haste to one ally.
White Honey Floral Fallal Grants Regen on party.
Moogle Regenja Yuna's Mascot Grants Regen and Haste to party.
Auto-Regen Abilitiy Automatically start battle with Regen.
SOS Regen Ability Automatically gain Regen while in Critical.
Recovery Bangle Accessory Grants SOS Regen.
Regen Bangle Accessory Grants Regen at the start of battle.
Healing Spring Item Grants Regen to party.

Final Fantasy XI

Regen is gained by the White Magic spell, Regen, and it restores the target's HP over time. There is also a trait called Auto-Regen for White Mages that give the same effect.

Final Fantasy XII

Regen status is achieved through casting the spell Regen, equipping the Ring of Renewal accessory, or equipping the Healing Rod. The status is also granted if a character is wearing the Renewing Morion light armor.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

The only player spell that grants Regen is Ashe's Regenga. Basch's ability Inner Peace also gives the user the Regen status. Penelo's Protective Armlet accessory bestows Regen upon every member of her team.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The player may bestow Regen to characters by either equipping the weapons Pantherskin Bag or Chaos Blade, by equipping the accessory Chantage, by equipping the armor Grand Armor, Onion Armor, or Brave Suit, or by casting the White Magic spell Regen.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Auto-Regen is available to Hunters and Snipers as Reaction Abilities. A Defender's Aura skill bestows Regen along with Auto-Life. The Summoner's summon, Kirin, bestows Regen in an area.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Regen is a buff that gives the targeted unit 1/10th of its max HP (rounded down). In addition to being a reaction ability for Hunters and Snipers, it is also a clan benefit that can be chosen before each battle upon earning the clan title "Journeymen", and there are also the stronger versions of this Clan Privilege called Regenra and Regenegra. It can be learned as an action ability by many characters, but often isn't called Regen. Notable examples include Hurdy, who can learn the skill Angelsong from the Hurdy-Gurdy instrument that casts Regen on the target, and Adelle, who can use the skill Adelaide as a Heritor to cast Regen on the target as well.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Regen is a status effect shared by all characters when entering EX Mode. It can also raise Bravery over time during EX Mode if the "Brave Regen" ability is equipped.

It is also a Story Mode skill that recovers 5% of the character's total HP whenever his Home Area changes. It continues over all the levels of the story.

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