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The Reflect Ring in Final Fantasy VII.

The Reflect Ring (リフレクトリング Rifurekuto Ringu) , sometimes called the Wall Ring, is a recurring Accessory in the Final Fantasy series. It usually casts Reflect on the wearer, making it useful for fighting enemies and bosses that use a lot of magical attacks. An ability exists known as Auto-Reflect, which casts Reflect on the user similar to the Reflect Ring.



The Reflect Ring as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V

The Wall Ring can be stolen or won from various enemies and can be equipped by all classes.

Final Fantasy VI

Originally translated as Wall Ring, the Reflect Ring can be bought at various Relic shops around the world.

Final Fantasy VII

The Reflect Ring is quite rare and can only be stolen from Ultimate Weapon when battling on the ground, or from Jenova∙DEATH after winning the battle.

Final Fantasy VIII

Due to the game's equipment system, there are no accessories, but a rare item known as the Glow Curtain can teach GFs the Auto-Reflect ability.

Final Fantasy IX

The Reflect Ring teaches the abilities Reflect, Distract, and Auto-Reflect.

Final Fantasy X

40 Star Curtains can endow a piece of armor with the Auto-Reflect ability.

Final Fantasy X-2

A Star Bracer grants the Auto-Reflect status. A Wall Ring does exist, but it grants the Protect and Shell status when a character is in critical health.

Final Fantasy XII

There is an accessory called the Ruby Ring (a slight reference to Carbuncle), which grants Reflect status.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Reflect Ring can be bought for 10,000 gil.

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