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Edgar in Reflect status as seen in Final Fantasy VI
The Reflect symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Reflect (リフレク, Rifureku) is a recurring status effect in the Final Fantasy series. A character with the buffer will have magic - offensive, defensive, healing, or otherwise - bounce off them, and hit their opponent. It can be gained through the spell Reflect, the item Star Curtain, the accessory Reflect Ring, the ability Auto-Reflect, or by the summon Carbuncle.

It should be noted that Reflect isn't a constant cycle; as in, spells will only be reflected once. If, for example, a lone character is facing a lone enemy, and both have reflect up, the spell will not constantly cycle between the two. Instead, it will reflect once, and hit the opposite target. However, Final Fantasy VII was different, as spells did reflect back and forth.




Final Fantasy III

Reflect can be achieved through the spell Reflect and the item Shining Curtain.

Final Fantasy IV

Reflect, Light Curtain, and Lunar Curtain all are capable of giving this status to party members.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Reflect can be achieved in the same way as in Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy V

Reflect may be achieved through the spell Reflect, the accessory Reflect Ring, the summon Carbuncle, and the mix Dragon Defense.

Final Fantasy VI

The party may obtain Reflect through the spell Reflect, the Esper Carbuncle, and the Relic Reflect Ring. The enemy can obtain Reflect through Reflect as well as Program 18 and Magitek Barrier. Reflected spells deal half normal damage, and Reflect itself wears off after approximately 55 seconds.

Final Fantasy VII

The accessory Reflect Ring, the spell Reflect, the item Mirror, and the enemy ability Materia Jammer all grant Reflect to the party. Reflect is different in this game as opposed to other games in the series, as a spell bounced off of Reflect will continuously bounce back and forth between two targets if they both have Reflect up to 4 times. This can also result in the Reflect bug, in which if all targets in the current battle have Auto-Reflect (only the Mirage enemy has this, while players can gain it only through the Reflect Ring), and the player casts a party-ranged spell on all the targets of one group (such as Bolt 3 with All), then the spells will loop forever with no end in sight.

Final Fantasy VIII

Reflect can only be achieved through the spell Reflect, the GF Carbuncle, and the ability Auto-Reflect. It lasts for 32 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX

Reflect, Carbuncle, and Auto-Reflect remain the only ways for the party to obtain the Reflect status.

Final Fantasy X

Once again, the party can only achieve Reflect through the spell Reflect, the ability Auto-Reflect, and the item Star Curtain.

Final Fantasy X-2

Reflect can be granted to party members through the White Magic spell Reflect, the item Star Curtain, and the accessory Star Bracer. Yuna can give herself (and all parts) of Floral Fallal Reflect through the Mirror Petals ability. Enemies can grant theirselves Reflect through Reflect and Star Curtain as well.

Final Fantasy XII

Reflect and Reflectga are the only ways to grant the status to the party.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Malboros can grant Reflect to other enemies through the abilities Lick. The player may grant themselves Reflect through the Time Magic spell Reflect, the summon Carbuncle, or by equipping Reflect Ring or Cherche.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Players may grant Reflect status to their characters by either equipping the Mirror Mail, by summoning Carbuncle, or by casting the Reflect spell.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Reflect can be granted through the spell Reflect, by equipping the Mirror Mail, or by summoning Carbuncle.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

While there is no Reflect spell, the status still appears. The enemies Beholder, Gather, Jelly, Ooze and Slime are set in permanent Reflect status and are entirely immune to magic attacks. Pazuzu and Zuh have an attack called "Psychshield", which sets Reflect status on them for a short time. There is no way to achieve Reflect status on the player's characters, however.


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