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R.J. Brande (father), Liggt Daggle (sister), Zhay (mother, deceased), Theg (uncle)





Unusual Features
As a shapeshifter, Reep has no set form but usually appears as a bald humanoid with antennae and pointed ears.


Marital Status

Legionairre, business tycoon


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Reep Daggle is from the planet Durla, where everyone has the power to change their physical form. He has orange skin, pointed ears and antennae, and has no hair in his usual humanoid form. In pre-Zero Hour continuity, he was the son of Legion financer R. J. Brande who was revealed to be a Durlan who had become frozen in human form after contracting a disease.[1] and a female Durlan named Ji Daggle. Reep did not learn that Brande was his father for many years (Brande's name was originally revealed to be Ren Daggle, but later altered after the Crisis storyline). Reep was also an exceptional detective; his deductive prowess coupled with his shapeshifting abilities led to his being named the permanent head of the Legion's Espionage Squad.

Chameleon Boy was sentenced to incarceration on the prison world Takron-Galtos for his espionage activities against the Khunds, which almost led to war. He was released after his heroics against Darkseid in the Great Darkness Saga. During his incarceration, he was forced to wear binders on his antennae that canceled his shape-shifting powers, although he regained them a few months later. Following the dissolution of the Legion after volume 3, "Cham" became in volume 4 the primary force behind the reassembly of the Legion.

During the "Five Year Gap" following the Magic Wars, Earth fell under the covert control of the Dominators, and withdrew from the United Planets. A few years later, the members of the Dominators' highly classified "Batch SW6" escaped captivity. Originally, Batch SW6 appeared to be a group of teeange Legionnaire clones, created from samples apparently taken just prior to Ferro Lad's death at the hands of the Sun-Eater. Later, they were revealed to be time-paradox duplicates, every bit as legitimate as their older counterparts. However, this version of Chameleon Boy was killed in battle (along with SW6's Princess Projectra and Karate Kid) fighting Dominion troops.

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  1. Secrets of the Legion of Super-Heroes #3
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