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Cloud: I couldn't finish 'em. Looks like this's gonna get complicated.
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Final Fantasy X-2 Boss
Right Redoubt/Left Redoubt
Level HP MP
40 2,500 99,999
Strength Magic Defense
65 41 133
M. Defense Agility Accuracy
0 47 0
Evasion Luck
0 3
0 10 0
Elemental affinities
Fire Lightning Water
- - -
Ice Gravity Holy
- Immune -
Location Farplane
Chapter(s) 5
Common Steal Phoenix Down
Rare Steal Mega Phoenix
Gil Steal 350
Common Drop N/A
Rare Drop N/A
Common Bribe N/A
Rare Bribe N/A
Abilities Lacrimosa, Blind (Right), Flare (Right), Break (Right), Full-Life, Slow (Left), Demi (Left), Dispel (Left)
Blue Bullet N/A
Status Resist Gravity
Status Immunity All conditions
Other Information

The Redoubt is an enemy in Final Fantasy X-2.

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The Redoubt was a Kig-yar keep. It was found on the planet Metisette, in the 23 Librae system, and was made out of parts of old ruined ships, and could house hundreds of thousands of Unggoy. It was built by Reth, and has a large river of liquid Methane that runs into a large crater. There were giant reactors around the crater, which heated it and turned the liquid into gas, making thick mist which were perfect conditions for Unggoy to live in. It also served as a breeding ground for the Unggoy and was also surrounded by several Covenant buildings.[1]

During the Battle of Metisette, ODST's and two SPARTAN's from Gray Team landed in the Plaza via SOEIV's, not far from the river of liquid methane. They destroyed all the Anti-Aircraft guns in the plaza, then planted a SHIVA Nuclear Warhead, before being picked up by Pelican Dropship's and taken to UNSC Midsummer Night. The nuclear blast didn't destroy The Redoubt, however, it was finished off by several of The Rubble's asteroid habitats. Reth, the leader of the Kig-yar forces, was killed by one of the asteroids, when it collided with the ship he was attempting to escape in.[2]


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This article is about the Venator-class Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the Redoubt, an area in the Unknown Regions, or the Final Redoubt, the codename for a false New Republic base during the Yuuzhan Vong War.
Production information

Venator-class Star Destroyer


Rise of the Empire era

Earliest sighting

20 BBY

Latest sighting

20 BBY

Present for battles/events

Battle of Boz Pity


Galactic Republic


Commander Denn Wessex

Redoubt was a Venator-class Star Destroyer that was in service during the Clone Wars.


It was commanded by Commander Denn Wessex during the Battle of Boz Pity (20 BBY).


  • Republic HoloNet News Special Inaugural Edition 16:5:24


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