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Series: Doctor Who -
Seventh Doctor comic strip stories
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Olla
Author: Simon Furman
Editor: Richard Starkings
Artist: Kev Hopgood, Tim Perkins
Published In: Doctor Who Magazine 134
Publication: March 1988
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Format: Comic - 1 part
Previous Story: A Cold Day in Hell
Next Story: The Crossroads of Time



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You may also be looking for the TNG two-part episode "Redemption"
Series: Star Trek: New Frontier
Author(s): Glenn Hauman and Lisa Sullivan
Publication information
Printed: No Limits
Pages: 299-317



Xant, the god of the Redeemers, reveals himself to a non-believer.


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Previous story:
Performance Appraisal
No Limits
Next story:
Out of the Frying Pan
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Previous Adventure:
The Genesis Wave, Book 2
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Genesis Force
Part Two

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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

other resources
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Class Inquisitor Inquisitor Spell Icon HO Wheel Icon
Level 41
Category (Target) Death Prevention (Group Friend)
Mastery Ordination
 Casting Time  0.25 seconds
 Recast time  10 min
 Cost  no power 
 Duration  20.0 seconds
 Range  20.0 meters
Inquisitor: Death Save Spell Line
Level Spell Name
41 Redemption
55 Exoneration
69 Absolution
80 Redeem
If target ally receives damage that would be fatal, that ally is healed instead and their maximum health is increased. This spell cannot be interrupted, does not require any power and has a very fast casting time.

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Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster
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Heals target for 910 N/A
This spell is using an old template and may not have been updated for GU52. If you have updated this spell for GU52, please use the SpellEffectsLine2 template in place of SpellEffectsLine (ie add a "2").
Increases Max health of target by 644 N/A

Cells for spell ranks that are not available for this spell are displayed as black.

  • When target dies this spell will cast Redemption on caster.
  • Grants a total of 1 triggers of the spell.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

Regular cover
Catalog # CRCP-10130
CRCP-10129 (limited edition)
Composer(s) Gackt
Arranger(s) Gackt, Chachamaru
Producer(s) Gackt
Publisher Nippon Crown
CD Info 1 CD - 4 Tracks (DVD w/limited edition)
Length 16:22
Release date January 25, 2006

REDEMPTION is a single of the opening and ending themes to Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, sung by Gackt, a Japanese musician who also voiced and was used as a template for the character Genesis Rhapsodos. Also included are "karoke" instrumental versions of said songs. Versions included in the game and on the single differ a bit by length.

Track List

1. "Redemption" 3:59
2. "Longing" 3:57
3. "Redemption" (Inst.) 3:58
4. "Longing" (Inst.) 3:58

Limited Edition

Limited Edition cover

A limited edition version of this single was released on the same day, and included a DVD of the official "Redemption" music video, and a music video using FMV footage from Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-.



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From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Shane Perry (born 7th August 1981), better known for his ring name Redemption, famous for his work Pro Wrestling Council and Soya's Wrestling Entertainment.

Early Life

Shane was introduced to wrestling at a very young age, and won the under 10's amatuer wrestling championships in California at age nine. His father was a booker for NWA and later World Championship Wrestling, and when Shane was 16, he wrestled some dark matches. When executive staff decided he wasn't a good enough wrestler, Shane went on to university, earning a degree in physics, but decided he wanted to act on stage, and appeared in several pantomimes including Aladdin, Red Riding Hood and much more.

Independant Promotions

When he decided to wrestle again, at this time it was 2005. He wrestled in India for two years in Soya's wrestling entertainment, before joining Beach Championship Wrestling located back in Long Beach, California, moving up into Washington to wrestle for High Impact Wrestling, at HIW he first used the Redemption gimmick, an insane person who has mood swings, allowing freedom to try different things each week. After being used in a way he didn't see fit, Shane left HIW in September 2007 and went back to acting until November 2008, 


Redemption joined UWA in November 2008, and made his debue against Jorgen Lightfoot in a falls count anywhere match.

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From Lostpedia

Claire symbolically seeks redemption through baptism

Redemption is a major theme of Lost and seems to be the goal of many of the characters. This goal has been achieved by some but still remains a task for others. Many characters are genuinely repentant and seek redemption on their own, while others are pushed into it.

On December 7, 2007 executive producer Carlton Cuse admitted that the people who were on Flight 815 all have to pay a price for being on the Island. "The show is about redemption. All the characters on this island are confronting the failures of their past and revisiting issues that go to the core of their emotional make up." [1]



The following occurrences of redemption happened in Lost, sorted by character.

Ana Lucia

Main article: Ana Lucia
  • Killing Jason
    • Before the crash, Ana Lucia murders Jason McCormack in cold blood in a dark alley for shooting her and killing her unborn child. After the crash, Ana Lucia redeems herself when she feels unable to similarily murder a defenseless Ben after he attacks her. ("Collision"), ("Two for the Road")
Ana Lucia admits her crime
    • Ana Lucia becomes estranged from her mother, formerly her boss, after the murder. She spends her time after that working at the airport, and then reluctantly serving as Christian Shephard's bodyguard in Sydney. Ana Lucia finally calls her mother and confesses to her crime. ("Two for the Road")
  • Ana Lucia accidentally accuses Nathan of being an Other, and refuses to listen to him when he insists he is not, and later Goodwin murders him. Ana Lucia redeems herself when she lets Michael and Jin explain themselves. ("The Other 48 Days"), ("Orientation")


Main article: Ben Linus


Main article: Boone Carlyle
  • Minutes after the crash, Boone incorrectly performs CPR on Rose. When Jack stops him and points out the mistake, Boone redeems himself by finding pens for a potential tracheotomy, and watching the wounded while Jack looks for the cockpit. ("Pilot, Part 1")
  • When Joanna is spotted drowning in the ocean, Boone tries to save her, but is caught in a riptide. Jack saves Boone, but is unable to save Joanna. Boone blames himself, and makes another mistake by trying to put himself in charge of water rations. He decides to make extra effort to make up for these errors, and is most notably involved in triangulating the location of the message in French, as well as helping move to the caves. ("White Rabbit")("The Moth")


Main article: Charlie Pace
  • Addiction
Charlie holding a statue.
Charlie battled heroin addiction, both off the Island, and on. While he at first vehemently chastised his brother for using it, Charlie soon became addicted himself. ("The Moth") When he crashed on the Island, Charlie managed to kick the habit with the help of John Locke.
Throughout his life, Charlie has battled feelings of self-doubt and inferiority, possibly brought on by his father not approving of his musical ambitions and his brother always stealing the spotlight. On the Island, Charlie has tried to redeem himself on many occasions, often failing. However, there are some instances of redemption.
  • After failing to stop Claire's kidnapping, Charlie shoots Ethan when he returns to the camp. ("Homecoming")
    • Charlie and Sayid successfully get Aaron back from Rousseau. ("Exodus, Part 2")
    • After having been saved by Desmond several times, Charlie forcefully stops him from diving in, instead sacrificing himself. ("Greatest Hits")


Main article: Claire Littleton
  • The Car Crash
    • After inadvertently crashing their car, Claire sees her mother go into a coma. Some time before she boards Flight 815, Claire apologizes to her comatose mother. ("Par Avion")
    • On a symbolic level, the message Claire sends with the bird serves as a form of redemption as well: after hurting someone, she now tries to save someone else. ("Par Avion")
  • After pressure from Charlie, Claire agrees to let Eko baptize Aaron and herself. Baptism is ritual purification by water, and a symbol of redemption and public commitment to redemption (according to Christian theology). ("Fire + Water")


Main article: Desmond Hume
  • Cowardice
    Desmond has on several occasions been called a "coward", both off the island and on. Indeed, the very reason that he came to the island is that he sought to redeem himself from what both Penny and her father called cowardice. Consequently, Desmond has spent some time trying to redeem his valor.
    • Desmond leaves his fiancée Ruth to become a monk - ostensibly, according to Ruth, because he is a coward. However, Desmond is redeemed when he is kicked out of the monastery and meets Penny. ("Catch-22")
    • His turning of the fail-safe key, described by Ms. Hawking as "the only great thing [he] will ever do", redeems Desmond after having tried to run away - subsequently, he is "reborn" with the ability to predict the future. ("Live Together, Die Alone")("Further Instructions")
    • Immediately following the implosion, Desmond is seemingly launched back in time. He now has the chance to redeem himself by changing events so that he proposes to Penny; but in the end, the universe "course corrects" itself, and Desmond instead breaks up with her - to which Desmond is once again called a coward. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
    • By season 3, Desmond seems to be somewhat redeemed, taking a semi-leadership role and becoming the camp's hunter. ("Left Behind") ("Catch-22")


Main article: Eko Tunde
  • Violence
    Eko is shown to have a history of violence that comes back to haunt him. Yet he also seems to take redemption from this very seriously, perhaps stemming from his deeply held faith.
    • Eko took a 40 day-long vow of silence, through which he was redeeming himself for killing the two Others. Eko also confessed to Ben in the Swan, and cut off a part of his beard. ("The Other 48 Days")("Maternity Leave")
    • We learn that Eko's act of building a church on the island was redemption for committing a sacrilege (murder) in his brother Yemi's old church in Nigeria. ("The Cost of Living")
    • Eko refused to feel guilty about his past life in his visions after a vision of Yemi asked him to confess, after which he was killed by the Monster. ("The Cost of Living")
  • Yemi's Death
    Eko caused his brother's death, and has since then been trying to repent.
    • He took Yemi's place as a village priest, in part to cover up his actions, in part because he wanted to make things right. When this ultimately goes awry, he is told by Amina that he owes his brother one church. ("The Cost of Living")
    • Eko burned his brother's remains, praying as the fire consumed the plane. Thus, Eko redeems himself. ("The 23rd Psalm")
Eko does not repent
  • Tales of Redemption
    As a priest, Eko learned several stories about redemption.
    • Eko told Michael (a man who had just secretly committed murder): "For a brief time I served in a small parish in England. Every Sunday after Mass, I would see a young boy waiting in the back of the church. And then one day, the boy confessed to me that he had beaten his dog to death with a shovel. He said that the dog had bitten his baby sister on the cheek; and he needed to protect her. And he wanted to know whether he would go to Hell for this. I told him that God would understand -- that he would be forgiven, as long as he was sorry. But the boy did not care about forgiveness. He was only afraid that if he did go to Hell -- that dog would be there waiting for him.".("Three Minutes")


Main article: Hugo "Hurley" Reyes
Hurley destroys his stash
  • Eating Disorder
    • Hurley battles obesity but redeems himself by destroying his secret stash of food, after encouragement from Libby. ("Dave")
    • Almost immediately after this, food "drops from the sky" (in the form of the supply drop), renewing his struggle.
  • Misfortune
    • Hurley believed that the misfortune brought upon himself and others was due to his playing the numbers in the lottery. He then talked to Leonard and traveled to Australia in an attempt to fix his mistakes. ("Numbers")
    • Hurley "makes his own luck" and gets the DHARMA Van going. ("Tricia Tanaka Is Dead")
  • Fear of Change
    • Established by the producers as Hurley's main motivation, he has had to get used to change on the island.
  • Hurley was in love with a beautiful woman, when he was tempted by Dave telling him it was all in his mind. Hurley almost believed him, but in the end decided to trust Libby.("Dave")
  • Hurley and Jin clashed early when Hurley turned down the shellfish Jin offered him, insulting him. Hurley later gained a friendship (and a fish) when he drank a homemade cure Jin made for him. ("Pilot, Part 2")("Hearts and Minds")
  • Realizing that Sawyer was their best chance for leadership, Hurley cons him into being nice to everyone, under the guise that he is going to be "voted out". This aids Sawyer in his own redemption with the rest of the group. ("Left Behind")


Main article: Jack Shephard
  • Relationship with Wife
    He has a love-hate relationship with his wife. He drifts away from her by spending more time at work, nearly has an affair with another woman, and drives Sarah into an affair.
  • Relationship with Father
    Jack at the airport, trying to bring his father's body home
    One of the biggest obstacles in Jack's life is his troubled relationship with his father, further complicated by Jack's strong ethics costing Christian his job.
    • Jack is temporarily redeemed from this pressure while on vacation in Thailand, where Achara tells him that she isn't interested in his father. "That's a relief," Jack replies, "because I'm pretty tired of talking about him." ("Stranger in a Strange Land")
    • On his mother's urging, Jack travels to Australia to bring his father home. However, he is too late and finds his father dead. Feeling responsible for what has happened, Jack takes it upon himself to bring the body home as quickly as possible, in an effort to be redeemed. ("White Rabbit")
    • Jack is finally redeemed when Sawyer recounts a meeting he had in a bar in Sydney with Christian. Through Sawyer, Jack learns that his father does not blame him and that he in fact is proud of him. ("Exodus, Part 1")
  • Jack was tricked by Sawyer in a con, losing the weapons and supplies in his care. Jack later defeated Sawyer in a poker game and got them back, redeeming himself to the others who had put their faith in him. ("Lockdown")
  • His father told him that he "doesn't have what it takes" to be a leader, but he later becomes a leader for all the survivors. ("White Rabbit")


Main article: Jin-Soo Kwon
  • Relationship with Sun
    • Jin destroys Sun's garden, trying to protect her. He later tries to replant what he can. ("The Whole Truth")
    • Just before the crash, Jin had almost lost Sun, and she was about to leave him. However, at the airport he gave her a brief show of tenderness, which persuaded her to change her mind at the last minute. ("House of the Rising Sun")
    • Although constantly protective and controlling of Sun, after finding out she is pregnant, Jin accepts her request to stay in the garden on her own, despite recently being attacked there. ("The Whole Truth")


Main article: Kate Austen
  • Death
    Kate has caused other peoples' deaths; both directly, when she murdered her father Wayne, and indirectly, when Tom was shot during a getaway. While Kate appears to feel no remorse for murdering Wayne, she does feel guilty for Tom's death.
    • While on the run for murder, Kate stayed with a farmer in Australia. He later notified the authorities, and when his life was put in danger, she accepted her arrest in order to save him. ("Tabula Rasa")
Kate: born to run
  • Running Away
    After being a fugitive for several years, Kate has gotten in the habit of constantly running away, much to the annoyance of her fellow Losties.
    • She tries to redeem herself of this when she, after escaping Hydra Island with Sawyer, actually decides to go back to retrieve Jack.
  • Although a fugitive, early on Kate was given a second chance when Jack found out about her past, but decided not to judge her because of it. ("Pilot, Part 2")


Main article: Michael Dawson
  • Relationship with Walt
    Michael blames himself for not being there for Walt as a father. After he gains custody of his son back, Michael calls his mother and expresses further doubt about being a capable parent. This mentality continues even after being stranded on the island. ("Exodus, Part 2")
    • After Walt is captured by the Others, Michael goes on a campaign to find his son at all costs. However, in the process he shoots Ana Lucia and Libby, and hands Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley over to the Others.("Live Together, Die Alone") Although he gets to leave the island with his son, Michael's guilt over betraying his friends leads him to tell Walt of his horrible actions. Again, Michael loses favor with his son.("Meet Kevin Johnson")
  • Returning to the Island
    After multiple attempts at suicide, Michael promises to work for Ben in the hopes of helping his fellow Losties on the island and redeeming himself for his unfavorable past. Michael delays the C-4 explosion on the freighter with a can of liquid nitrogen, allowing many of his former friends to escape on the helicopter.("There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 & 3")


Main article: Nikki Fernandez
  • Nikki mistrusts Paulo and uses a Medusa spider on him to try and find the diamonds. When he proves that he cares more about her than the diamonds after all, and she is bitten by a Medusa spider herself, she runs to the beach and uses her last words to try and warn Hurley and Sawyer that she and Paulo were "paralyzed", attempting to save them both.("Exposé")
Sawyer holds Aaron during a rare bout of kindness


Main article: James "Sawyer" Ford
  • Cons
    As a seasoned con man, Sawyer has some things to atone for.
    • Before the crash, Sawyer starts a con on a couple named Jessica and David. However, when he sees their young son and is reminded of himself, he calls off the con. ("Confidence Man")
    • Sawyer also conned a woman named Cassidy, stealing an unknown amount of money. After his capture, she visits him in jail and reveals that he had a daughter named Clementine. He later left some money for Clementine anonymously. ("The Long Con")("Every Man for Himself")
  • Killing Frank Duckett
    Sawyer was falsely led to believe that Frank Duckett, an American living in Australia, was the man who conned his parents. In cold blood, Sawyer murders Duckett - notably the only murder we know he committed before coming to the Island.
    • After seeking to kill the boar he believes is a reincarnation of Frank Duckett, Sawyer hears whispers in the jungle: "It'll come back around." He decided to let the boar go (which he didn't do in the past, with the man he mistakenly killed). ("Outlaws")
"It'll come back around"
  • Though tricked by Hurley, Sawyer achieves a level of redemption after fearing he may be ostracized by the camp. ("Left Behind")
  • Jack and Sawyer shared a rivalry from early on, started by differing views on how supplies from the crash should be shared, and Sawyer's dishonest appearances. However, shortly before leaving on the raft, Sawyer relayed to Jack the story of meeting Jack's father in Sydney, partly mending their relationship. ("Exodus, Part 1")
  • Sawyer finds and takes the diamonds that Nikki and Paulo had stolen. When confronted, he gives them to Sun, trying to prove that he didn't kill them for the diamonds. When Sun gives the diamonds back, he scatters them into Nikki and Paulo's grave. ("Exposé")
  • Upon learning that Sawyer masterminded Charlie's assault on her, an angered Sun violently slaps his face. Sawyer seems genuinely hurt by Sun's grudge against him and seeks her forgiveness.
  • Sawyer accepted responsibility for killing an Other to Richard Alpert, explaining it was self-defense. After a lifetime of cons and lies, he told Richard the truth. He eventually becomes head of security for DHARMA, an important and responsible position where his judgment is relied on. (5x8)


Main article: Sayid Jarrah
  • Sayid served as a soldier in the Iraqi Republican Guard. In Desert Storm, his military base was captured by U.S. forces. A U.S. military man named Kelvin Joe Inman manipulated Sayid into utilizing torture methods on his fellow Iraqis. Sayid's final words to Inman were "I will never do that again." ("One of Them")
  • Shortly after the crash, Sayid was an early target for blame, due to his Middle Eastern heritage. However, his hard work and ingenuity proved himself as a valuable member of the new community. ("Pilot, Part 2")
  • When he was found by Danielle Rousseau, she thought Sayid was a "hostile". He was eventually able to convince her that he was not, and the anomosity disappeared. ("Whatever the Case May Be")
  • After Shannon said she had seen Walt, Sayid voiced his disbelief, which hurt and angered her. He later found her and apologized saying he believed her after all. ("Abandoned")
  • Torture
    • Sawyer was tortured by Sayid to try and get him to reveal where he had hidden medicine. Later, Sayid took a solitary journey into the jungle on a quest of redemption. ("Confidence Man") ("Solitary")
    • Nadia was tortured on orders from his Republican Guard superiors. Sayid later helped her escape, and had been searching for her up until flight 815 crashed. ("Solitary") ("The Greater Good")
    • Ben was tortured on suspicion of lying. Sayid later voiced that he believed he had done no wrong, and therefore no redemption was necessary. ("One of Them")
    • Amira was tortured under unknown circumstances while Sayid was in the Republican Guard. Sayid later admitted to it, and apologized profusely. ("Enter 77")


Main article: Shannon Rutherford
  • Just after the crash, Shannon did not make any efforts to help out around the camp. After some criticism from Boone, she joined a trek and ended up translating the French distress signal. ("Pilot, Part 2")
  • At the airport, Shannon called security on Sayid, despite his honest request for her to watch his bags for him. She helps him several times, most notably with translating French messages, and later becomes romantically involved with him. ("Exodus, Part 1") ("Whatever the Case May Be") ("Abandoned")
Sun's English notes for Jin


Main article: Sun-Hwa Kwon
  • Sun hid her knowledge of English from Jin while on the island. Later, after he found out, she helped him start to learn English so he could communicate with the others on the raft. ("Exodus, Part 1")
  • After Jin attacks Michael over the Rolex, Sun risks revealing her secret knowledge of English by speaking to Michael about it, and her sacrifice aids in the redemption in others. ("House of the Rising Sun")

Production notes

"... And everybody's convinced that he's dead. And it's so tragic, and it's so wrong in every sense of the word, and all of the sudden, there's this new life. [Soundbite continues with Charlie revived] And he's back in that. And the redemption that comes... and I don't use that word a lot for the show, but I really believe that's a main theme in the show."

The producers remind that redemption has been an overriding theme of the series since Day 1. "Kate blew up a house with a man inside," Lindelof says. "Sayid is a torturer. Sawyer has done all sorts of nasty things. That's the space the show lives in. Michael was one of the few characters who was a victim before he came to the Island. He was a good guy, and his wife took his son away from him. He didn't have anything to be redeemed for until now."

Cultural references

Cultural references in Lost
(direct references only)
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See also

  • Breakthroughs (theory) - This fan theory claims personal resolutions such as redemption are soon followed by that character's death on the Island.

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Members only? Yes
Level 49
Drain rate 1 point every 7 seconds
Effect Heals player when damaged
to below 10% health
Redemption takes effect.

Redemption is a Prayer that, if active when a player's Hitpoints fall below 10%, will heal a number of hitpoints equal to 25% of the player's Prayer level. If the healing effect is activated, it causes the player to instantly use up all of his or her Prayer points. The healing does not depend on how much prayer you have left. So it is advisable to use it when your prayer points are significantly low. If a player's hitpoints drop from >10% to 0% in one hit, the healing effect will not activate due to the player dying before they receive the hp boost.

Note: This prayer does NOT heal you in the same way as "rapid heal": despite having a similar icon and claiming that it heals you, it doesn't actually recover your hitpoints level.


  • This Prayer is also commonly used during weddings in RuneScape to show happiness or love.
  • This Prayer (along with Smite), was occasionally used during riots (like the Pay to Pk Riot) to show that players supported Jagex instead of the rioters.
  • Shortly after the Prayer update on 25 March 2009, free players could use this prayer. The glitch is now fixed.

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ST Expanded

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This article has a
real-world perspective.

Star Trek: Redemption is a ten-part online serial role-play for the computer game Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, normerly hosted on the "Holo Federation" server. It features Star Trek: Unity regular Captain Lewis.


The USS Geronimo is considered Starfleet's 'crazy ship', where the most useless of officers are assigned. Captain Lewis, the new commander has one mission: bring the ship and crew up to standard with a small survey mission. But just setting off from starbase will prove more troublesome than Lewis imagined...

Finally on their way to the HoMoh sector, the crew of Geronimo have time to rest and sleep, but when life support fails in some rooms and laughing gas is fed into others, it seems that the ship isn't even calm at night time!

The first planet Geronimo arrives at in the HoMoh sector is Chy'Ken III, a world on the verge of discovering Warp. The crew have been assigned to help the Chy'Ken scientists with their warp drive development, but mysterious aliens are about to try and put a stop to it all...

Lewis has been kidnapped and Geronimo is heavily damaged. Its up to the crazy crew to rescue their Captain and find out who the aliens are.

Oh noes! A Starfleet Admiral is coming to inspect the Geronimo! How will the crew be able to impress the top brass and show that they arn't just the crazy crew Starfleet Command thinks they are...?

  • Holo Federation RP group website

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the ship. You may be looking for the comic Tales of the Jedi: Redemption.
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards[1]


EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate–Medical Variant[1]

Modified by

Alliance to Restore the Republic[1]

Technical specifications

300 meters[1]

Maximum acceleration

1,200 G[2]



Maximum speed (atmosphere)

800 kph[2]

Hyperdrive rating

Class 2[2]

Hyperdrive system

Triple Taim hyperdrive[3]


Titanium-reinforced alloy[3]


745 patients[1]

Cargo capacity

6,000 metric tons[3]

Other systems

Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (2)[1]


Medical frigate[1]

Earliest sighting

1 BBY[4]


4 ABY[6]

Present for battles/events

Alliance to Restore the Republic[1]


Alliance Fleet[1]




Unidentified female[7]

"They're heading for the Medical Frigate."
Wedge Antilles, during the Battle of Endor

The Redemption was an EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate in service to the Rebel Alliance Fleet. Originally a standard Nebulon-B frigate, it was heavily modified to serve as the fleet's primary medical frigate during the Galactic Civil War. The ship was fitted with the most advanced medical equipment available, including bacta tanks, operating theaters capable of treating multiple species, and a full complement of medical droids. The Redemption could treat up to 745 patients simultaneously and 98% made a full recovery, with most returning to duty within days. These changes came at the expense of its defensive capabilities, with several of the vessel's weapons removed, along with its starfighter complement.

The ship traveled with the Alliance Fleet, often into combat situations, and saw action several times, including the Battle of the Ison Corridor, the Battle of Eidoloni, and the Battle of Kothlis. Following his duel with Darth Vader in Cloud City, Luke Skywalker received treatment aboard the Redemption at the Rebel rendezvous point. It later joined the Alliance Fleet gathering near Sullust in preparation to assault the second Death Star in the Endor system. However, the Redemption was destroyed during the Battle of Endor when the rogue assassin droid IG-88A, secretly in control of the Death Star, used the battlestation's superlaser against it.



The Redemption was originally a standard Kuat Drive Yards EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate. Like all ships of its class, the Redemption was 300 meters in length and comprised a main section connected to a smaller propulsion module by a slender neck.[1] Though originally designed to escort convoys, the vessel later underwent a number of modifications to allow it to serve as a dedicated hospital ship.[2]

Aft view of the Redemption's engines.

The Redemption had an array of seven sublight engines, located at the rear of the propulsion module,[1] together with a Class 2 Triple Taim hyperdrive for hyperspace travel.[3] It was capable of achieving acceleration of 1,200 G in a vacuum or a maximum speed of 800 kilometers per hour in an atmosphere.[2] The Redemption's aft section also housed its main reactor and fuel tanks, along with main engineering and the chief engineer's quarters. A pair of static discharge vanes were located underneath the propulsion module.[1]

Standard Nebulon-B frigates featured twelve turbolaser batteries for use against capital ships and a further twelve laser cannons, which used precision tracking servos and advanced targeting computers to target fast-moving starfighters.[2] When it was refitted to serve as a medical frigate, much of the Redemption's weaponry was removed to make way for medical facilities.[10] Following the refit, the Redemption was left with six Taim & Bak XI7 turbolasers and eight Borstel Galactic Defense RH8 laser cannons. The primary forward turbolaser and laser cannon were located on the lower primary section of the Redemption's superstructure, covering the direction in which the ship was traveling.[1]

The Redemption originally had hangar space for two full squadrons of starfighters. Much of the hangar space was later taken up by bacta tanks[2] and recovery areas,[11] leaving the ship largely dependent on support ships to defend it during combat.[2] Small ships could still dock to transfer patients to and from the Redemption using one of several docking fixtures,[10] including two retractable docking tubes located along the engineering boom and a casualty boarding bay in the main section.[1] When going into combat situations, the Redemption could carry a limited number of starfighters attached to the docking tubes,[7] and the ship could continue to move through space while another vessel was attached, pulling the smaller vessel along.[3]

The reduced weaponry and loss of a starfighter complement was compensated by the enhanced Delphus JC-671 deflector shield generator on top of the propulsion module, a Serridge SEAL shielding system, and a titanium-reinforced alloy hull.[3] The Rebels also used the refit to install redundant systems, including backup power generators, shield projectors, and life support systems.[2] The vessel was equipped with two Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors,[1] which could be used to rescue crippled friendly starfighters or capture disabled enemy ships.[2] A primary communications array was located on top of the ship's main section, with a smaller short-range communications array positioned further aft. Forward and aft sensor units were located toward the bottom of this section, as was the main sensor generator. The ship's emergency batteries and recycling systems were located further up the main section.[1]

The Millennium Falcon attached to one of the Redemption's docking fixtures.

The main bridge was approximately half way up the main section, facing in the direction of the ship's travel, and quarters for both officers and passengers were positioned on the decks above the bridge. A series of turbolift shafts allowed movement between decks in both the main and propulsion sections, while an access corridor ran through the connecting engineering boom, permitting the crew to move between the two sections.[1]

The Redemption had complete medical facilities, located on several decks in the main section,[1] and containing the most sophisticated medical equipment available.[12] Central to the medical facilities were fifteen bacta tanks for healing of skin injuries, including burns and lacerations. The bacta tanks enhanced the body's own ability to regenerate skin and muscle tissue, speeding up healing and preventing septic infections with little scarring or adhesion development. The bacta tanks were operated by 2-1B surgical droids, while the ship's main medical computer monitored and timed treatments. On the surrounding decks were a cluster of intensive care units, operating theaters, and recovery wards to house the patients aboard the ship.[1] Special facilities were available for non-oxygen breathers, including ammonia chambers.[13] Quarters for medical personnel were located fore of the bacta tanks, as were the ship's blood banks, and its supply of fresh water was located nearby. The Redemption had its own morgue and laboratories, as well as a dedicated section for storing medical equipment[1] and up to 6,000 metric tons of related cargo.[3]

The Redemption's range of medical facilities allowed most injuries and conditions to be treated aboard. At full capacity, the ship had enough beds to treat 745 patients simultaneously with minimal waiting time for facilities, and achieved higher recovery rates than many planetside hospitals—almost 98% of patients made a full recovery and most were ready to return to duty within a couple of days.[1]


Early service

Kuat Drive Yards originally developed the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate for the Galactic Empire, to help defend Imperial convoys from attack by Rebel starfighters. However, due to Rebel capture operations, along with defections by Imperial forces, many of the frigates came to be part of the Alliance Fleet. The ships proved vital for the Alliance in many early campaigns, but as the Rebels acquired larger vessels, the Nebulon-Bs were converted for other uses, including command ships, long-range reconnaissance and search, and rescue frigates.[10] The Redemption was one of the converted frigates[1] and, by 1 BBY, was one of at least two Nebulon-Bs serving as medical frigates in the Alliance Fleet.[4] The Alliance considered medical attention at the site of conflict to be a high priority, so the Redemption traveled with the Fleet, often directly into combat situations. The ship soon proved its worth in helping to save the lives of many Rebel pilots and crew.[1]

The Redemption travels with the Alliance Fleet.

In 1 BBY, the Redemption hosted wounded personnel who survived the evacuation of Brigia during the early stages of the Operation Strike Fear, a major Imperial offensive aimed at eliminating the Rebellion. The majority of the wounded arrived aboard the CR90 corvette Korolev, with three Lambda-class T-4a shuttles from Medevac group bringing the rest. Four T-65 X-wing starfighters from Red Squadron were assigned to provide cover for the transfer of wounded to the Redemption.[4]

The transfer was interrupted by the arrival of the Imperial Nebulon-B frigate Warspite, which launched one wave of TIE bombers and one of TIE fighters before jumping back to hyperspace. The defending starfighters moved to engage the incoming Imperials, but the Warspite soon returned on the other side of the Redemption and launched an additional wave of both types of TIE, hoping to catch the Rebels out of position.[4] Red Squadron, and particularly Keyan Farlander, by ignoring the personal threat of the TIE fighters to eliminate the TIE bombers attacking the Korolev, were able to eliminate the Imperials and protect the transfer. After the Korolev followed the shuttles in delivering the wounded, the Rebel ships escaped into hyperspace.[14] The mission was later recreated as a training scenario for New Republic pilots. Though officially known as the "Redemption scenario," the difficulty of saving the Korolev led many pilots to refer to it as the "Requiem scenario."[15]

The new Rebel base

"We're almost out of this mess. If we can just make it through this nebula, we're all clear."
"I've got a bad feeling about this."
―The Redemption's captain and Luke Skywalker during the Battle of the Ison Corridor

After the Alliance destroyed the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin, they were forced to evacuate their base on Yavin 4, eventually choosing the remote ice world of Hoth to act as their new headquarters. Soon after Echo Base was established, the Redemption, along with three members of Red Squadron, including Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles, joined a convoy of six GR-75 medium transports carrying supplies to the new base. The convoy was due to rendezvous with another convoy in the Ison Corridor before proceeding to Hoth, but emerged from hyperspace to discover that the other convoy had been destroyed. Despite the possibility of attack, the convoy was unable to jump straight back into hyperspace, and needed to clear the debris field first. However, it soon came under attack by TIE fighters, which moved against the Rebel transports. Red Squadron was able to defeat the first wave of TIEs, but with more incoming, they docked with the Redemption to swap their X-wings for the faster RZ-1 A-wing interceptors that were being transported aboard. The second wave of TIEs was soon destroyed and the convoy entered a nearby nebula, beyond which they would be able to enter hyperspace. However, the convoy came under further attack from TIE interceptors in the nebula, before the Redemption finally emerged and fled into hyperspace with the other surviving convoy ships.[7]

In 3 ABY, the Rebels were again forced on the run after their defeat at the Battle of Hoth. The Redemption joined the remnants of the Alliance Fleet at their rendezvous point,[5] beyond the edge of the galaxy, above the galactic equatorial plane. Among those treated aboard the ship at this time were Luke Skywalker and the Gand bounty hunter Zuckuss.[13] Zuckuss, together with his partner 4-LOM, had helped rescue ninety Rebels from the GR-75 medium transport Bright Hope, which had been disabled while escaping Hoth. In exchange, the Rebels agreed to treat the ammonia-breathing Gand for damage caused to his lungs by oxygen inhalation. After the group arrived aboard the Mist Hunter, the medical droids 2-1B and FX-7 rushed Zuckuss to the surgical bay, before 2-1B was called away to assist with Skywalker's operation. Working inside a special ammonia chamber, medical droids were able to regrow the damaged tissue inside Zuckuss, giving him functioning lungs within just a few days of the operation.[13] For her part in ensuring that the Bright Hope survivors made it safely back to the Alliance, Echo Base's chief communications officer, Toryn Farr, was awarded the Kalidor Crescent and a promotion to commander[16] in a ceremony led by General Carlist Rieekan aboard the Redemption.[13]

Luke Skywalker is treated aboard the Redemption.

After fleeing Hoth, Skywalker had lost his hand in a duel with Darth Vader on Cloud City.[5] He arrived at the rendezvous point aboard the Millennium Falcon, having already had his condition stabilized using the ship's medical bed, and was taken to the Redemption's microsurgery room. There, a team of neurospecialists and medical droids, including 2-1B, replaced his severed hand with a biosynthetic prosthetic.[1] 2-1B suggested that it might have been possible to perform a more effective procedure at some point in the future, but that Skywalker would have to make do with the prosthetic until then. Nevertheless, Skywalker was able to return to duty soon after the operation[17] and was using his new hand just as well as his old one within two days.[1] As 2-1B carried out the final attachment of the prosthetic, Skywalker was visited by Lando Calrissian, who was due to depart for Tatooine in the Millennium Falcon in search of the captured Han Solo. The droid agreed to allow Skywalker, along with Leia Organa, to observe the departure of the Millennium Falcon from the surgery suite window.[17]

Skywalker and Organa remained on the Redemption after the Millennium Falcon's departure while he recovered from his surgery.[5] They were still aboard when the Rebels were discovered by an Imperial Strike-class medium cruiser soon thereafter. The Rebels could not afford to allow the Empire to learn of their location, and so they jammed the enemy ship's communications while Rogue Squadron moved to intercept it. Rogue Squadron was able to eliminate the enemy vessel before it could escape to report their location, but the Rebels decided to alter course as a precaution.[18]

Alliance on the run

"Liberty, this is the Redemption! We're under attack. We're being pinned down by an Interdictor and can't hyper!"
Redemption, this is the Liberty. Help is on the way.''"
Kupalo and Yamarus

Following the retreat from Hoth, the Redemption became part of the task force led by the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty. During this time, the Alliance received several transmissions from an Imperial informant, one Commander Zaletta, who eventually provided them with his location, aboard Outpost DX-11a in the Eidoloni system, and announced his intention to defect. Alliance High Command dispatched Commander Kupalo aboard the Redemption to rendezvous with Zaletta and discuss the terms of his defection. The Redemption was escorted to the rendezvous point by four X-wings from Red Squadron, and remained there while its escort proceeded to DX-11a and created a diversion, allowing Zaletta to escape aboard the shuttle AA-23. After returning to the rendezvous point, AA-23 docked in the Redemption's hangar and the frigate prepared to return to the Liberty. However, before it could jump to hyperspace, the Redemption was ambushed by the Immobilizer 418 cruiser Restrainer and the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Subjugator. Kupalo placed Zaletta in custody and called the Liberty to assist. After the Liberty arrived, the Rebel forces were able to destroy the Restrainer and allow the Redemption to return safely to the Rebel Fleet. It later emerged that Zaletta's defection was genuine and that it was Kupalo, having been previously captured and brainwashed, who had summoned the Imperial forces to the rendezvous.[8]

Exterior view of the Redemption's surgery suite.

Around the same time, the Alliance was seeking to establish a new base of operations in the Airam sector of the Outer Rim Territories. The Imperial Navy soon dispatched a task force to search the sector for the Rebel forces, forcing the Alliance to evacuate their bases in the outlying regions. While evacuating the Hormuuz facility near Gelgelar, the Rebels came under heavy attack from Imperial forces. Although the Alliance successfully evacuated the station's crew, many of them suffered serious injuries during the heavy bombardment inflicted on the station. The Redemption was promptly dispatched to rendezvous with their transports, so the injured could be treated before joining the other Rebel forces gathering in the sector.[9]

The rendezvous point was selected in an isolated area, far from most inhabited star systems and Imperial patrol routes. Even so, the Rebels took no chances and assigned Rogue and Gold Squadrons to fly cover in Z-95 Headhunters while the wounded were transferred to the Redemption. The wounded soon arrived aboard the GR-75 medium transports T-37, T-38, and T-39, along with the Lambda-class shuttle Compassion and medical supplies on the YT-1300 light freighter Lanigiro, but the transfer operation was interrupted by the arrival of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Nemesis. The Star Destroyer launched starfighters to destroy the transports as they docked with the Redemption, but Rogue and Gold Squadrons were able to hold them off long enough for all the patients to be moved to the hospital ship and for the Rebel ships to escape into hyperspace.[9]

The second Death Star

Later that year, the Rebels learned that the Empire was constructing a second Death Star. A Rebel operation was able to capture the plans to the new battlestation, which were taken aboard the CR90 corvette Razor. The Redemption, escorted by Rogue Squadron in B-wing starfighters, was sent to rendezvous with the Razor near Kothlis and escort it safely to Alliance High Command. They arrived to find the Razor already under attack from an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, and Rogue Squadron moved to destroy the Imperial vessel. The Imperials responded by attacking the Redemption, but Rogue Squadron was able to eliminate the Star Destroyer's shields before destroying its bridge, causing the ship to crash onto the planet below.[7]

The captured information revealed that the second Death Star was being constructed in orbit of the Forest Moon of Endor and that the battlestation's superlaser was not yet operational, its only defense being a deflector shield projected from the moon below. Furthermore, Emperor Palpatine was known to be personally overseeing the final stages of construction, presenting the Rebels with an opportunity to deal a major blow to the Empire. The Alliance quickly began to gather their forces near Sullust in preparation to attack the Death Star.[19] The Redemption was one of the last ships to head to the rallying point, as part of the task force led by the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence. The task force encountered a number of Imperial patrols on the way as the Empire conducted a major search for the Rebels. For the final leg of the journey, the group was to rendezvous with A-wings from the Liberty that would escort them the rest of the way. However, the escort was delayed after assisting the Defiance's group as it came under Imperial attack and, by the time they arrived, the Redemption and the other ships in the task force had come under attack from the Star Destroyers Immortal, Protector, and Vanguard. While the A-wings moved to clear the area of the enemy TIEs, particularly the TIE bombers that were launching torpedoes toward the Independence, Admiral Ackbar, aboard the Independence, ordered B-wings to launch and counterattack the Star Destroyers. The Rebel fighters were able to hold the Imperials back long enough for the task force ships, including the Redemption, to escape to hyperspace.[8]

The Redemption is attacked by TIE/In interceptors during the Battle of Endor.

Soon after the last of the Rebel ships arrived at the rendezvous point, a commando team, led by General Han Solo, set off to Endor to destroy the shield generator bunker protecting the Death Star. The Alliance Fleet followed soon after to begin their assault.[19] The Redemption joined the fleet for the Battle of Endor, going into combat despite its classification as a medical frigate.[7] However, the Rebels arrived to find that they had been lured into a trap—the Death Star's shields were still up, its primary weapon was already operational, and a full fleet of Star Destroyers waited to eliminate the Rebels.[19] The medical frigate came under attack from numerous TIE interceptors and several TIE bombers,[7] but quick action by the Millennium Falcon and the X-wings of Red Squadron saved it from destruction.[19] Ultimately, however, the Redemption was one of several ships obliterated by the second Death Star's powerful superlaser, secretly controlled by the bounty hunter IG-88A.[6] Despite the loss of the Redemption, Solo's team was finally able to bring down the shields, allowing Rebel starfighters to enter the Death Star's superstructure, destroying the battlestation.[19]

Commanders and crew

The Redemption had a full staff of eighty medical personnel. Rebel medics were highly trained in the field treatment of common injuries, including blaster wounds, chemical poisoning, fractures, and vacuum exposure. The medics could stabilize most serious wounds until the patient could be seen by one of the ship's specialists, such as its team of neurospecialists, or by one of its thirty medical droids. In addition to the medical staff, the ship had a crew of 850, comprising seventy-seven officers and 773 enlisted personnel,[1] sixty-six gunners, and seventy-five troops.[3] The Redemption was commanded by a female captain from some point prior to the Battle of Hoth until its destruction at the Battle of Endor.[7]

Behind the scenes

The Redemption was created for the 1993 LucasArts video game Star Wars: X-wing, as one of two Rebel medical frigates, along with the Salvation. In the game, the Redemption appears in the fourth mission of Tour of Duty 1, "Protect Medical Frigate." The difficulty of eliminating waves of TIE bombers approaching the Redemption from opposite directions led to Michael A. Stackpole selecting it as a training scenario for Rogue Squadron in his 1996 novel X-wing: Rogue Squadron. However, it is possible to exploit a loophole in X-wing to make the mission easier—only the Korolev is required to dock successfully and players can make it dock with the Redemption more quickly by ordering the shuttles to jump to hyperspace at the start of the mission.[14]

Redemption concept art

The Cloud City Limited and Death Star II Limited expansion sets to the Star Wars Customizable Card Game by Decipher, Inc., along with the 1998 LucasArts interactive CD-ROM Star Wars: Behind the Magic, later revealed that the Redemption was the previously unnamed medical frigate that first appeared in Irvin Kershner's 1980 film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and that this was the same vessel that later appeared in the 1983 sequel, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, directed by Richard Marquand. The ship was one of the last models to be created for The Empire Strikes Back and, at Star Wars creator George Lucas's suggestion, was designed to resemble an outboard motor. The model measured 50 x 247 x 99 centimeters and was part constructed from plastic model kits, including miniature boat hulls, a B-29 Superfortress fuselage, and aircraft carriers. The two halves of the ship were connected by a painted industrial PVC pipe. Early designs of the Redemption called for subdued colors and a heavily aged look to the ship's hull. The shot of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, R2-D2, and C-3PO looking through the surgery suite window was achieved by using rear-projection photography.[3]

The Redemption also appeared in two sequels to Star Wars: X-wing, 1997's Star Wars: X-wing vs. TIE Fighter: Balance of Power and 1999's Star Wars: X-wing Alliance. Balance of Power gave players the choice of flying for either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire as the two sides fight for control of the Airam sector. This article assumes that the Rebel campaign is the canonical outcome.

There are some minor inconsistencies between sources describing the Redemption. Starlog's 1994 third volume of the Star Wars Technical Journal established that the ship carried fifteen bacta tanks, a figure that was also used in The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels in 1996. The 2003 The New Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, however, gave the number of bacta tanks as sixteen. The Star Wars Technical Journal also placed the size of the ship's crew at 850, while the slightly larger number of 854 was used in Behind the Magic.


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