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Red spiders' eggs are a Herblore ingredient that members can use to make one of two different potions. Those with level 22 Herblore can combine them with a harralander potion(unf) (made by adding clean harralander to a vial of water) to make a stat restore potion and gain 62.5 experience points[1]. Members with level 63 Herblore can combine the eggs with a snapdragon potion(unf) (made by adding clean snapdragon to a vial of water) to make a Super restore potion and gain 142.5 experience[1].

All players (even free players) can give red spiders' eggs along with a limpwurt root and 5 coins to the apothecary in Varrock, and he will give them a 4-dose strength potion in return. This exchange used to be the only way to obtain a potion in the free-to-play version of RuneScape prior to the introduction of the Grand Exchange, and is still the only way to obtain this potion without at least some assistance of a member, even if indirectly via the GE. It would be recommended to simply sell or use red spider eggs for other tasks, as the value of these components are worth more than the price of a strength potion.

The Creature creation mini-game uses Red spiders' eggs in conjunction with raw sardines to create a monster which, when killed, drops multiple red spiders' eggs.

Red spiders' eggs have a current value on the Grand Exchange of 339 coins[2].

Obtaining red spiders' eggs

Members with level 10 Summoning can obtain red spiders' eggs from a spirit spider familiar, in conjunction with an egg spawn scroll[3].

Red spiders' eggs spawn in a number of places, especially areas where deadly red spiders can be found. Spawn points include:

Players may also obtain red spiders' eggs as drops from the following monsters:


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