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A simulated Red dragon, found at an exhibit in the Varrock Museum.

Red dragons are powerful monsters, and an anti-dragon shield or antifire potion is essential when fighting them. They can reduce the maximum hit of the dragonfire to about 10. It is an underrated monster as the red dragonhides and dragon bones are worth large amounts of coins, and they can be safely maged or ranged.

If assigned Red dragons as a slayer task you are able to kill Baby Red Dragons as an alternative.



Strengths and weaknesses

Like all dragons, red dragons have high defence, though they are less defended against stab and ranged attacks. Nevertheless, players with under 60 Ranged should not attempt to kill red dragons, as it is difficult to kill one with less than that. As with all dragons, an anti-dragon shield and possibly an anti-fire potion is essential when fighting them. Without one, you can be hit extremely hard by dragonfire.

The Red Dragon Isle is recommended, because the Wilderness Volcano provides a relatively close banking area. However, the Wilderness Volcano is extremely dangerous as players in that area can be a target for revenants. The Brimhaven Dungeon location is a safer place to combat red dragons. If you are fighting them here, remember to bring 875 coins (or Karamja gloves 3 for free entrance and possibly a teleport) for the entrance fee and a hatchet. There are a few safe spots in the South West corner and north of the Red Dragon area of the dungeon. The biggest issue is the interrupts from Wild dogs, though this can be countered by having a combat level of 127 or higher. It can be useful to bring Bones to Peaches tablets, so when you get low health you can kill a few dogs and then use the spell to produce food. After some time monsters stop being aggressive, so longer sessions at the dragons have fewer such interruptions and make it a lot safer to collect the drops as long as a player stays within a fairly limited area. If you are ranging, bring some food for the initial aggressive period and an Emergency teleport.

These dragons do not drop draconic visages. Also, these dragons are generally left alone unless the player is on a Slayer task, as they are too far from a bank and hard to kill to be efficient to kill for money. This is why, for a long time, black dragonhide was, and is, worth less than red dragonhide.

It should also be noted that an efficient money making trick for low to mid levelled players is to collect the white berries that respawn every 3 seconds in the southern part of Red Dragon Isle. Be aware that you may be subject to revenant attacks in this area, as they commonly patrol there.

A good tactic when fighting Red dragons is to hide in a safe spot and use a weapon such as a crossbow, a regular bow, a halberd, magic attacks, darts, knifes, or thrownaxe.


100% drop

Armour and weapons



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Charm drop percentages
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15 - 23%

42 - 52%

17 - 25%

2 - 5%

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1 charm is dropped at once.

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  • Red dragons are the second playable dragon in the Funorb game, Armies of Gielinor.

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Red dragons were reptiles indigenous to Yavin 4

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Behind the scenes

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  • Tales of the Jedi: The Fall of the Sith Empire 5: End of an Empire

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