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Final Fantasy II Boss
Red Soul
Japanese レッドソウル
Romaji Reddosouru
NES Name Red Soul
NES DSOP Name Red Soul
PS Name Shrieker
GBA Name Red Soul
PSP Name Red Soul

The Red Soul, also known as the Shrieker, is a boss enemy from Final Fantasy II. It guards the Egil's Torch in Kashuan Keep. It later appears in several other areas as a random encounter.


The Red Soul boss is a powerful magical foe, and can be quite a challenge if your party isn't ready for it. In the first four rounds of the fight, he will blast your party with Fire VIII, Blizzard VIII, Thunder VIII, and Scourge VIII. It absorbs every type of offensive magic that you can throw at it at this point in the game, so your Black Mage will be useless during this fight. It also has a high resistance to physical attacks, even though they are pretty much your only option here. The good news is, it doesn't have nearly enough MP to support its high-powered spells, so after the first four rounds of the fight he will revert to using a laughable physical attack. To make things go smoother, make sure someone on your team has the Shell spell at level 2 or 3, then cast it on your whole party as soon as the battle begins to ease the blows of the Red Soul's level 8 spells. Equip someone with the Ancient Sword you found in the Snow Cave, and you might be able to place a Curse on the fiend, making it harder for him to hit you. After the magical onslaught is over, heal your party and attack with everything you have. It may take a while, but the Red Soul will go down to this extended punishment.

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  • The Red Soul's sprite design completely changes between the original NES release the DoS release, and then changes back to resemble its original form in the PSP version.

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