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Red Salamander
Level 59
Experience 272
Location Outside Ourania Cave.
Trap Net trap
Preferred bait Tarromin tar
Retaliation No
Loot Red salamander
Examine Slightly slimy and certainly striking.

A Red Salamander is a creature that can be caught using the Hunter skill. You can catch it by using a small fishing net on a young tree. This means that you must have a rope and a fishing net in your inventory. When caught, it becomes a Red salamander weapon similar to a flamethrower which can use all three styles of combat.

Hunting Tips

Equipment: 4 Small Fishing Nets and 4 Ropes at a minimum, but it's desirable to bring more than this in case some are accidentally lost. Super energies are not necessary due to the run update, but keep your weight at a minimum; wear spotted/spottier cape, boots of lightness, and penance gloves. Any camouflage equipment is desirable, although not necessary.

Location: The red salamander hunter area is located west of the spirit tree near the Battlefield of Khazard. To get there, use the Lunar Magic spell Ourania Teleport, travel using the spirit trees, or teleport to Castle Wars Arena and walk North. There are two spots in which hunting salamanders is possible: one is located directly south of the altar, the other is located east of the entrance of the path that leads to the altar.

Catch rate: The catch rate averages approximately 60% at 63-64 Hunter, with Larupia camouflage equiped. (115/187 at 63 and 159/264 at 64)

Miscellaneous: Once a net trap has caught a lizard, the lizard will remain in the trap for 60 seconds, at which point the lizard will escape and the trap will dismantle itself. It is possible to release lizards while creating or dismantling a trap without any adverse effects; doing this saves time in regard to the alternative, which is releasing large quantities of lizards all at once. To avoid wasting time by accidentally attacking the monks, a hunter can equip a salamander without proper ammunition for it, thus making it impossible for the hunter to attack.


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