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This is a list of airships and other aerial means of mechanized transportation in the Final Fantasy series.




Final Fantasy

Sky Warriors' Airship

This airship was piloted by the Sky Warriors hundreds of years ago, and is found and used again by the Light Warriors after they raise it from the desert using the Levistone. In the remakes since Dawn of Souls, it is revealed that a Cid of the Lufaine built it. This is the game's fastest means of transportation and there are no random encounters while you are using it. However, it can only be exited in open fields.

Final Fantasy II


The Dreadnought
Main article: Dreadnought (Final Fantasy II)

The Dreadnought was an airship from Final Fantasy II. It was built by the Palamecia Empire as a warship, and has the power to level whole towns.Firion and his party entered it after it abducted Cid's Airship to rescue Princess Hilda and Cid and destroyed it by throwing the Sunfire in the Dreadnought's engine.

Cid's Airship

Cid's Airship and the big Dreadnought's base

Never named, Cid's airship is the only airship in the world, before the Dreadnought is finished. Cid flies it and uses it to ferry people, using the money he gets from ferrying people to upgrade it. Upon his death, he gives the airship to Firion's party to use.

Final Fantasy III

Cid's Airship

Initially, Cid's airship is found in the desert west of Kazus. Cid allows Warriors of the Light to borrow his airship to save the kingdom of Sasune from the Djinn's curse. In the Nintendo DS version, Luneth and Arc meet the third party member, Refia, inside the airship, who decides to join them to save her father and the people of Kazus. The airship is required to reach the Sealed Cave where the Djinn lies, as the lake in front of the cave prevents entrance by foot. At Cid's request, Refia and her surrogate father Takka later fit a Mythril ram on the airship's bow to destroy a boulder lying in Nelv Valley, in order to gain access to Canaan. Unfortunately, the airship is destroyed in the process.

According to Refia, she and Takka forged the parts for the ship in Kazus.


The Enterprise is a ship awarded to the player by Vikings for appeasing the sea serpent Nepto. Later, the Enterprise is modified by Cid using the "Time Gear" to transform into an airship. The Airship Enterprise may only land in water. It is later shot down over Saronia.


The Nautilus is a high-speed Saronian airship used to fly against intense winds. It is obtained after defeating the Garuda in Saronia. It is later enchanted to dive underwater. While in this Submarine form, the party can explore the ocean floor and several dungeons that were previously inaccessible. The Nautilus is still available for the party to use after the Invincible is obtained, and is faster than the Invincible, but lacks the healing, shop, and Fat Chocobo benefits.


Inside the Invincible
Main article: Invincible (Final Fantasy III)

The Great Ship, Invincible, is the final airship found in Final Fantasy III. It is found in the Ancient Ruins and obtainable only after awakening Unei. The Invincible does not land. Rather, the party exits the airship via a ladder that hangs beneath it. Though it is not submersible nor as fast as the Nautilus, the Invincible can go into "high gear" allowing it to pass over small mountain ranges which previous airships of the game were unable to do. It is unique in the fact that you can go inside the ship, unlike other obtainable airships in the game. Inside are 4 beds for restoring HP and MP; shops for magic, weapons, armor, and items; a place to summon Fat Chocobo; and (in the DS version) a Moogle to access Mognet. The Invincible also sports a cannon which it fires at the beginning of a random encounter.

Final Fantasy IV

The Red Wings

Main article: Red Wings

The Red Wings are a fleet of five airships built by Cid Pollendina as its own military division in Baron. The Red Wings are commanded by Cecil Harvey at the opening of the game, but command is soon given to Golbez. Golbez then uses the Red Wings to collect the remaining eight crystals. When the party returns from the moon to stop the Giant of Babil, the Red Wings are inexplicably in the command of Cid's apprentices to assist in fighting the Giant.


Main article: Enterprise

The masterpiece airship of Cid Pollendina, it was the party's airship for much of the journey. It later acquires a crane attachment that allows it to ferry the Hovercraft over oceans.


Main article: Falcon (Final Fantasy IV)

A stolen aircraft from the Red Wings, it was at first vastly inferior and requires many upgrades and enhancements. One such enhancement was a drill mounted on its bow to drill through dirt and rock, and another enhancement would be the grafting of Adamantite onto its body, permitting it to fly over lava.

Lunar Whale

Main article: Lunar Whale

The Lunar Whale, also known as Big Whale, is an airship that is bestowed on the party with the aid of the elder of Mysidia. It is capable of space flight to the Red Moon, and also contains "beds" and a mechanical Fat Chocobo. The only place it cannot fly over is the Underworld, presumably because it is too large to fly through the crater.

Final Fantasy V

Unnamed Airship

An Airship was discovered in some ancient ruins that would come to be known as the Catapult. Cid Previa and Mid Previa "discover" it at around the same time as Bartz, Lenna, Galuf, and Faris do. Initially, it is able to fly over mountains as well as land on water, where it can then be used as a regular ship. Cid and Mid would repair the airship using Adamantite to make it travel higher so the Floating Ruins could be reached. The Airship was rediscovered in the Third World after the destruction of the Fork Tower. Cid and Mid would remodel it into a submarine.

Final Fantasy VI


Main article: Blackjack (Final Fantasy VI)

The Blackjack is an airship in Final Fantasy VI. It is one of two airships in the world, the other being the Falcon. It has a casino, an item shop, and a free recovery point.


Main article: Falcon (Final Fantasy VI)

The Falcon is the second ship in Final Fantasy VI flyable by the party. One of the fastest vessels in the world, the Falcon was owned by Darill before her passing and entombed with her beneath the ocean.

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII


The Highwind
Main article: Highwind (Final Fantasy VII)

The Highwind is the stolen airship adopted by Cid Highwind and the cast of Final Fantasy VII, and serves as transport for the entire group of characters. Even though it has no visible weapons, it is used in a Limit Break named Highwind by Cid, where several missiles are launched from the ship.

In Final Fantasy Tactics, there's an errand related with this airship. Ramza's party must raise the Highwind from the ocean to the surface.


The Shera
Main article: Shera (Airship)

The Shera (Sierra) is Cid's airship in all appearances after Final Fantasy VII, replacing the Highwind due to Cid's desire to use a ship that can function without Mako. To this end, the airship runs on jet fuel refined from oil. Structurally it is quite different from the Highwind with a series of propellers arranged one of top of the other at the rear of the ship to serve as its propulsion, and a deck and cockpit with glass walls and flooring instead of an open deck.

Final Fantasy VIII

Balamb Garden floating in the ocean

Balamb Garden

Main article: Balamb Garden

In Final Fantasy VIII there are structures called Gardens that act as schools to help train and educate SeeD hopefuls. One such Garden is the Balamb Garden; the player spends a lot of time here during the course of the game and is instrumental in enabling it's ability to fly.

The Garden contains save points, beds, a Triple Triad side-quest, a shop, and a training area.

Galbadia Garden hovering in wait

Galbadia Garden

Main article: Galbadia Garden

Another Garden school-like structure, and one that the party does not get to control. They visit the school during its time as an immobile complex, but later, when it is apprehended by the Galbadian Army, it is used against the party during the Battle of the Gardens and is the scene of a major turning point in the plot.


Main article: Ragnarok (Final Fantasy VIII)

The Ragnarok is the primary airship in Final Fantasy VIII. Created by the nation of Esthar during the Sorceress War, it is heavily armed and capable of space travel. It was originally used, along with two others, to banish Sorceress Adel to space. Squall Leonhart and Rinoa Heartilly encounter the ship while lost, adrift in space. They rid it of monsters and guide it back to their planet. Selphie Tilmitt, Zell Dincht, Quistis Trepe or Irvine Kinneas (it depends on which character is not in the fighting party) eventually becomes the ship's pilot.

Final Fantasy IX

Cargo Ship

A standard Cargo Ship.

The Cargo Ship was used to transport completed Black Mages from Dali to Alexandria. Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, and Princess Garnet stowed away on board the airship. Zidane was insistent on taking Garnet to Lindblum, but Steiner insisted on going back to Alexandria. The Black Waltz No. 3 attacked the Airship in order to kidnap Garnet, but Vivi was able to turn the Black Mages against the Black Waltz. The tussle lead to an accident involving South Gate, however, Garnet was able to safely pilot the airship to Lindblum.

Tetra Master
Cargo Ship
  • Card 084
  • Location: Chocograph3, Gilgamesh at Daguerro

Hilda Garde Series

Artwork of the Hilda Garde I
Main article: Hilda Garde

Prior to the events of Final Fantasy IX, Cid Fabool IX, Regent of Lindblum and accomplish engineer, creates the Hilda Garde I airship, which runs on steam power instead of Mist and is the first of its kind. The airship is named after his wife, Hilda; however, when Hilda learns of Cid's lecherous nature, she absconds with the Hilda Garde and morphs Cid into an Oglop.

The Hilda Garde I is soon hijacked by Kuja, and Cid, with the help of Engineer Zebolt, attempts to construct the Hilda Garde II to assist Zidane and his party. Though the resulting craft is inferior due to Cid's Oglop state, the Hilda Garde II manages to survive a flight from Treno to Alexandria, rescuing Garnet and Eiko from Kuja's assault on the royal city.

Once Cid is restored to his human form after Hilda is recovered from Kuja's clutches, he embarks on a quest to construct a steam-powered airship surpassing the power of the Hilda Garde I. When the party returns from Mount Gulug, Cid presents the airship to them, allowing for effortless travel across Gaia. The Hilda Garde III serves as the party airship until the events at the Shimmering Island.


Main article: Invincible (Final Fantasy IX)
"The first...battleship...Invincible... Improved use..."
—Stone visage at Oeilvert

The Invincible is the battle-type airship initially commanded by Garland. It is able to destroy entire cities with a great beam of light from the bottom of the ship, like it did at Madain Sari. Princess Garnet escaped this destruction, but still has faint memories of "the eye in the sky", referring to the red bottom of the Invincible. It has the power to capture Eidolons, which is what Garland uses it for in the game. At one time, it is hi-jacked by Kuja, but after the destruction of Terra, it becomes available to the player (Zidane and company steal it to escape from Terra) for Disc 4.

Prima Vista

The Prima Vista approaches Alexandria Castle.
Main article: Prima Vista

The M.S. Prima Vista is a luxury liner with theater used by the Tantalus Theater Troupe from Final Fantasy IX. It measures 8235 tonnes and has a guest capacity of 288. It runs off a "veil energy propulsion system" (i.e. a Mist-powered engine) and was built in Zebolt Shipyards. The Prima Vista is registered in Lindblum and acts as the thieves' mobile base of operations. The theater ship's stage is used to perform I Want to be Your Canary.

Red Rose

The Red Rose

The Red Rose is Queen Brahne's personal airship and is named after her favorite flower. It makes three separate appearances in the game, one being where Queen Brahne summoned Odin to destroy Cleyra, the second being when Alexandria invades Lindblum, the third being when it clears a path, along with the Lindblum air fleet, to let Zidane and the party fly into Memoria and face Kuja.

Tetra Master
Red Rose


The Viltgance is a Lindblum airship. One of their battleships, it is briefly seen when entering Lindblum for the first time after escaping through South Gate. It also appears during the Silver Dragon assault sequence during Disc 4 while the party enters Memoria.

Marsha, a girl in Lindblum, mentions that her father rides on an airship in Linblum called the Viltgance.

Tetra Master
  • Card 088
  • Location: Exchange 1800 Hot and Cold Points

Final Fantasy X


The Fahrenheit
Main article: Fahrenheit

Unlike previous Final Fantasy titles, there is no World Map overview and the player cannot actually fly this airship around Spira. Instead it is used more for quick transportation from one location to another.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Celsius
Main article: Celsius

In Final Fantasy X-2, the group of sphere hunters known as the Gullwings, consisting of Yuna, Rikku, Paine, Brother, Shinra, Buddy and the Hypello known simply as Barkeep, use the airship Celsius as a headquarters as well as a means of transportation. It was named Celsius by Brother to spite his father, Cid, with whom Brother had had a falling out. The "joke" in this is that Celsius and Fahrenheit, the latter of which is the name of Cid's airship from Final Fantasy X, are two different ways of measuring temperatures.

Final Fantasy XI

An airship in Final Fantasy XI

Airships in Final Fantasy XI can be accessed to allow players to travel much more swiftly over the large open world of Vana'diel. They provide travel between the Grand Duchy of Jeuno and ports in the Republic of Bastok, the Federation of Windurst, the Kingdom of San d'Oria, and the village of Kazham. The player must either complete the Rank 5 mission or pay to obtain a pass in order to be able to utilize them.

A specific airship appears in later Chains of Promathia missions, transporting story characters to and from Tavnazian Safehold, including Al'Taeiu. The player can optionally name this airship by completing a sidequest.

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII offers a variety of airships. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and run off a combination of magic and electricity. History recorded that airships were first invented by the Moogles. The discovery of Bhujerba by House Ondore has been credited to one of the first airship expeditions.

A variety of Magicite called "Skystone" is used to power the airships. Airships in Ivalice run on glossair rings, in which fuel produced from the mist within Skystones runs through glossair engines. These shiny rings of blue can be seen in many airborne vehicles, from the small air cabs in the streets of Archades to the large Archadian military fleets invading the skies.

There are certain areas known as Jagds that standard airships cannot access because of the large amount of Mist in the air and the rich amount of magicite in Jagd soil. By using Nethicite, airships are able to fly over Jagd territory.

Most airships in Final Fantasy XII are named after summons in previous games.


The Strahl

The Strahl is the main airship for the party. It is owned by the party members Balthier and Fran. Unlike previous games, the Strahl can't be boarded. Instead, boarding the Strahl will instantly bring up the world map and a list of destinations you can travel to, similar to Final Fantasy X.

Originally a new prototype ship for the Archadian Empire, its unique folding-wing design proved to be too expensive. As such, the ship was going to be scrapped. However, while Balthier was escaping from Archades, he stole the Strahl. As shown in the game when being chased by Archadians, Balthier doesn't use any weapons on the Strahl, even though it was a prototype fighter airship and as such, should be equipped with something.

The Strahl has since been upgraded so much, it no longer resembles its original design. New features include invisibility and a skystone that allows it to travel over jagd.

Archadian Ships

Main article: Archadian Imperial Fleets

Shares its name with the recurring summon, Alexander. The Alexander is the flagship of the 12th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army and is commanded by Judge Zargabaath. It is classified as a No. 1 Heavy Carrier class airship.

For the mark of the same name, see Atomos (Final Fantasy XII).

Shares its name with the recurring boss and summon, Atomos. The Atomos is a class of carrier ship, meant to transport people quickly. It is similar to Pandaemonium, though it is painted in a white hue.

Main article: Sky Fortress Bahamut

Shares its name with the recurring summon, Bahamut. A Sky Fortress under the command of Vayne Solidor, it is powered by a great amount of Mist, taken from the Sun-Cryst. Even when not at full power, its Mist Cannon is powerful enough to blow entire airships out of the sky in one shot. Built by the Archadian Empire, Bahamut serves as a gigantic base for the Archadian military. At the end of the game it is heavily damaged and crash lands, narrowly missing the city of Rabanastre. It crashes just outside of the city, and embedding itself in the ground. In the epilogue, it is shown to have been covered with plant life, and a small lake had been formed at the base.


Shares its name with the recurring summon, Carbuncle. It was also the ship Vossler used to transport the party to Shiva. Please note the red jewel on the front of the ship, gems similar to this are found on the creature Carbuncle in all of its appearances.


Shares its name with the recurring enemy and summon Catoblepas. Originally the Destroyer-class airship of the 12th fleet, it has been a standard to include Catoblepas in every fleet.


Shares its name with the recurring summon, Ifrit. It was one of these types of ships that stopped the resistance from invading the Royal Palace of Rabanastre while Vayne Solidor was visiting. Part of the 8th fleet, it can be assumed they sunk with the Leviathan.

Main article: Dreadnought Leviathan

Shares its name with the recurring summon, Leviathan. The Leviathan is the flagship of the 8th Fleet of the Archadian Imperial Army and is commanded by Judge Ghis. It is classified as a No. 1 Dreadnought class airship. It was fitted with a special type of skystone, able to resist the effects of the Jagd, which usually disables the use of airships. It was destroyed in an explosion cause by the Dawn Shard, when Judge Ghis attempted to use the shard as the airship's primary source of energy instead of the skystone.

A second ship by the same name is built after the game's conclusion. Like the first it was built by the empire, but unlike the first it is owned by Dalmasca and used as Ashe's Flagship. It appears in Revenant Wings


Shares its name with the recurring summon, Odin. It is part of the Imperial 1st Fleet.


Shares its name with a Mark in Final Fantasy XII, two locations and a summon in Final Fantasy VIII, Pandemonium. The Pandaemonium is a carrier ship similar to Atomos, only differs in its hue which is black.

Main article: Air Cutter Remora

Shares its name with the Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings summon, Remora. Unlike the other airships, the Remora is a class of light fighter. Several Remora are seen, including ones called Antlion and Tonberry. Its official name is the Draklor CB56 Remora Fighter.


This Light Cruiser-class Airship shares its name with the recurring summon, Shiva. Part of the original 8th fleet, it was destroyed along with the fleet in the explosion caused by the Dawn Shard.


Possibly shares its name with the Final Fantasy X summon, Valefor. An improved light fighter, the Valfarre is seen directly after the party leaves Raithwall's tomb, and during the battle between the resistance and Archadia. It's official name is the Draklor CB58 Valfarre Fighter. It is referred to as "Valefor" on the Collector's Edition bonus disc and in the official artwork book.

Resistance Ships


Shares its name with the character of Final Fantasy V, Galuf and his home, Val Castle. Was shot down during the battle between the resistance and Archadia.


Shares its name with two villains of the Final Fantasy series. Garland, the boss of Final Fantasy and Garland, one of the antagonists of Final Fantasy IX. The flagship of the resistance, it is under the command of Marquis Ondore.

It is similar in capabilities to the Alexander, except the Garland has guns.

Queen Hilda

Shares its name with one of the characters of Final Fantasy IX, Queen Hilda. This cruiser-class provides support and defense for the resistance airship fleet against Archadia.

Xezat Surgate

Shares its name with one of the characters of Final Fantasy V, Xezat Matias Surgate. It was designed as an aircraft carrier, and the main force of the resistance with many of these class, similar to how the Archadians use many Ifrits.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Main article: Galbana

Vaan owns his own airship in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. Even though it is called the Galbana, the player may call it whatever they like. The ship acts as a base for Vaan's entire party.

It also contains a sky saloon created by Tomaj where Vaan can buy and sell raw materials, craft weapons, and sell items.

Final Fantasy XIII

Concept art of Cid's airship Lindblum

Cid Raines and his Sanctum Guardian Corps command an airship called Lindblum (リンドブルム), named for the city of Lindblum in Final Fantasy IX. Another is the Palamecia of the Sanctum Skyfleet, where the protagonist battle Baldanders. Many other airships are shown in trailers of varying designs and sizes, including one being flown by the party. The name of the party's airship, or if it is the same airship that Cid commands, is currently unknown.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

The Skysphere
"The only thing that can navigate the skies right now is the clunky, velocity-challenged skysphere. Wouldn’t it be something if someday there was a vehicle that could speed through the clouds like a bird?"
—Padarak Citizen

A single airship appears over Padarak called the Skysphere. It brings in families to Padarak when Large House, Spacious Houses, Luxurious House, Yuke Shack, Lilty Hut, or Selkie Dens are built. The ship is piloted by a moogle named Mogcid. Hugh Yurg mentions that King Epitav used the Skysphere before to warn his people of the Dark Lord and Padarak Citizens will mention that King Epitav also built the Skysphere. This is the first airship to ever appear in the Crystal Chronicles series and the only airship that exist in the Crystal Chronicle world during this period.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Alexis II
Alexis II

The Alexis II is a enormous passenger airship, revealed later to had been a test vessel for the Alexis. The game opens when Layle and Keiss, are on a escort mission guarding the Airship is on its maiden voyage before it suddenly attacked by a group of Zu summoned by Amidatelion, who uses Layle to bring him into the world before he takes the Yuke Crystal shards powering the Alexis II's crystal reactors. Using his own Crystal Bearer powers, Layle managed to land the ship before it crashed into Alfitaria. The Alexis II was later fitted with Cid's steam engine and maintained by Layle's powers before it was destoryed by the Alexis.

Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals

Rouge's Airship

Rouge's Pirate Airship

Airship used by Rouge and her pirate crew.

The Ironwing

Iron Wing

One of Tycoon's air force Airships, captained by Valkus.

Final Fantasy: Unlimited


The only airship in the anime, invented by Cid.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

In Dissidia, Cid's Airship, Final Fantasy IV's Falcon, Final Fantasy III's Invincible, the Lunar Whale and Final Fantasy VI's Blackjack make a cameo in the Duel Colosseum.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Black Boa

Main article: Black Boa

The aircraft used by Aki Ross to travel the Earth in search of Spirit. The only shuttle of its kind, it can travel to and from space without the use of support engines and fuel tanks.


Main article: Deep Eyes#Copperhead

Another aircraft named after serpents, the Copperhead is used by the Deep Eyes squad in their mission to eradicate Phantoms across the wastelands around Earth.

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Star Wars Fanon

Up to date as of February 04, 2010

The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

Red Rose
Production information

Kuat Ship Yards

Product line







Unknown (estimated at 91 million credits)

Technical specifications

1,432 meters







Maximum acceleration

3,000 G


Stolen (installed after capture by Rebel Alliance)


Very Heavy (able to withstand own firepower for 21.3 seconds)

Navigation system

Navigation computer equipped

  • Plasma ejection launcher
  • Radar jammer
  • 4 Dual Turbolasers
  • 6 Quad Turbolasers
  • 18 Single Turbolasers
  • 8 Dual Laser Cannons
  • 15 Single Laser Cannons
  • 14 Single Ion Cannons
  • 6 Concussion Missiles Tubes
  • 4 Proton Torpedo Tubes
  • 2 Planetary Ion Cannons (V-150)
  • Several supply bases
  • Several bomber/fighter squadrons
  • Light and heavy ground vehicles
Docking bays


Escape craft

Unknown (estimated at 60-110, 5-10 crew each, depending upon species)

  • 2,100
    • Officers (100)
    • Infantry (800)
    • Enlisted (1,100)
      • Gunners (130)
    • Pilots (100)
Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

15,000 tons


40 years

Life support


  • Flagship
  • Battlecruiser
  • Rise of the Empire era
  • Rebellion era
  • New Republic era

0 B.B.Y.

Earliest sighting

0 B.B.Y.





Latest sighting

8 A.B.Y.

Present for battles/events
  • Raid above Kuat
  • Battle of Anaxes
  • Battle of Muunlinist
  • Battle of Endor
  • Rebel Alliance
  • New Republic
  • Alliance 16th Fleet
Known owner(s)
  • Galactic Empire
  • Rebel Alliance
Known commander(s)
  • Captain Heri Ferox (Empire)
  • Captain Cardi Tungstin (Alliance)
Registration number(s)
  • QBC-003
  • Stun Rose (referring to Ion Cannons)

The Red Rose was a Quantum-class Battlecruiser that was stolen from Kuat in 1 ABY, and was commanded by Captain Cardi Tungstin. It underwent several battles during the war including the Battle of Endor

This article uses material from the "Red Rose" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


Up to date as of February 05, 2010

From TibiaWiki

File:Red Rose.gif
This item is in the Plants, Animal Products, Food and Drink class
Red Rose
Weight: 0.80 oz.
Loot value: 0 gp.
Dropped by: Hero, Crazed Beggar.
Buy from: Luna (Edron) 11 gp
Nienna (Meluna) 11 gp
Sell to: Other players.
Notes: A cheap but nice decoration item. Could be used as a valentine present among with Cherries, Valentine's Cakes, Heart Pillows and maybe a few Candy Canes.

See also: Items.
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From Yu-Gi-Oh!

Red Rose
 English: Red Rose
Card Use: 8 members of the Lancasterians organization, the Red Roses, each had a Red Rose card. The objective of the game was to collect all 16 Rose Cards Red and White. If the player sided with the Lancasterians, they automatically had all 8 Red Rose cards, if they sided with the Yorkists, the objective was to win each of the Red Rose cards off the Lancasterians.
Card Appearance(s):
Other Card Information:
TCG/OCG Statuses
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
DOR: #Nonewarning.png"None" is not a number.
Video Game Statuses
Facts about Red RoseRDF feed
Card Image RedRoseVG-DOR-EN.png  +
Class 4 VG  +
English Name Red Rose  +
Medium DOR  +

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